Are Veggie Straws Vegan? | Which Flavors of Veggie Straws Are Vegan?

are veggie straws vegan

Vegan veggie sticks are a perfect alternative to the fried snack, as they are vegetable sticks. Veggie straws can be found in any store, and also in multiple flavors. They contain vegetables and have less fat in comparison to the potato chips (like Pringles, but, are Pringles Vegan?) and other fried snacks.

The fact that the veggie straws consist of vegetables as their primary ingredient, it makes the consumer believe that they are consuming a healthy product. Moreover, in comparison to the potato chips, they contain no preservatives and trans fats. You can also take it as one of the snacks for your travels along with the other healthy travel snacks. They perfectly match with the sandwiches and tend to be delicious snacks for the kids.

About Veggie Straws

Although, there is no real veggies in the veggie straws, it comes with potato and corn starch that gives you the taste of veggie straws. This snack is liked by people of all ages everywhere because of its authentic taste.

Vegan Flavors of Veggie Straws

Now that you know the answer to “Are Veggie Straws Vegan”, let us look at some of the flavors that are vegan. The veggie straws consist of numerous flavors, but the only problem is that all flavors are not vegan in nature. There are several popular veggie straw flavors that one can easily find in the market. Let’s look at which flavors and vegan and which are not.

ProductStatusNon-Vegan IngredientsVegan Alternative
1. Veggie Straws Sea SaltVeganNoneN/ABuy Now
2. Veggie Straws Apple CinnamonVeganNoneN/ABuy Now
3. Sea Salt Veggie Straws with Sweet PotatoVeganNoneN/ABuy Now
4. Veggie Straws with Sweet PotatoVeganNoneN/ABuy Now
5. Veggie Straw Zesty RanchNon-VeganButtermilk and SourcreamSensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips
6. Veggie Straws Cheddar CheeseNon-VeganOriginal Cheddar CheeseHIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs
7. Veggie Straws Sour Cream & OnionNon-VeganSourcream and ButtermilkSNACKLINS Puffed Chips

Read below to know more about veggie straws making and how healthy it is.

How Are Veggie Straw Made?

People while consuming these veggie sticks have a question of what are the veggie straws made of? The ingredients used in making the veggie straws are potato starch, beetroot powder, turmeric, canola oil (know whether canola oil is vegan in this “Is canola oil vegan” article and whether canola oil goes bad in out FAQs section), saffron oil, sunflower oil, sea salt. The other ingredients are sugar, potassium chloride, salt, spinach powder, tomato paste, etc. The ingredients of the veggie stick include various vegetables that tend to be beneficial for the body.

The veggie straws are made by baking all these ingredients. Along with the above ingredients, the vegan straws make the use of the various vegan-friendly coloring agents which are not tested on the animals. The carmine seems to be a popular food colorant that is derived from the beetles. Consequently, the veggie straws also use natural plant-based coloring agents like turmeric, tomato paste, and beetroot powder.

Some chips include flavor enhancers like E631 which might not be vegan. Look out for the ingredients and Is E631 vegan before purchasing any chips.

What Makes Veggie Straws Vegan

veggie straws healthy

Even though people prefer to consume veggie straws, but they are always concerned about the fact that veggie sticks are vegan or not? The vegan veggie sticks are made from the starch of the vegetables. Starch is also known as the polymeric carbohydrate, which seems to be a fancy term for the complex carb. The carbs are the complex chain that consists of numerous glucose units that are linked by special bonds. The carbohydrates are made by green plants, which serve the purpose of the form of energy.

Green plants use this form of energy to be utilized later. The starch is the common carbohydrate in the human diet, and thus these vegan straws can give strength to the human body. Hence, vegan straws are completely a vegan snack. As said earlier, the veggie sticks ingredients are potato starch, corn starch, potato flour, tomato paste, beetroot powder, etc.

This means a vegetable are the main ingredients in veggie straws which are plant-based and can be considered vegan. The veggie straws do not require the use of palm oil, and thus it also serves the purpose of being a vegan product.

Among all the zests of the vegan veggie sticks, the apple cinnamon is a unique one which has the taste of apple and cinnamon.  

Summing Up

While you must also be wondering as to are veggie straw chips vegan or no, then the answer we, at VegansFirst, found is YES! the veggie sticks are vegan. They are one of the healthy options for the snacks and do not harm the systems of the human body.

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