Is Seitan A Complete Protein? | Seitan Amino Acid Profile

Is Seitan A Complete Protein

Seitan, pronounced as ‘say-tan’, is a vegan proteinaceous substitute for meat. It is made of hydrated wheat gluten completely. Seitan is also incorporated in omnivore nutrition for its low-carb, low-fat, and high-protein profile. You can hear a number of names attributed to seitan from wheat meat, vital wheat gluten to … Read more

Is Shea Butter Vegan? Does Shea Butter Go Bad?

Is Shea Butter Vegan

People have started using vegan cosmetics because they are now not in the favor of putting harsh chemicals on their skin. A few of the most important products that people use in their daily life are shea butter and cocoa butter. The good news about both of these products is … Read more

Vegan Stomach Problems and How to Fix Them

Vegan Stomach Problems

Most of the time, surviving on a vegan diet is a boon to your overall health. The reason is clear since you generally don’t require to digest heavy foods like meat, eggs, and milk. However, if you are switching to a plant-based diet abruptly, you might encounter certain gut inconveniences … Read more