Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash

Best Vegan Face Wash

Our facial skin is thinner than the skin over our other body parts. The face tends to have a greater number of nerve endings, making it more sensitive to external stimuli, pollution, and environmental conditions. It becomes essential to fix a skin-care regime that suits your facial skin type and reduces signs of aging with advancing age.

The most vital part of skin-care is cleansing. Instead of rubbing any cruel products on your face, you should go for a cruelty-free face wash that gently removes the dirt, pollen, bacteria, excess oil, and dead skin. While you must select a gentle face wash with your preference and skin type in mind, it would be vicious if that face wash has been cruelly tested on animals.

Cruelty-free vegan face wash ensures that you get glowing skin without hurting either the environment or any innocent animals. Therefore, we have curated a list of the 5 best vegan face wash brands you must consider buying.

5 Best Vegan Face Wash

1st Place
Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash By Desert Essence
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Best Value
Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash Ursa Major Fantastic Vegan Face Wash By Ursa Major
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3 Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash Alba Botanica Natural Acnedote Deep Pore Wash By Alba Botanica
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4 Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash Thesis Daily Harmony Face Wash By Thesis
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5 Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash Christina Moss Naturals Organic Face Wash By Christina Moss Naturals
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It could be a tough task to select the best vegan facial cleanser that passes through the filter of your skin sensitivity level, skin type, whether you want acne-free or moisturizing effect, foaming or non-lathering type, the ingredients, and so on. Weather, pollution levels, and precipitation type influence usage frequency, hence giving you a rough idea of how long a specific natural face wash tube lasts.

1. Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Vegan Face Wash

Confused about whether your skin is oily or combined? Here is a smart solution for you! Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean vegan face wash gently cleanses your pores free of excess oil and pollutants, leaving behind smooth and glowing skin. It is purely organic with all-natural ingredients and does not include any harmful chemicals.

Not only does the product cleanses the face in a non-cruel way altogether, but it can also be utilized to clean your scalp, alleviate skin problems in other body parts, and prevent cracking nails. This plant based face wash has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe skin irritations, such as burns, insect bites, dryness, itchiness, etc.

The tea-tree oil also guards against pests and insects, for which you can add just a few drops of the formula to your laundry or floor cleaning tub. Not all Desert Essence vegan face wash reviews highlight its multipurpose use- but the brand does offer such dimensions!


  1. Cleans oily to combined skin types.
  2. Doesn’t overdry skin.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Revitalizes skin by removing dirt, dead skin, and pollutants.
  5. Certified Vegan, non-GMO, and Gluten-free.
  6. Pure Australian tea tree oil and organic ingredients.
  7. No artificial dyes or fragrance.


  1. Not for dry or sensitive skin.
  2. Tea-tree oil may give a tingly sensation around the eyes and nose.
  3. Prevent contact with mucous linings.

2. Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free

Vegan anti-acne face washes are not difficult to find. But what makes it uglier is the performance that doesn’t meet the brand’s words. If you are looking for a brand that promises and delivers tangible results, we have a fit for you!

Ursa Major Fantastic Vegan facial cleanser is a certified vegan and organic acne face wash that delivers a clean and healthy glow to your face.

It uses a lathering and sulfate-free formula to revitalize, exfoliate, brighten, soothe and hydrate your skin.

This vegan face cleanser is gentle enough to give you a clear face every day without overdrying or stripping off the skin’s natural oil. This plant based face wash brand delivers AHA exfoliation without disrupting the pH of your skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, whether men or women. You can consider using this in the high pore-clogging hours of the day, such as after waking up, after a sweaty workout, or a long day outdoors.


  1. Cleanses exfoliates, brightens, and soothes.
  2. Suitable for almost all skin types.
  3. Foaming gel cleanser with AHA exfoliating complex.
  4. Sulfate-free and paraben-free.
  5. Plant-based organic ingredients and vegan.


  1. Not the best for dry skin types.
  2. Some customers have a dislike for the strong fragrance.

3. Alba Botanica Natural Acnedote Deep Pore Wash

Looking for an vegan face wash for acne that foams gently, relieving the skin of acne? Alba Botanica Acnedote is one of the best vegan face washes known for its effectiveness in removing breakouts and blackheads.

Its cruelty-free acne-reducing formula is also useful in treating blemishes and prevents their occurrence. If you need squeaky clean skin without using paraben, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances, give Alba Botanica a try!

Its foaming scrub exfoliates the skin with ground walnut shells, targeting the dead skin with oil-free salicylic acid in a way that is gentle enough to use every day. Yet, don’t overdo! Anti-acne face cleansers may soak away your natural facial oil, which is beneficial if used more than twice a day.

This vegan facial cleanser soothes the skin with aloe and chamomile extracts, while a base of natural citrus prevents the development of bacteria and other microorganisms in the pores.


  1. Effective on blackheads and blemishes.
  2. Removes oil
  3. Cleanses pores of dirt and dead skin.
  4. Best for oily and combines skin types.
  5. Treated acne, soothes skin.
  6. Foaming formula with a gentle scrub.
  7. Fragrance dissipates quickly.


  1. Not for notably dry-skin.
  2. May cause irritation to sensitive skin.
  3. Has scrubbing beads of ground walnut.
  4. Suggested application once a day.

4. Thesis Daily Harmony Vegan Facial Cleanser

Cleaning your skin using clean ingredients could be the greatest of the bliss to experience! Thesis flaunts this ideal with its vegan and organic Daily Harmony Face Wash which Helps clear away blemishes and prevents breakouts by balancing organic essential oils.

If you endure uncomfortably clogged pores by coming in contact with dust, makeup, or pollutants, this gentle and foaming vegan face cleanser could be your best friend! It can be your morning wake-up call to radiant skin with the refreshing sensation of mint and lavender.

Besides being non-comedogenic, it is also suitable for all skin types. The saponified organic olive and jojoba oils develop a smooth and delicate lather. Due to a mild formula, this vegan face cleanser is non-toxic and saves you a ton of worries ere deciding to replace your regular face wash with Thesis Daily Harmony.


  1. Gives radiance and freshness.
  2. Excellent in cleaning pores of sebum, dirt, pollutants, and makeup.
  3. Suitable for blemish-prone and oily skin.
  4. Mild and detergent-free formula.
  5. No synthetic chemicals like fragrance, emulsifiers, acids, medications.
  6. Organic and plant-based ingredients.
  7. Does not over-dry skin.


  1. Tea-tree can irritate mucus lining.
  2. Takes time to show results.
  3. The formula could a little too strong for repeated use in a day.

5. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Face Wash

Tired of figuring out a  vegan face wash for sensitive skin? Christina Moss Organic Face wash can reinvent your relationship with natural face washes. It is made of non-toxic ingredients that can visibly reduce dullness and the signs of aging. You can use it twice to thrice a day without worrying about the harshness of the formula.

The decyl glucoside, a plant-derived, biodegradable, and tender surfactant used in the Christina Moss Face wash’s mild formulation could be detected in gentle products such as no-tears baby shampoo. If you experience higher degrees of irritation around mucus linings of your face like eyes, mouth, or nose, this non-toxic face wash may alleviate your troubles.

From adult acne and dead skin to stubborn makeup remnants, Christina Moss Vegan Facial Cleanser, cleanses them all, leaving behind clean pores and radiant skin. Whether you have dry skin or a combined one, this could be the best vegan face cleanser to go for!


  1. No chemical preservatives, parabens, dyes, or sulfates.
  2. Hypoallergenic and suits all skin types.
  3. Great for acne and makeup removal.
  4. Anti-aging properties.
  5. Mild formula for sensitive skin.
  6. Concentrated, a dime-size drop can cleanse the whole face.
  7. Money-back guarantee.


  1. Has a strong fragrance that a few customers find aversive.
  2. Does not offer exfoliation.
  3. May cause oily skin.

What to Look for in a Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash?

Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash

No one product fits all when it comes to selecting the best vegan face wash or vegan face cleanser. Simply being exceptional in one function and messing out on other important benefits, might render the product less suitable to buy!

Moreover, the face wash should have certain certifications and other approvals that guarantee that none of the ingredients have a cruel extraction process!

This buying guide is here to assist you in selecting the best vegan face wash brands.

1. Cruelty-free and Vegan Certification

A few brands mislead customers by claiming to be cruelty-free, but that’s just a simple projection. Just because the final product has not been tested on animals, does not guarantee that none of its constituting ingredients have been tested individually! Specific certifications from reputed organizations like PETA, deliver approval over vegan products through each of its production processes.

For a product to achieve such certification, there has to be a clean record about the cruelty-free sourcing, processing, and formulating of each ingredient into the final product. A cruelty-free Leaping Bunny has more stringent guidelines than PETA. Choose Cruelty-Free (CCF) is also another reliable organization that resembles a brand’s commitment to make cruelty-free products.

2. Natural, Organic, Non-GMO Ingredients Content

Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Wash

Be it any aspect of healthcare; none can battle the goodness of natural and organic ingredients. Artificial items are harsher on your skin, but they play an important role in improving the texture and fragrance. Though no product can be cost-effective and thoroughly organic simultaneously, the greater the natural substance, the better it is!

Yet be aware of allergens in the natural content which may do more harm than good. Moreover, the extraction of ingredients like non-GMO substances, palm-oil, eucalyptus, or coconut oil might sometimes be unsustainable, which counters the vegan cause to save the environment.

Not all processes are exploitative, but brands that intend to strike greater profitability may resort to indirect cruelty.

3. Ability to Foam

While non-foaming facewash could be beneficial for sensitive skin, foaming ones can assist in removing oil, makeup, and dirt. However, it is always not so simple!

One needs to consider what ingredients have been utilized in the formula to develop the lather. Additionally, the quality of the foam also makes a great difference. Certain foaming solutions are mild and do not irritate the water lines and mucus membranes. It is always advisable to choose such gentle solutions to achieve cleaning and foaming functions ideally.


Nature is a healer!  With the right vegan face wash, you let nature do wonders on your skin and signify that you too care for the environment and animals.

We have just set a journey across the best vegan and cruelty-free face wash brands and a buying guide to help you select the best plant based face wash! There has been a piece of advice at every step of the article, which must have cleared your perspective on what conditions must regulate your decision. If you have stuck along this way, we hope it delivered valuable insights to you!

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