Is Greek Yogurt Vegan? Is Greek Yogurt Dairy Free?

Is Greek Yogurt Vegan

As a vegan, there are several considerations to be made before you’re ready to incorporate that new snack into your dietary routine – are all the ingredients ethically sourced? Is the product dairy-free? And in most cases, is the product gluten-free as well? These are answers that most vegans seek … Read more

Is Tahini Vegan? How to make Vegan Tahini Sauce?

is tahini vegan

As a vegan, constantly experimenting with different ingredients to pair up together in your diet to maximize your flavor profile as well as nutritional components is a common occurrence – and that’s especially true when it comes to the inclusion of popular vegan delicacies such as hummus in your diet. … Read more

Hemp Protein Amino Acid Profile: A Complete Protein?

Is Hemp A Complete Protein

Recently, hemp protein has risen to popularity as one of the most potent plant-based protein sources for vegans – rivaling even that of quinoa and pea protein. Hemp originates from the cannabis plant but contains only trace amounts of THC.   There is a myriad of ways to consume hemp protein, … Read more

13 Best Vegan Foods High In Zinc

Vegan Foods High in Zinc

There are many who focus on the intake of macronutrients in one’s diet and are constantly worried if they’re not getting enough carbs, proteins, or fats. And rightly so – macronutrients are pretty foundational in your body’s physical health and must be carefully monitored at all costs. In doing this, … Read more

Brown Rice Amino Acid Profile: A Complete Protein?

Is Brown Rice A Complete Protein

Almost all vegans swear by the fact that brown rice is the better and healthier alternative to white rice that everyone should switch to. While this is mostly correct, it is also essential to know the constituents of brown rice and how it might fit in with your vegan lifestyle. … Read more