Are Kit Kats Vegan? | Do Kit Kats Have Dairy?

Are Kit Kats Vegan

Everyone knows that chocolate is the ultimate indulgence. Chocolates are everyone’s favorite. They’re an easy snack that can be enjoyed at any time of day, and they’re also an excellent gift for anyone who likes them. Whether you love chocolate or not, something about it makes you want to eat it—and keep eating it!

But not everyone knows that Kit Kat is the gold standard in chocolate bars. Kit Kat is famous for its legendary bar design—and no other company in the world has been able to replicate this delicious combination since 1930! Kit Kat is more than just chocolate—it’s an experience.

The first time I had a Kit Kat was on a trip to England when I was six years old and had the opportunity to visit Harrod’s department store. The Kit Kat bar that day was different from any other: it tasted like dark chocolate and caramel, with a crunchy layer of the wafer between them.

KitKat is the chocolate bar that has been a staple in my house since childhood. There are so many memories attached with this chocolate. But when I started my vegan journey as beginner, I realized how important it is to look for the ingredients of my favorite snacks because you’ll be surprised to know that many of your favorite snacks are not vegan.

With so many years of following vegan lifestyle I have scrutinized some of my favorite candies like jolly ranchers, mike and ikes, skittles, sour patch kids, etc. But now, it’s time to find out if you can continue enjoying KitKat if you’re vegan.

About Kitkat

about kit kat

The Kit Kat is a chocolate candy bar made by Nestle. It is regarded as one of the best-selling chocolate bars in the world, and it’s also known for having a distinctive wafer layer that comes in different flavors.

Kit Kat has been around since 1958, when it was introduced by Rowntree’s in York, UK. The company was sold to Nestlé in 1988, but the brand has continued to be popular.

It’s no wonder that Kit Kat offers an indulgent treat that can be enjoyed anytime. Kit Kat is not only one of the most popular chocolate bars in the world—but it’s also one of the most popular brands in the world overall.

Kit Kat is known for its unique shape and design—it’s square, with a thin layer of chocolate on top and a thick layer of the wafer on the bottom. The dark chocolate coating on top contrasts with the white filling inside, which makes it look like two different types of chocolate is combined into one bar.

Nutritional Value And Ingredients In Kit Kat

nutritional value of kit kat
  • Sugar
  • Wheat flour
  • Nonfat milk
  • Cocoa butter
  • Chocolate
  • Lactose
  • Refined palm kernel oil
  • Milk fat
  • Soy lecithin and polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR) (emulsifiers)
  • Artificial flavor
  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Sodium bicarbonate

Kit Kat Contains Milk Products

Kit Kat is a delicious treat that many people love, but this delightful treat contains milk —which means it isn’t vegan.
The Kit Kat bar has a milk-based chocolate coating on top of a wafer cookie—which is why it’s so delicious.

But unfortunately, the milk-based layer is what makes it non-vegan. This makes it non-vegan because it comes from an animal source—and therefore considered not vegan by some people’s standards.

So even though Kit Kat may not contain eggs, butter, or other animal products, it still falls under the category of non-vegan because it has been made with milk.

Kit Kat Contains Palm Oil

The presence of palm oil doesn’t mean that Kit Kat is not vegan. But vegans who are concerned primarily with the environmental implications of food choices often try to avoid the stuff altogether, and they might do so if they’re aware that it’s in their snack.

Palm oil is found in variety of snacks and candies like salt water taffy, laffy taffy, jelly beans, lucky charms, captain crunch, which arises question regarding there vegan status.

Palm oil is linked to deforestation and habitat loss, threatening critically endangered species like the orangutan. This can concern vegans because the world’s forests are a precious resource, and we need to protect them!

Do kit kats Have Dairy?

Unfortunately, just like many other chocolate candy bars, kit kats are not dairy free. The 3 main dairy ingredients used in kit kats are milk fat, non milk fat and milk derived lactose. Kit kats should be avoided by vegans as well as those who are lactose intolerant.  

Are Dark Chocolate Kit Kats Vegan?

Are Dark Chocolate Kit Kats Vegan

Kit Kat is the most famous chocolate bar in the world. It’s been around for over 100 years and has a fanatical following. But what you probably don’t know about the Dark Chocolate version of Kit Kat is that it’s not vegan.

That’s right: the Dark Chocolate version of Kit Kat is made with ingredients like milk and palm oil derived from animals.

Milk is a by-product of animals, hence not considered a vegan commodity. Palm oil is not vegan either because it comes from tropical trees that are chopped down to grow palm trees. Though it is still considered a vegetarian, All of these ingredients make it a non-vegan product.

Nestle’s New Kitkat Vegan Bar – Kitkat V

Nestlé’s KitKat V is the perfect example of how the food industry can innovate, adapt, and be better at what they do every year. Nestle has launched a new vegan Kit Kat bar in the UK, Poland, and the three Baltic nations of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. The bar is called KitKat V and is 100% plant-based. It’s certified as vegan.

Nestle’s new KitKat Vegan Bar is the perfect snack for vegans and non-vegans. The smooth chocolate coating is made from 100% sustainable cocoa sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan in conjunction with the Rainforest Alliance.

The new bar is certified as vegan and is made with a combination of non-dairy ingredients to create a great-tasting alternative to the traditional chocolate bar. The milk in the original KitKat is replaced with a rice-based alternative, which gives the perfect texture and flavor.

Nestlé’s expertise in chocolate innovation has resulted in a perfect blend of smooth chocolate that is 100% plant-based. This means that no animals were harmed during production. They perfectly blended the smooth chocolate with plant-based ingredients to create a great-tasting, no-compromise vegan version of KitKat.


Chocolate is one of the most beloved foods in the world, and chocolate lovers are a passionate bunch. Nestlé is known for its chocolate bars, but it’s also known for being ahead of the curve. The company has been making chocolate products since the 1980s. Nestlé’s new vegan bar is an example of how they’re constantly pushing boundaries.

With the new KitKat vegan, you can indulge in the deliciousness of your favorite KitKats without worrying about what’s in them. The new KitKat has a milk chocolate center that is entirely vegan. There are no animal ingredients or by-products in the center of this treat!
So when are you trying the new Kit kat V?

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