The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed]

Best Vegan Combat Boots Brands

Combat boots make an ultimate companion to endure harsh weather condition. Apart from that, these shoes provide a combination of grip, ankle stability, and foot protection. Usually, these shoes are made of quality leather to ensure all these attributes. If you are vegan and looking for alternatives, you will be happy to know that there are many vegan Combat Boots brands.

However, when it comes to shopping for the most stylish vegan combat boots, there are limited options. Hence, we will review some exclusive vegan Combat Boots brandsto help you pick a stylish and comfortable pair. Before we start our review, let’s quickly check which attributes make these shoes vegan.

What are Vegan Combat Boots?

Vegan Combat Boots are the ones made of synthetic materials rather than leather. PU leather also comes in this list of synthetic materials (Learn PU leather’s vegan status here). Hence, these shoes do not contain any animal-derived material and therefore are cruelty-free as well. These shoes are slip and water-resistant just like the usual Combat Boots. The manufacturing brands ensure that these boots are extremely robust and durable.

Best Vegan Combat Boots Brands

1st Place
The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed] Bhava Studio Vegan Combat Boots By Bhava Studio
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1st Place
The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed] Doc Martens Vegan Combat Boots By Dr. Martens
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3 The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed] Forever Link Round Toe Military Combat Boots By Forever
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4 The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed] Daily Shoes Vegan Combat Boots By Daily Shoes
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5 The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed] Cambridge Select Combat Boot By Cambridge Select
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There is a variety of vegan shoes that you can find. From work boots to Vegan UGGs, there’s a cruelty-free option across any type of footwear you might be looking for. Similarly, there are a number of vegan combat boots brands, but, after a screening through them, we have come up with these 5 extremely competitive, reasonably priced and comfortable brands. Let’s have a look at each of these brands.

1. Bhava Studio Vegan Combat Boots

As long as it doesn’t compromise with our nutritional needs, I think making vegan swaps is a lot easier. This fact is pretty firmly reinforced by Bhava studio with their elegant range of vegan combat boots.

Their footwear being manufactured in Alicante, Spain; come with some of the finest artisanship in the market. It’s only natural for them to meet elite standards, given the fact that the city still hosts generational shoe-making artisans skilled in their craft.

Their cruelty-free selection of combat boots features a fairly wide assortment in terms of design and finish options. They have plain and simple faux leather boots with minimal detailing as well as designer faux fur winter combat boots. The shoes are meticulously designed, are comfortable to wear and involve zero animal-cruelty, I mean, isn’t that all we’re looking for?

However, as with other vegan combat boots made with faux leather, you need to put some conscious efforts into maintaining them, thereby prolonging their life.

The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed]

“Comfortably wear these boots right out of the box! For a few years I have been looking for a refined, non-leather, stylish lace-up boot. THIS IS IT! The fit is great. “



  1. Craftsmanship of skilled artisans in Alicante, Italy
  2. Cushioned cork interior
  3. Make for good daily use
  4. Does not contain contain aromatic amines, PCP, formaldehyde, PVC, phthalates, azo-dyes, or chrome


  1. Restricted color options
  2. Might get permanently damaged in sun

2. Doc Martens Vegan Combat Boots

This pair is undoubtedly among the most popular ones within the section of vegan Combat Boots. Doc Martens make amazing shoes that are durable, comfortable, and stylish.

This exclusive pair is available for both men and women. Made of 100% imported synthetic material, these shoes ensure quality. You can wear them daily without having to worry about tear and damage.

The synthetic sole offers a premium and subtle two-tone finish, making this pair look extremely classy. Some of its features worth mentioning are slip resistance, water resistance, oil and fat resistance. The air-cushioned sole of these shoes makes you feel comfortable even after long wear. You can flaunt these even with heavy outfits. You can even get these boots at cheaper rates during vegan boots black Friday sale.

The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed]

“I have had these boots for year now. They have held up beautifully. PERFECT ONE! i got my size, they fit great! I’m completely happy with my purchase. Definitely worth the buy. Vegan boots, so, no animals were harmed & they make every outfit look great, it’s the best of both worlds!”



  1. 100% synthetic imported material
  2. Goodyear welt stitching
  3. Good abrasion resistance
  4. Two-tone finish


  1. Not available in other colors
  2. Takes time to get stretched out

Your closet needs this pair if you are searching for the classy vegan military boots. These Forever Link shoes are easy to slip-on and come with adjustable laces and functional inner zip. The premium quality eco-friendly material ensures you make no dent in the environment.

Some special attributes of this pair are that it is made of vegan faux leather and is crafted with a manmade outsole. There are eleven shades to match every outfit of yours. The soft insole ensures comfort while the outer sole is robust.

Whether you are stepping out for shopping or a casual dinner, this pair is all set to make you look glamorous. You can purchase a pair of these shoes for a vegan friend along with the other vegan gifts that you can give.

The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed]

“I bought a similar pair years ago and they were one of my favorites. I wore them everywhere and every day. After normal wear and tare, I wanted to buy another pair of it, however, I could not find them anywhere. That is until now and they are even better fitting than I remember.”



  1. Easy to slip-on
  2. Adjustable laces
  3. Functional inner zip
  4. Multiple colors available


  1. Aren’t loose around the ankle
  2. Only for women

4. Daily Shoes Vegan Combat Boots

With a wide range of colors available, this pair of vegan leather Combat Boots ranks high when it comes to fashion. These boots are made of heavy-duty vegan leather, making them perfect for work or play.

If you are looking for some more heavy vegan work shoes, then you can check these vegan work boots brands that will be most suitable ones. The slip-resistant rubber sole of this pair has a special traction grip that keeps you on your feet on slippery floors, icy sidewalks, and loose gravel.

Also, the 3-inch by 3.5-inch zippered storage pocket gives you a place to keep your cash, credit cards, pocket knife, keys, and other essentials. The 9.75-inch shaft and 13-inch circumference help these shoes to comfortably fit women of a variety of sizes. These are easily wearable with smart zipper design.

The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed]

“The boots are very cute. The fit is extremely accurate. The only thing that I did not anticipate was the color of the boots. I thought they were white, not ivory.”



  1. Made of heavy-duty vegan leather
  2. Multiple colors available
  3. Easily wearable with zip closure
  4. 3-inch by 3.5-inch zippered storage


  1. Not meant for hiking
  2. Only for women

5. Cambridge Select Combat Boot

Available in solid, embroidery, and camouflage designs, this Cambridge Select pair makes an ultimate choice for all those women looking for simple yet stylish non leather Combat Boots. Made of superior quality vegan synthetic material, these are durable and animal-friendly boots.

The best aspect of this pair is that it features man-made materials throughout. The lightweight silhouette with a non-slip lug sole and low heel make you stand on any terrain wearing this pair.

The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed]

“Very cute and so far hasn’t come apart at all! I even exchanged a size 8 for my true size 7.5. My only issue is I ended up getting a soft corn in between one of my toes. I didn’t think that shoes were that narrow but I do have wide feet.”


You can easily wear these with the lace-up closure. These imported shoes are good to go with any casual outfit from your closet. You can team these up with your heavy winter wear and step out in style.


  1. Made of vegan synthetic material
  2. Features man-made materials
  3. Durable and animal-friendly
  4. Available in multiple shades


  1. Doesn’t offer a lot of ankle support
  2. Only for women

6. Dream Pairs Vegan Combat Boots

This pair of vegan Army Boots comes in six different colors that you can explore and choose from. Made of pure vegan materials, this one is cruelty-free. All the materials used in this pair are man-made and organic. The faux fur lining looks extremely stylish while securing the stitches well.

These shoes feature a TPR rubber sole, making them absolutely slip and water-resistant. The heel height of 1-inch gives you a good elevation. This one also features a built-in pocket wallet for your keys, credit cards, and cash.

The top opening circumference of 11.5 provides optimum comfort when you wear and take it off. This pair features both lace and zip closure.

The 6 Best Vegan Combat Boots [Brands Reviewed]

“They have plenty of room in them & fit perfect. The pocket zipper works, but sticks a little zipping back up, not sure I’ll use it, just in case it doesn’t close on time.”



  1. Made of pure vegan materials
  2. Faux fur lining
  3. Built-in pocket wallet
  4. Available in six colors


  1. Doesn’t provide absolute water resistance
  2. Only for women

How to Choose the Combat Boot

choose the best vegan boots

While choosing vegan Combat Boot for yourself, you need to consider a few aspects to ensure quality and convenience. Making an assessment of the materials these are made of, the fit these provide, the brand, the environment, and finally the budget will ensure you don’t end up getting a wrong pair.

1. Material

Most of the best vegan Boots are made of synthetic materials like faux leather and others. Knowing the actual material will help you to ensure the texture and durability. While some materials provide a smooth finish, some are naturally textured.

Based on your choice, you can pick the right one. Also, the quality of the material makes a lot of difference in how these shoes look. You can choose the one that looks exactly like leather. You can use this exact approach to find the best vegan designer handbag for you!

2. Best Fit

Shopping for your favorite pair of shoes includes knowing the right size. When you shop from stores, you can try them on to get the best-fitted pair. When you shop online, it is essential to know your size. Most of the buyers disappointed with online shoe shopping complain about the size. Hence, take a measurement of your feet and simply follow the size chart provided by the brand, considering the variety of sizes provided by different brands and countries.

3. Brand

The brand you opt for matters when you are shopping for a pair of shoes. Most of the renowned shoe brands are known for their dedication to shoemaking. Starting from the design, style, comfort, and durability- these are probably the qualities you always expect from your new pair of shoes. Fortunately, all these qualities are ensured by only the best brands, which make them superior to ordinary brands.

4. Environment

The usual purpose of shopping for Combat Boots is to resist harsh weather conditions. Combat Boots are crafted to provide you with high resistance to cold or extreme cold. Hence, while shopping for a new pair, always ensure whether these shoes would be perfect for the same. Also, some brands make Combat Shoes that are comfortable enough to wear in all seasons. Based on your preference, you can make your choice.

5. Price

Vegan Combat Shoes come in a variety of prices. If you are flexible on your budget, opting for an expensive pair from a renowned brand won’t disappoint you in the long run. However, if you have a fixed budget, check out all the features of the different products and then opt for something that is within your budget but not the cheapest one.

How to break in combat boots? – Soaking the boots and wearing them with two pairs of socks for a long hour is a method to break in combat boots. You can do it at home and later on dry the boots completely.


The world is changing as more and more vegan combat boots are being made. The vegan Combat Boots brandsin this article are designed to provide you with a gorgeous style while protecting and cushioning your feet.

There are different colors, materials, and designs to suit the varied style and needs of all. You will definitely find your own statement by teaming these up with the cozy casual outfits and winter wear from your closet. Though the excelling qualities mostly depend upon the pair you choose for yourself, usually the more expensive ones combine durability, comfort, and style.

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