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I’m Tully Zander, the Vegan here at Vegansfirst 🙂

Tully Zander, the VeganFirst

So…you’ve landed on my about page, so I’m thinking you want to know a little bit about me and my journey to becoming a vegan. So here’s all about my dire steps towards veganism…

I was a hard-core meat eater some years ago (you can read more about it here). I was unaware of the crime I was committing on a daily basis. It wasn’t until I experienced fully-fledged passionate grief for a fellow lamb crooning before it was being slaughtered that I truly came to my senses.

I fathomed the pattern we have all been doing on so far. I finally understand how the demand and supply chain has been acting up like a hangman gradually tightening the ropes on the neck of poor animals. It is cruelty! Blatant, blunt and brazen! I knew at once I was standing on the wrong side of the crowd. My vegan exploration began right then and there, from the dying flicker in the eyes of that helpless lamb. But it doesn’t end there. There are thousands of animals killed every single second. Yes, right now there is thousands of animals killed for what? For us humans? It’s blatant murder.

Once this happened, I at once narrowed down and included only vegan ingredients in my daily life, and absolutely everything else I had in my house that was non-vegan, was thrown out the window (literally, I was so mad!). I am ashamed of the things I did recklessly in the past, without giving it a second thought. Nothing gives us the right! Animals didn’t do anything to deserve this butchery, but some reason, we as humans think we have the right to murder them, for what?

Is our mere existence a horrendous crime? Don’t we exist on this planet as well? Does that mean we should slay each other too?

I am slowly working hard to do whatever I can to help the world move towards veganism. It’s a slow process but I believe the more awareness I can do via this blog, I can create a better world. Of course, I’d love to do more and I’d love to devote more time to it and I have the vision to do more and more.

I am thankful that there is sentient people who understand the good from the bad. People with conscience and people with a heart! If you are reading this, you must understand we have to bring an end to this brash slaughterhouse. Ensure we do not use anything that hurts animals in any way possible.

If you just stop eating meat, that doesn’t make you a vegan. You have to stop wearing animal skin clothes, drinking and eating dairy products and eating eggs. That means, absolutely any product that is derived or involves the mistreatment of animals. They aren’t here for us. We are all here for each other.

That’s how we embrace true veganism.

I’d really love for you to join me on our journey to veganism. Please contribute your story to our vegan community or contact me if you have any questions about being a vegan or transitioning towards your new vegan lifestyle.

VegansFirst Social Media

Yes, you might see that I’ve taken it down from VegansFirst. My dear friend was helping me with my social media but long story short, we took all our social media pages down. Social media is scary LOL and it has it’s good and bad. Given that it’s not my specialty but I know absolutely everyone is on social media now, I will slowly get VegansFirst back on social media one-by-one. I know that we need it to create greater awareness and to reach more people out there. This is especially true with the younger generation that can create such a big influence in this world. I will be getting all my social media back up soon so I will update you all shortly on all the new VegansFirst social media pages soon.

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