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best vegan magnesium supplements

The human body requires a well-planned balanced diet with all necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other essential components to function at its fullest capacity. The absence of any component can lead to a series of physical and mental issues that can become fatal with time if untreated.

One such important part of our daily diet is magnesium. We can get magnesium in our diet through a multitude of food items, but when we subscribe to practices such as veganism, we might see our choices dwindling.

In this article, we will be discussing the best vegan magnesium supplements, their pros and cons, and everything else you might want to know before making up your mind.

We have also provided an in-depth guide about the requirement of magnesium in our daily diet. But first, let’s see the top 5 vegan magnesium supplements currently available in the market.

The 5 Best Vegan Magnesium Supplements 

If you look a little, you will find numerous vegan magnesium supplements in the market, but the tricky part is figuring out the source of the final product. Often, the manufacturing process involves questionable practices that go unnoticed by the common eye. Below, we have listed the best 5 plant-based magnesium supplements:

1. Future Kind Vegan Magnesium Glycinate Supplement 

A company specializing in vegan-friendly vitamins and other dietary supplements while also keeping an eye out for ethical and environmental concerns, Future Kind has its own vegan magnesium supplement that has become quite a famous name in the vegan community.

The bottles are post-consumer recycled, and they provide 30 servings (2 capsules every day for 30 days). One of the most important challenges in making magnesium supplements is finding a way to make them as bioavailable as possible.

Future Kind has it figured out: chelated magnesium glycinate. Future Kind works with a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified and FDA-regulated facility within the United States with strict quality and raw material control.

A highly effective and efficient vegan magnesium supplement, Future Kind’s vegan product emphasizes on using recycled material and a type of shipping that can offset carbon.


  • 100% vegan 
  • Environment-friendly packaging and shipping
  • Contains chelated magnesium glycinate (a more effective form of magnesium)
  • Extremely affordable


  • None

2. NATURELO Magnesium Glycinate Supplement

Want an affordable vegan magnesium glycinate supplement without compromising on quality? Naturelo has just the thing in their arsenal. Made from one of the most bioavailable forms of dietary necessity, magnesium, Naturelo’s vegan magnesium supplements are an easy pick.

They are easy for our body to absorb and digest, and that’s backed not just by customer reviews but also by proper scientific research.

Naturelo’s vegan magnesium supplements come in 200mg bottles which is great, considering the daily recommended magnesium intake circles around that digit as well.

These vegan magnesium supplements offer many health benefits, as confirmed by verified customers. Be it helping recover from cramps, migraine, or insomnia. These vegan magnesium supplements seem to be quite effective.

If you are concerned about major allergens, contamination, or genetically modified ingredients, Naturelo’s vegan magnesium supplements are free from all of these. So for a safe to consume and environment-friendly vegan magnesium supplement, Naturelo is a great option.


  • 100% vegan friendly 
  • Does not include major allergens, GMOs, and contaminants
  • Has a bioavailable form of magnesium


  • More expensive than Future Kind’s supplement

3. Puori Organic Magnesium Zinc Supplement 

Made in the United States with all organic materials, Puori’s magnesium zinc supplement combines zinc with vitamin B6 (ZMA) and malic acid to make the capsules easy to swallow while also being 100% vegan-friendly.

This product might be a cure if you constantly run low on energy levels. It activates a cellular function in the human body and, in turn, enhances energy production. If you happen to be magnesium deficient, it could lead to fatigue and tiredness.

Sufficient magnesium provided by Puori’s organic magnesium zinc supplement might be the answer if you want to improve muscle work and recovery or avert cramps.

It also helps regulate the fluid and electrolyte levels in our body which are lost through sweat when we are working hard and putting out the body through undue stress.

Puori’s product has been offered numerous purity and transparency awards. Each batch has been tested for scientific accuracy and efficacy in the labs.


  • Helps fight fatigue and tiredness
  • Supports high energy levels
  • Recommended for muscle work and recovery


  • Cases of stomach upset

4. Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Citrate Supplement

Natural Vitality has created the perfect vegan magnesium supplements if you find swallowing capsules rather tiresome and daunting. They are great alternatives that serve the same purpose but make consumption easier than usual.

Available with 113 servings of 350 mg each, the amount of this supplement you take on a daily basis varies from ½ to 2 teaspoons a day.

Natural Vitality uses a form of magnesium known as magnesium carbonate, which is easier to absorb and is more bioavailable than its other counterparts.

Here’s the kicker: chelated magnesium glycinate is the way to go if you want the most bioavailable and absorbable form of magnesium. It is softer on our stomachs than magnesium carbonate. A selling point of Natural Vitality supplements is its delivery form, which gets scheduled periodically if desired by the buyer.


  • The good form of magnesium
  • Available in convenient delivery forms
  • Large servings per product


  • Limited availability 

5.  MegaFood Vegan Magnesium Supplements

This one has gained widespread acclaim, being a certified B-corporation. The certification alone means that the company meets high standards of performance across a variety of critical domains.

The customer reviews on Megafood’s vegan magnesium tablets further reflect this virtue. The 90 tablet pack, priced just shy of 25 dollars works your daily dose of one magnesium tablet for about a quarter of a buck.

Each tablet gives you 50mg of vegan-friendly magnesium to aid muscle relaxation.

It also has a high potency zinc content that supports red blood cell growth. This is one of the best vegan magnesium supplements that is formulated with various blends of vegetables and fruits.

It also contains probiotic digestive enzymes. Last but not the least, one of the more crucial reasons to go for this is its non-GMO certification which also specifies that no artificial flavor, color, or sweeteners have been used for its making.


  • Promotes energy production
  • Provides essential nutrition
  • Supports healthy moms and babies
  • Facilitates baby’s development
  • Clinically proven absorption


  • Taste can be off-putting
  • Hard to swallow pills

Plant-Based Magnesium Supplements – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Are Vegans Deficient in Magnesium? 

The short answer is yes, vegans are predisposed to quite a few dietary deficiencies, magnesium being one of them. According to research, magnesium supplements can assist in improving sleep issues such as insomnia and restless leg syndrome. It can also cure cases of fatigue, nausea, and cramps triggered by magnesium deficiency.

If you are vegan, magnesium might not be common in your diet if you prefer to throw in a few seeds and nuts only, but it is not impossible. There are food ingredients that contain magnesium while still being vegan-friendly.

How Much Magnesium Do You Need A Day? 

If we speak about the recommended daily allowance of magnesium, it ranges from 310 to 420 mg for adults. The good news is that since you will be getting some amount of magnesium from your food, the supplements will not need to fulfill a whole 400mg worth of daily requirement.

Here’s the recommended daily allowance (RDA) table for magnesium:

Birth to 6 months30 mg30 mg
7-12 months75 mg75 mg
1-3 years80 mg80 mg
4-8 years130 mg130 mg
9-13 years240 mg240 mg
14-18 years410 mg360 mg400 mg360 mg
19-30 years400 mg310 mg350 mg310 mg
31-50 years420 mg320 mg360 mg320 mg
51+ years420 mg320 mg

What Are the Best Sources of Vegan Magnesium?

Best Sources of Vegan Magnesium

As we mentioned, there are quite a few vegan options if you are magnesium deficient. While vegan magnesium supplements are helpful without a doubt, you might still want to consume some natural foods with magnesium.
Here’s a list of non-processed and non-fortified vegan sources of magnesium you can include in your daily diet:

FoodMagnesium (per 100g)
Squash and Pumpkin Seeds550 mg
Spinach87 mg
Brown Rice44 mg
Lima Beans74 mg
Dark Chocolate228 mg
Almonds270 mg
Bananas27 mg
Avocados29 mg
Flax seeds392 mg
Hemp seeds700 mg
Sesame seeds351 mg

Simply add some plant-based foods in your diet such as seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds, or hemp seeds in your diet, and you will be consuming some amount of your daily recommended magnesium value.

What Are the Types of Magnesium Supplements 

Vegan magnesium supplements that are mostly mineral-based are usually difficult to digest for the human body. You will find numerous poorly absorbed magnesium supplements that may lead to stomach issues. While more easily digestible magnesium supplements are a little more expensive, they are definitely worth the consideration.

Here is a list of the various magnesium forms in vegan magnesium supplements, rated from best to worst:

  1. Chelated magnesium glycinate
  2. Non-chelated Magnesium glycinate
  3. Magnesium sulfate
  4. Magnesium malate
  5. Magnesium citrate
  6. Magnesium oxide

Needless to say, magnesium glycinate is the most effective and efficient form out of the list, and its chelated version is even easier to absorb and digest.

For that very reason, it also happens to be a little more expensive in comparison to the rest. Note that it is always recommended to ask a doctor before consuming magnesium supplements. Chelated magnesium might not be the best pick if you suffer from kidney issues or allergies.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, magnesium is an essential mineral for overall health, and vegans may need to pay special attention especially those who have started their vegan journey need to look after their magnesium intake since many vegan foods are not high in this nutrient. While it is possible to get magnesium from food sources, some vegans may benefit from taking magnesium supplements to ensure they are getting enough.

However, it’s important to note that supplements are not the only way for vegans to get their magnesium. Eating a varied and balanced diet that includes magnesium-rich foods like seeds, nuts, legumes, and dark leafy greens can also help boost magnesium intake. Additionally, vegan meal replacement shakes can be a convenient way to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need, including magnesium.

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