Are Starburst Vegan?

Are Starburst Vegan

Whether or not you’ve grown up in the West, it can be safely assumed that you must’ve tasted Starburst sometime, someplace. For, these square-shaped fruit-flavored chewy candies are extremely popular all over the world like sour patch kids candies and twizzlers.

People of all age groups are equally crazy about it in any part of the world. This is exactly why vegans are now getting skeptical over the vegan status of their favorite childhood candies they so fondly grew up relishing. Hence, we have evaluated sour patch kids, Licorice candies, Swedish Fish and many more for their vegan status and now, this post intends to answer all your doubts on “Are Starburst Vegan?”.

About Starburst Candies

Are Starburst Vegan

Starburst is a brand that makes fruit-flavored box-shaped taffy candies. It was originally known as Opal Fruits. These candies are manufactured by a company called The Wrigley Company, a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated.

Starburst comes in various types, such as FaveReds, Sour, Tropical, Superfruit, Watermelon, Very Berry, Summer Blast, and the Original ones. In the Original variety, orange, lemon, cherry, and strawberry flavors are included.

You will find lemon and lime, black currant, strawberry, and orange in the UK’s Original flavor. On the other hand, the tropical flavors are pineapple, strawberry banana, cherry, mango melon, and kiwi.

Mars first introduced this brand in 1960 in the UK under the name of Opal Fruits. Back then, lemon, lime, orange, and strawberry were the original flavors. After some years, Opal Came to the US in 1967.

Opal Fruits’ first variant was released with Sunshine Flavors’ name, but it was being renamed Tropical Opal Fruits after some time. In Europe, both the lemon and lime flavors were combined into one single flavor; lemon-lime and the black currant flavor was introduced. Now that we have given you all the background information on Starburst, we will proceed by answering the question “Are Starburst Vegan”?

Is Starburst Vegan?

Starburst is particularly not a vegan brand, but the UK version of these candies are considered vegan-friendly by many vegans. There lies a question of perception. Many vegans do not consider palm oil and lecithin to be vegan ingredients. Though the UK variant is free from gelatin, it does contain palm fat and lecithin. Lecithin is used as a lubricant that comes from both animal and plant sources, but it’s indistinct which one Starburst use.

Vegans have different points of view regarding some ingredients, so if you do not consider those ingredients as vegan ingredients, then Starburst is not suitable for you certainly.

Starbursts, which are sold in different parts of the world, contain beeswax and gelatin, making them non-vegan and non-vegetarian.

Ingredients in Starburst

The ingredients of Starburst include sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, fruit juice from concentrate (apple, lemon, strawberry, orange, cherry), citric acid, tapioca dextrin, gelatin, modified corn starch, natural and artificial flavors, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), coloring agents (red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 1).

  • Sugar: used as a sweetener.
  • Corn syrup: used as a sweetener and to give a chewy texture.
  • Hydrogenated palm kernel oil: used as a stabilizer and to prevent melting.
  • Fruit juice from concentrate: adds flavor and color.
  • Citric acid: adds tartness and acts as a preservative.
  • Tapioca dextrin: used as a thickener and stabilizer.
  • Gelatin: used as a gelling agent, derived from animal collagen.
  • Modified corn starch: used as a thickener.
  • Natural and artificial flavors: give the candy its fruity taste.
  • Ascorbic acid: a form of vitamin C, used as a preservative.
  • Coloring agents: give the candy its bright and distinct colors.

Questionable Ingredients in Starburst

1. Sugar

While sugar is a common element in sweets, eating too much of it can lead to a variety of health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and tooth damage. Consuming sugar in moderation is advised.

2. Palm Fat

In many confectionery goods, palm fat is utilized as a cheap and plentiful alternative to cocoa butter. However, palm fat production has been connected to deforestation and wildlife habitat damage, notably in Southeast Asia. Concerns have been raised concerning the environmental impact of utilizing palm fat in food items.

3. Glucose Syrup

Glucose syrup, often known as corn syrup, is a corn-derived sweetener. While it is usually regarded as safe for ingestion, there have been some worries regarding its high fructose content and the possible harmful influence on blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

4. Natural and artificial flavorings

The particular substances used in natural and artificial flavorings are not always disclosed, which might be concerning to certain customers. Furthermore, artificial flavorings may include synthetic chemicals associated with health problems such as allergies and hyperactivity. However, the FDA deems them safe to consume in tiny amounts.

Does Starburst Have Pork?

Are Starburst Vegan

Starburst is currently manufactured in two different versions – one meant exclusively for sale in the UK and the other, nearly identical variety sold in the USA. Why? Well, here’s the catch! One of them contains a non-vegan ingredient – gelatin. This is what we gathered from the US-sold label of Starburst pack. After all the ingredients listed in the section above, the one at the end mentions gelatin. Interestingly, it’s not mentioned on any of the packs sold in the UK.

Now, gelatin is used in several candies as a binding agent to lend the soft chewy form to the gum. Why is it non-vegan? It’s derived from several body parts of animals, such as the carcasses and skin of pigs. This makes it clear that the company’s manufacturing two different products for two different audiences in the world. And by including a non-vegan ingredient in one of them, well sadly enough, Starburst is out of our vegan list of candies.

That said, there’s one bit of good news though for the US. Vegans in the country can always count on buying their favorite childhood candy 100% vegan from imported candy stores in the US (which import Starburst from the UK) or online stores like Amazon UK. This way, they can happily continue to enjoy their candy guilt-free.

Likewise, there’s a small hitch too. Since some stores in the UK may also be importing the candy from the US to meet deficit in supply, you can never be sure of getting the vegan version. Perhaps it’d be better to always thoroughly check the label before buying Starburst.

Vegan Status Of Other Starburst Products?

Are Starburst Minis vegan?

Are Starburst Minis vegan?

Since they include the same components as the original Starburst candy, including gelatin, which is sourced from animal collagen, Starburst Minis are not vegan.

Gelatin is a frequent component used to give chewy sweets their texture. If you’re seeking vegan-friendly alternatives, there are various fruit-flavored chewy sweets that are devoid of animal ingredients on the market.

Are Starburst Gummies Vegan?

Are Starburst Gummies Vegan?

Starburst Gummies, like the original Starburst candies, are not vegan-friendly since they contain gelatin, which is produced from animal collagen. There are, however, some vegan-friendly alternatives that employ plant-based components to obtain a comparable texture and taste.

Some manufacturers sell gelatin-free gummy sweets made with pectin, agar, or carrageenan instead of gelatin. These vegan-friendly options are ideal for anybody searching for plant-based alternatives to their favorite confectionery.

Is Starburst Jelly Beans Vegan? 

Is Starburst Jelly Beans Vegan? 

When compared to the original Starburst candy, Starburst Jelly Beans have a distinct ingredient list. They do not include gelatin and instead employ modified food starch, a plant-based replacement.

Confectioner’s glaze, on the other hand, is manufactured from shellac, a substance released by the lac insect. As a result, some people may not consider Starburst Jelly Beans to be vegan-friendly. Vegan options that utilize plant-based coatings are available.

Vegan Alternatives to Starburst

Vegan Alternatives to Starburst

Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Swimmers and vegan gummy bears are suitable alternatives to Starburst for vegans. They don’t contain gelatin and are therefore absolutely safe and vegan-friendly. We have compiled a number of vegan gummy brands that have yummy tasting gummy bears.

What are starburst made of to make it a non-vegan candy? But, there is no place to mourn when you have many other vegan-friendly candies available in the market. Some of the best of vegan candies are talked about below –

1. Jolly Ranchers

Chewy jam-packed Jolly Jelly Bean morsels with 6 original Jolly Rancher fruit flavors! Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Grape and Apple! The ingredient-list of Jolly Rancher jelly beans states –

Corn Syrup, Sugar, Cornstarch, 2% or less of Sodium Lactate, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Carnauba Wax, Gum Arabic, Artificial Colors (Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1, and Yellow 5). Mineral Oil

As the ingredient-list says, there are no possible non-vegan ingredients. However, many vegans are concerned about food coloring additives, such as Red 40 (check vegan status of Red 40), yellow 5, 6, and blue 1. So, you need to purchase them if you think that those coloring additives are vegan.

Check Price on Amazon

2. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids is an age-old name of the delicacy which we have all tasted in our childhood. They are chewy candies with a coating of sugar and sour. They are available in various colors and flavors like orange, redberry, lime, and many more.

You will be glad to know that our childhood favorite Sour Patch Kids are vegan. Its original flavors, including variants like Tropical, watermelon, mango, and berries, are vegan-friendly. Only the Extreme and Xploderz flavors are not vegan.

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3. Skittles

Skittles are small round-shaped candies that come in various flavors. They are a fruit-flavored candy, but they may look similar to another chocolate candies brand, M&M’s.

Strawberry, lime, grape, and lemon were original flavors of skittles. All of the flavors are completely vegan friendly. So do not hesitate to have them whenever you feel like it. Check Skittles Vegan Status.

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4. Twizzlers

Twizzlers are long twisted candies that are very famous for their red color. Twizzlers were first made in 1929, and now they have a huge variety of different colors and flavors to offer you.

Twizzlers are vegan-friendly candies. They do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. So, if you have just known that Starburst is not vegan, you can indeed check out these deliciously long, twisted candies. Check Twizzlers Vegan Status.

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5. AirHeads

Airheads is recognised as a Vegan brand by PETA despite some of its products questionable Vegan ingredients. Ingredients such as added colours and added flavour have been in the Vegan debate for some time. Despite this, PETA has listed Airheads as a vegan brand. After doing our research on the ingredients used, we can say that the Airheads bars are Vegan. Check AirHeads Vegan Status.

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Wrapping Up

There are a number of components in Starburst candy that some customers could find concerning. Other components like sugar and corn syrup may also have detrimental effects on one’s health and the environment when taken in excess, even if they are not vegan-friendly owing to the usage of gelatin.

It’s crucial to consume these sweets in moderation and to look into alternatives that don’t include substances that might be toxic or derived from animals. It is crucial to read the ingredient labels on food products and make educated choices about what we eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Starburst candies are dairy-free. They do not contain any dairy products, such as milk, butter, or cheese. As a result, they are safe for individuals with lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy. However, individuals with severe dairy allergies should always check the ingredient list and consult with their doctor before consuming any new food product, including Starburst candies. It is always important to read the label and be aware of any potential allergens that may be present in the product.

Starburst candies do not contain any gluten-containing ingredients such as wheat, barley, or rye. However, they are manufactured in facilities that also process gluten-containing products, and cross-contamination may occur. Individuals with gluten sensitivity should always check the ingredient list and consider other factors, such as the manufacturing process.

No, Starburst candies are not halal-friendly as they contain gelatin, which is derived from animal collagen. While some of the other ingredients may be halal, the presence of gelatin makes Starburst candies unsuitable for individuals following a halal diet. There are several halal-friendly alternatives available in the market that use plant-based alternatives to gelatin, such as pectin or agar, to achieve a similar texture and taste. It is always important to check the label and look for halal-certified products if you are following a halal diet.

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