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I was a hard-core meat eater some years ago. I was unaware of the crime I was committing on a daily basis. It wasn’t until I experienced fully-fledged passionate grief for a fellow lamb crooning before it was being slaughtered that I truly came to my senses. My vegan exploration began right then and there! Join me in my vegan journey to save million lifes, one bite at a time.

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I really enjoy when the vegan community and publications recognise my work and feature my articles as a reference.

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Articles on Vegans First aren’t just about a specific topic but everything that I think would be helpful for my readers. All the information available in articles are verified by reputable sources & doctors.

Vegan Fitness

Planning to start your vegan fitness journey? I have tried to cover all the QnA’s in different articles to answer all the doubts me & my friends had when they started.

Get “50 High Protein Vegan Recipes with Low Calories” to make your Vegan journey fun!

Many readers ask me, if Vegan diet will make them deficit to particular nutrition majorly Protein. Well, just to let everyone know, some of the veggies have more protein & less calories than any meat.

Me & my team have spent months to complete this ebook. I would really appreciate if you could email me back if you tried out any of the recipes. It really makes me happy! 😃

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