Benefits of Using Vegan Mascara


The term vegan has become more popular than ever in the recent past. The concept came to be widely accepted all over the world a few years back when the need to go vegetarian extended beyond just-food. With the increase in veganism globally, there are some interesting articles that guide the beginners in the start of their journey which you can find here and several meal plans that I compiled in this article by which one can easily maintain their veganism given your busy schedules.

A lot of people were of the opinion that even clothes, bags, and other goods made of animal by-products should be barred from use. This slowly started covering the domain of cosmetics as well, as some of our makeup products are also composed of animal produce.

This is when vegan cosmetics were born and came to be largely appreciated and accepted as well. When we talk of makeup, our eyes are the first feature that comes to mind; after all, they are the most important part of our face. People tend to look into our eyes while conversing with us so they need to look beautiful, right?

Again, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind as I mention of eye makeup? Mascara, of course! Simple to use and the best thing to highlight your eyes’ natural beauty. Some top vegan mascaras that have become quite popular recently perhaps because of the endless benefits they offer “naturally” over their other counterparts which you can check here.

About Cruelty-Free Mascara

The advantages of vegan mascara are many – right from being 100% pure mascara to being safe on all types of skin. The best reason though why vegan makeup is a better choice over normal products is that natural mascara is free of any produce extracted from animals! For instance, how would you like to apply a mascara that uses extracts from dead insects or uric acid from cows upon subjecting them to cruel procedures? Most importantly, you wouldn’t even know at all that you’re using such things on your face!

This is why it’s better to switch to a safe mascara that has the key underlying advantage other than being completely natural and free of chemicals and other such unwanted stuff.

Benefits of Vegan Mascara

On Skin:

Most of the eye products generally contain ingredients that may be harmful to your skin. This may include chemicals that are particularly unsuitable for sensitive skin types. Therefore, those with sensitive skin may be better off using vegan mascara.


Many mascara brand’s brushes are derived from the hair of horse, pony or mink fur. Some people may be allergic to such fur. This increases the possibility of developing rashes, acne, dry skin, redness, etc. which is eliminated in case of vegan cosmetics.

On Environment:

Vegan mascara and, in general, all-vegan makeup products are any day better for the planet. The reasons are plenty – There is no cruelty on animals; saving them means saving the environment. Plus, vegan cosmetics make use of recycled products in their packaging.

On Health:

Do you really understand the meaning of each and every ingredient mentioned at the back label of your mascara before choosing one at the store? Health-conscious as we maybe, but it’s literally impossible to know the science behind each chemical used in our makeup. For instance, phthalates and sodium Laureth sulphate are believed to cause cancer and other skin conditions like irritation and rashes.

Benefits of Using Vegan Mascara

Vegan products being free of harmful chemicals are definitely better for your health. Also, in case of vegan products, you even know what you’re applying on your skin each time. After all, everyone understands the benefits of aloe vera, essential oils, seaweed, and chamomile.

How to Choose the Right Vegan Mascara?

Having mentioned the numerous benefits of going vegan with your makeup, would you like to try one? Let’s start with understanding how to choose the right mascara for you to get that perfect eye makeup.


Ingredients matter as normal eye makeup products generally composes harsh chemicals, parabens, and synthetic materials. This may cause irritation to the eyeball and eyelid.

Look for natural waterproof mascara that states the use of naturally available ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, and some wax to help avoid smudging. These ingredients contain high amounts of vitamins A, C and E which benefits the skin and eye both.

While choosing a vegan mascara, you can check its Ingredients and choose the best that suits your skin type. For example, if ingredients like honey and hairdensyl suit your skin, you can go for Urban Decay Perversion mascara.

Brush Shape:

This might be the last thing on your mind while looking for a mascara but ironically, this needs to be given as much importance as the mascara itself. The shape of the brush has an important role to play on the final look you get after applying it.


You may find mascara brushes in lots of shapes like thick wands, thin wands, curved wand, tapered wand, spherical wand and hour-glass wand. Each shape of the wand has its feature and benefits.

Your Eye Shape:

Sometimes mascaras tend to smudge all over primarily because of the shape of your eye. If your eyelashes tend to touch the skin while blinking your eyes, the oils on your skin tend to mix with the mascara and cause it to blotch, leaving behind ugly-looking residue on the skin.


As per the shape of your eye, you must select the mascara and its wand. Know whether your eye shape is wide-set, close-set, round, smaller, almond-shaped, uneven or downturn and then choose mascara for yourself.

Your Lash Type:

Just like the colour and shape of our eyes, lashes too are different for each eye type and this is what lends beauty to them. So, your mascara should be – designed to naturally uplift the original beauty of your lashes as needed. Your eye-makeup highly depends on your eyelash type. As per your eyelash type, choose the kind of mascara wand and mascara will suit your eye.


For the different eye types, vegan mascaras come in all types – from dark and bold to natural, organic blends meant to add just a dash of colour and prominence to the eyelashes.


To look beautiful, you don’t need to sacrifice animals. You deserve to look and feel beautiful just the way you are. Opting for vegan products allows just that. What’s more – they are affordable on the pocket too. Vegan mascaras are trending and it’s time to say hello to naturally beautified eyes! If you are still not sure about veganism, then you can read more about the things you need to know before going vegan.

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