1st Phorm Opti Greens 50 Reviews Analyzed

1st Phorm Opti Greens 50 Reviews

We all have heard that the healthiest of foods always taste bad, just like green fruits and vegetables. No matter how many health benefits they offer, some of us will always end up throwing the veggies off our plates.

But that leads to another major issue which may not be troubling you right now but is going to put you in a worrying state.

Vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants are the gifts of leafy greens without which our bodies cannot survive. So, if you are one of the people who hate eating veggies, there’s good news for you! 1st Phorm has launched a powerful green supplement called Opti Greens 50, which includes the nutrients of veggies and fruits.

Opti Greens 50 taste is amazing, something that you wouldn’t want to cut off from your diet. It’s completely a vegan product which has no animal by-product at all. So, what are we waiting for, let’s start our Opti Greens Review now.

What are Opti Greens and What Do they Do?

opti greens review

Green leafy vegetables have all the nutrients our bodies require for functioning in a proper way. They are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber. But the problem arrives when it comes to eating greens.

Many people find green vegetables quite boring and stale to eat. Since food is something of enjoyment to many, most of the people find it difficult to chew down some healthy yet tasteless greens.

Now, this negligence towards veggies puts a person’s body in a terrible state where it lacks some of the essential nutrients. So, this is where green supplements come to play.

But, like many other pre-workout or protein supplements, most of the green supplement brands are also ineffective. Their performance level is poor because their ingredient list is incomplete and inadequate. Still, a few brands like 1st Phorm Opti Greens manage to stand tall based on their outstanding performance.

Opti Greens 50 is a green supplement famous for its impactful ingredients. It is loaded with the goodness of 50 wholesome foods like kale, alfalfa and blueberries but tastes way better than them.

It also includes some amazing probiotics and enzymes which will help in your digestion. And no artificial sweeteners or flavors are added in this product to make sure it remains all organic and pure.

In this segment of our 1st Phorm Review, we provide you with a quick pros and cons section to summarize both the advantages and the disadvantages you may get from this product. The pros and cons of First Phorm Greens are –


  1. Contains the nutritional goodness of 50 veggies.
  2. Includes enzymes and probiotics for better digestion.
  3. The formula is rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  4. Offers excellent plant nutrients.
  5. Has amazing taste without containing awkward aftertaste.
  6. A totally vegan-friendly formula.
  7. Natural and very convenient to use.
  8. Includes no artificial sweeteners and flavors.


  1. It’s a proprietary mix formula which hides the actual quantities of ingredients.
  2. Doesn’t contain any significant fat source, so the nutrient absorption gets compromised.

Ingredients of Opti-Greens

Ingredients of Opti Greens 50

1st Phorm Opti Greens 50 has earned a high reputation for delivering the necessary nutritional goodness of veggies and fruits to their customers.

This includes an all-natural mix of Green Superfood Complex, Glycemic Balance Blend, Phytonutrient Complex, Plant Enzymes Blend and Probiotic Blend which boost your immunity, improve bowel movements and digestion, reduces free radical damage and targets fat burning.

Let’s take a look at each of the blends and their functions.

1. Green Superfood Complex

Green Superfood Complex mainly targets your digestion. It improves your digestion and makes your body absorb all the nutrition you get from your diet as well. It also works as an energy booster which will provide you with natural plant energy. This energy is going to last long and keep your fatigue away so that you can perform your workouts and daily tasks profoundly.

Besides taking care of your digestion and energy levels, Green Superfood Complex also improves your skin and hair. It contains many effective ingredients which make your skin visibly glowing and hair softer. It fights with many skin and hair conditions to improve your overall skin and hair health. Additionally taking collagen or biotin supplements may promote the production of other proteins that help structure your skin and hair health.

2. Phytonutrient Complex

Phytonutrient Complex is a mixture of chemicals which are naturally produced by plant foods, which means they offer only benefits without any unwanted side effects. These plant-based chemicals are mostly found in beans, tea, nuts and whole grains.

The main job of the Phytonutrient Complex is to ameliorate your immune system. In simple words, it makes your immunity stronger so that your body does not catch illness or diseases frequently.

It also increases your productivity. Phytonutrient Complex keeps your body in a workable state, which means you will end up getting tired less and can keep working for long hours.

3. Glycemic Balance Blend

Glycemic Balance Blend is a fine mixture of some of the most powerful antioxidants. It consists of green tea extract, grape seed extract and alpha-lipoic acid, which are known to be the most reliable sources of antioxidants.

These antioxidants are meant to target the damage you get from free radicals. It reduces their power and brings down free radicals ability to work on you. Because of this, you become less prone to various diseases, and your heart health improves.

4. Probiotic Blend

This Probiotic Blend contains approximately 1 billion of the colony-forming units. This includes various types of microorganisms. Some microorganisms, also known as flora, live inside our intestine, which balances everything.

Now, because of some issues, this normal balance of microorganism’s changes and disrupts our health functions. Probiotic Blend ingredients are L. plantarum, L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, DDS- 1 and so on. It restores the natural flora and improves our digestion.

Probiotic treats several stomach issues like irritable bowel movements, diarrhoea, stomachaches and many more. It also helps if you get urinary tract infections.

5. Plant Enzyme Blend

1st Phorm Opti Greens 50 also consists of an amazing Plant Enzyme Blend. Enzymes break down the food we eat to get energy. Plant Enzymes is responsible for the breakdown of sugar, carbs, fats and proteins. The ingredients you get in this blend are protease l, protease ll, peptidase, amylase l, amylase ll, lipase, lactase, cellulase and many more.

This improves your digestion and resolves issues related to poor digestion and reduces any inflammation. Because it assists in the breakdown of fat, your body burns more fat which helps you in your weight loss journey. Also, your energy and focus increase and the ability to absorb nutrients gets enhanced.

How Does Opti-Greens Work?

opti greens 50 taste

First Phorm Greens include green superfood complex, which is known for boosting your metabolism and improving your skin and hair health. In one sentence, it works on the overall betterment of your wellness.

The glycemic blend of Opti Greens contains several antioxidant-rich ingredients which reduce the damage caused by free radicals. It is also helpful to decrease the effects and signs of ageing. It is responsible for slowing down carbohydrate digestion to prevent fat gaining.

Phytonutrient Complex also consists of a large dose of antioxidants along with other magnificent plant nutrients. It includes the purity of berries, curcumin and beet juice which are the significant sources of antioxidants. It boosts your immunity and metabolism.

Plant Enzymes helps to make your digestion process better. It also helps in nutrient absorption. And probiotic blend includes various strands of healthy bacteria which are beneficial for your gut. It also prevents bad bacteria from causing any sickness.

But, apart from all the benefits, we have discussed in these green supplements review, the formula of Opti Greens 50 lacks one thing, a fat source. Many plant-based vitamins and minerals are fat-soluble.

This means that your body is unable to absorb those nutrients if they are not consumed with a fat source. But it’s not a big problem, because we can always add some avocado or other fat sources on our own.

Opti Greens 50 Side effects

1st Phorm Opti Greens 50 is quite a new green supplement. So, it is obvious that people are yet to face any side effects. Nothing unusual has been reported till now from any user.

Also, because it is an organic product made of natural plant ingredients, the chances of side effects are very less. But you need to keep in mind that Opti-Greens 50 contains wheat. So, if you have any medical issues or celiac disease, do not try this supplement.


There are times when we take our health for granted and pay the price for it too. We all can understand that having a good diet every day may not be possible for everyone. So a deficiency of nutrients occurs in our bodies.

Now, to save time or to have a tasty drink, whichever reason you choose, Opti Greens 50 is going to fill up that nutrient deficiency in your body. It is quite a convenient drink for your breakfast and can be consumed by both men and women. It is very much cost-effective also.

So, if you feel like you’re not providing your body with the goodness of veggies enough, consider trying Opti Greens 50.

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