Are Churros Vegan? | Do Churros Have Dairy?

Are Churros Vegan | Do Churros Have Dairy?

Churros are available in characteristic shapes, but you can find them in various sizes and textures nonetheless. The kind of churros you see on the streets are different from those sold by fast-food chains such as Taco Bell. Its taste is incomparable regardless of where it is sold and how it looks.

Churros are liked by a large population, including the vegan community. So, when churros are made from eggs and dairy, that is a problem. In this article, we will go in-depth about a few basic questions that will guide the vegan community in enjoying the all-time classic snack- are churros vegan? By that, we mean to ask- do churros have dairy? What about eggs? Let’s find out.

What Are Churros?

A food of Iberian origin, churros are also popular in Latin American countries. The dough of churros is made with wheat flour and water prior to being shaped into a cylindrical form that is then fried in vegetable oil (generally sunflower oil).

Once fried, it can be sprinkled with a layer of sugar and cinnamon on the outside. Since it originated in Portugal and Spain, churros are widely consumed in Spanish-American countries, right from Mexico to Argentina.

But, in these countries, churros usually have no filling, unlike in Portugal and Brazil, where they have a pocket with milk cream or chocolate. In Brazil and Portugal, street vendors often sell the product in squares or open-air events like fairs and municipal festivals.

Do Churros Contain Eggs?

One of the most certain ways to gauge whether churros are vegan is to ask- do churros have eggs? For the most part, churros in Spain do not contain eggs, though it is always best to inquire about the recipe before ordering.

Mexico and similar Latin American countries have had many adaptations of the original recipe since the Spanish introduced it during the colonial era.

Older, more traditional recipes in Mexico include the same three ingredients as how the Spanish churros are made, but in recent decades, some cooks in Mexico have started including eggs in the dough as they find it easier to work with. Many even add milk or butter, if not both.

Do Churros Contain Dairy?

The second part of gauging whether churros are vegan is to ask- do churros have dairy? Well, yes, because they typically contain butter. But other milk products are not added, for the most part. Eggs are often grouped together with dairy, but they are not made of milk, so they cannot be clubbed together as a dairy product.

Are Churros Gluten-Free?

No, typically, churros are made from regular wheat flour, which is not gluten-free. You can find some gluten-free, vegan recipes for churros on the internet, but when you are eating out, expect any churros you come across can contain gluten unless you go to a specialty gluten-free restaurant.

What Are Vegan Churros Made Of?

1. Organic Wheat Dough

Vegan churros are made of an all-organic wheat dough consisting of two ingredients: water and flour which is vegan. When the wheat flour is mixed with the dough, it activates the yeast and natural proteins in the flour, making it rise and become a fluffy, lightweight dough.

2. Organic Cane Sugar

White sugar is typically non-vegan as it is filtered through bone char, but organic cane sugar is usually vegan. It is made by evaporating the juice extracted from sugarcane, leaving sugar crystals behind. The brown sugar crystals are rich and sweet in taste, and can be more flavorful than refined white sugar.

3. Organic Cinnamon

Cinnamon gives the dough a spicy and deep flavor. The dough doesn’t typically contain any cinnamon, but the fried churros are often sprinkled with a healthy amount of organic cinnamon or cinnamon sugar prior to being served.

4. Vegan Oil

Vegan churros are usually deep-fried in vegan-friendly cooking oils like safflower oil, canola oil, or sunflower oil. These are organically sourced, and they do not threaten our natural ecosystem.

Are Churros Available At Different Places Vegan?

Are Churros Available At Different Places Vegan?

1. Are Costco Churros Vegan?

Unfortunately, the churros at Costco are not vegan since they contain eggs. Though suitable for vegetarians, they are definitely not for vegans.

2. Are Churros At Disneyland Vegan?

The churros at Disneyland aren’t vegan either, as the dough contains eggs. Once again, they are good for vegetarians but not for vegans.

3. Are Churros From Jack In The Box Vegan?

The churros from Jack in the Box are definitely not vegan-friendly as they contain both milk and eggs. But they do have some vegan friendly options available in there corner which you can look for.

4. Are Churros From Dominos Vegan?

The Churros from Dominos aren’t vegan-friendly either, as they contain eggs and milk. Vegetarians can have them, but not vegans.

5. Are Churros From Taco Bell Vegan?

Taco Bell does not sell traditional churros; they sell churro-like cinnamon twists, which are vegan-friendly.

6. Are Churros From Del Taco Vegan?

No, Del Taco’s churros are not vegan as they contain eggs and milk. They are suitable for vegetarians.

Final Thoughts

Traditional churros are basically a mixture of flour, water, and salt, which makes the dough vegan. Most of the time, they are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, both vegan ingredients. But recipes are bound to change, depending on where you are. Some recipes will include eggs and milk, both non-vegan ingredients.

Churros sold in fast-food chains such as Jack in the Box, Domino’s, or Del Taco are certainly not vegan-friendly. With that being said, if you are looking to be 100% certain, it is best to ask the vendors selling the churros whether they’re vegan.

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