Best Vegan Work Shoes and Safety Boots Brands

Best Vegan Work Shoes

The ever-increasing number of people switching to a vegan lifestyle depicts people coming forward to create a better world. They want to live a perfectly healthy plant-based life where the life of voiceless sentient animals is valued. That’s why the number of vegan brands manufacturing different products related to everyday life is also going up. 

Now, a person switching to Veganism would slowly start to change everything around him or her and would include vegan furniture, vegan clothes and shoes, vegan skin and hair care brands, and what not. Talking of shoes, most of the work boots and safety shoes are made of leather. And this process has been going on for ages. But that doesn’t mean that it should continue. 

Vegan work boot brands are now immensely popular and widely available. These brands use faux leather, synthetic fabric, and vegan rubber to make durable and comfortable shoes without using a single animal product. Previously vegan products were made of PU leather (You can find ‘Is PU leather vegan’ with us), but later the demand for PU leather products decreased and for synthetic fiber increased.

To be honest, the vegan shoe industry was not this much popular even 10 years ago. But all the people across the globe have chosen what is right, and this great demand convinced manufacturers to make animal-free shoes and boots, which are ideal for everyday use. So, this article brings to you 10 Best Vegan Work Shoes and Safety Boots Brands, which you must consider. 

What Are Vegan Work Boots?

Work boots are usually made of leather, shearling, or fur. But, for that reason, numerous animals are being slaughtered every day. To bring an end to this impure practice, vegan work boots are made. Vegan shoe brands make non-leather steel toe work boots that are extremely durable and comfortable. 

These animal-product-free boots are made from synthetic fabric, faux suede, or leather and incorporate vegan rubber sole, keeping all the dangers at bay at work like the vegan UGG boots. Apart from work boots and safety shoes, some popular non-leather shoe brands make fashionable and trendy shoes designed to make you a style icon. 

Best Vegan Work Boots Brands

1st Place
Best Vegan Work Shoes and Safety Boots Brands Dr. Martens 1460 Work Boots By Dr Martens
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Best Value
Best Vegan Work Shoes and Safety Boots Brands Carhatt Men’s Work Boots By Carhatt
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3 Best Vegan Work Shoes and Safety Boots Brands Will’s Vegan Shoes for Men By Will’s
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4 Best Vegan Work Shoes and Safety Boots Brands Nautica Men’s Bedford Ankle Boots By Nautica
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5 Best Vegan Work Shoes and Safety Boots Brands BC Footwear Women’s Boots By BC
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With a promise to make shoes without harming the innocent animals, these vegan brands that are going to feature in our list of best vegan safety shoes and work boots are the best in the market. Most of the level 5 vegans, use one among these brands of shoes. With a cost-effective price point, these shoes will guarantee you the best protection from any kind of danger at your workplace and ensure great comfortability. So, let’s dive in and discover our favorite picks. 

1. Dr. Martens 1460 Work Boots 

Dr. Martens 1460 Work Boots have occupied the No.1 position in this list for various reasons. These vegan work boots are made of high-quality man-made leather, which will last for a long time. Also, the water-resistant and spill-proof material is ideal for wearing at any time of the year. 

These shoes incorporate a synthetic sole, which has been made more comfortable with extra soft padding. This will keep your feet warm and safe from friction, which is a very common factor with leather boots.

Dr. Martens work boots are re-engineered with an advanced grip technology and great slip-resistant mechanism which will protect you from accidental slips. These unisex boots include a safety steel-toe cap. Also, you don’t need to worry about cleaning them as they can be simply wiped off clean and will dry off quickly. These stylish black boots are ideal for workers spending a lot of time in factories because they are immensely comfortable and slip-resistant. Looking at the price point, it can be said without any hesitation that Dr. Martens work boots are no less than a great deal. Dr Martens also offers some of the best combat boots for vegans.


  1. Made from high-quality industrial leather
  2. Spill-resistant and waterproof design
  3. Synthetic steel toe boots with an air-cushioned sole
  4. Comes with great grip technology
  5. The unisex design comes in various sizes


  1. The heavy design is not very convenient

2. Carhatt Men’s Work Boots

Carhatt Men’s Work Boots are one of the best vegan work boots for men available in the market. The most amazing thing about these vegan safety boots is, perhaps, their advanced footbed. These boots’ footbed is made from 120,000 3D foot scans, ensuring unmatched fit and all-day-long comfort.

The Ax Suede material, which is used to make these shoes, is well-known for delivering great grip and slip resistance, decreasing fatigue, and foot slip. If you are a hiker, go for these shoes to ensure that no blisters or slippage come to your way.

All the hardworking people need to find a work boot that will protect them for electrical hazards. These boots by Carhatt have been manufactured with secondary electrical protection, which is suitable for people who come in close contact with 18,000 volts circuits. But you need to keep in mind that this protection only works in dry conditions.

Apart from electrical protection, these work boots are also chemical-resistant, oil-resistant, heat, and abrasion resistant to suit people who work in chemical factories. These boots’ fast dry mechanism will wick away all the moisture to keep your feet comfortable during long working hours. 


  1. Ax suede material ensures a firm grip
  2. Gives secondary electrical protection
  3. Chemical and oil resistant material
  4. Offers heat resistance and fast-dry technology


  1. Doesn’t come within an affordable price point

3. Will’s Vegan Shoes for Men

Will’s stylish non-leather work boots are made from vegan Italian leather. These are very durable and comfortable to wear for long shifts. The high-quality fabric that has been used in these boots is very breathable, so all the sweat would not get trapped and would dry off easily. 

Will’s Vegan Shoes for Men are totally water-resistant, providing great convenience for wearing on rainy days. Also, they come with padded collars and tongues to provide extra comfort and support on the ankles. These animal-free boots include TR outsoles with flex ensuring extra durability. Also, because of the flexible design, they are very suitable for hiking or for long walks. 

Will’s is a vegan company that is very concerned about our environment, so they use sustainable cardboard and paper packaging only. The carbon-neutral supply chain is totally free of plastic, so while buying these shoes, you are not only inviting a great pair of durable work shoes, you are also contributing to a safer, sustainable environment. 


  1. Manufactured from vegan Italian leather
  2. Waterproof and breathable material
  3. TR outsoles provide a firm grip
  4. Comes in carbon-neutral and sustainable packaging


  1. Does not include a convenient steel toe

4. Nautica Men’s Bedford Ankle Boots

If you are looking for very affordable work boots that will last long, then Nautica’s boots will be perfect for you. 

Nautica Men’s Bedford Ankle Boots are created from vegan leather, which is very durable and sturdy. So, it is not going to tear apart after long use. The water-resistant shell allows them to be worn in all seasons throughout the year. These vegan work boots men are perfectly designed to ensure a great and firm grip as the boots’ soles are made from vegan rubber.

The lace-up design gives these vegan work boots a great fashionable look. They are available in various colors like tan, brown, dark brown, and black. Nautica’s boots also offer you many sizes to pick according to your size. 


  1. Comes with a good quality rubber sole for a strong grip
  2. Made from high-quality and durable vegan leather
  3. Laced-up design is available in many sizes


  1. The design is not very comfortable and lightweight
  2. Made of a non-waterproof material

5. BC Footwear Women’s Boots

BC Footwear is no less than a fashion statement for all the women out there. With great design and a kitten heel, these boots ensure maximum comfort and durability. 

Vegan human-made leather has been used in the manufacturing process to create these boots. The material is very soft and comfortable enough to provide breathability so that your feet do not get sweaty after a long day of wear. The synthetic sole ensures a strong grip. The shaft measures around 5.5 inches from the arch while the boot opening measures close to 9.75 “.

Your fashion game will be very classy and elegant as these vegan work boots by BC Footwear include a small heel about 2 inches. They are available in bossy red and all-rounder black color and offer a great range of sizes to pick from.


  1. Made of vegan leather
  2. Comes with 2 inches kitten heels
  3. Soft and breathable material


  1. These boots are not ideal for work
  2. Doesn’t guarantee good enough waterproofing technology

6. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Work Shoes

Some brands do not need a very long introduction, and their products also do not require to discuss many specifications. Birkenstock is one of those brands. But, for new customers, it is important to provide enough quality information. 

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Work Shoes incorporate Alpro-Foam sole, which ensures utmost comfort. They are designed to fit perfectly with your feet and provide much-needed flexibility for movements. The material is very soft and comfortable, so you don’t need to worry about unwanted blisters or pain. 

These breathable work boots are great for long wear because they are very durable and sturdy. Also, they provide a great grip on wet surfaces. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Work Shoes are available in three universally flattering colors, black, dark blue, and brown, and the size range is also amazing. 


  1. Includes Alpro-Foam sole for great comfort
  2. Soft and durable material
  3. Available in many sizes


  1. Not suitable for people who are looking for affordable work boots

7. Dr Martens Unisex Eyelet Boot

Dr. Martens Unisex Eyelet Boots are suitable for people who want both fashion and convenience. The construction of these is 100% vegan. The synthetic sole comes with a great gripping system for extra convenience. 

These boots offer a durable footbed with light padding for all-day-long comfort. The grooved edges of the boots with yellow stitching provide them an eye-catching look. Apart from that, these work boots offer great slip and abrasion resistance with amazing underfoot comfort.

These animal-free boots are also fat and oil resistant. Dr. Martens Unisex Eyelet Boots are made of human-made leather, which is completely vegan-friendly. The stylish and durable fabric laces and metallic eyelets contribute to excellent fitting. 


  1. Created from synthetic leather
  2. Offer durable metallic eyelets and fabric laces
  3. The synthetic sole delivers a great grip


  1. Not ideal for heavy use

8. Ahimsa Vegan Safety Boots

Ahimsa Safety Boots are made from vegan leather. These boots are very durable and ideal for daily use. The bio latex insole of these boots is covered in cork to ensure great comfort during long working shifts.

The easy grip technology of these boots provides a firm enough grip, even on wet surface areas. The soft and comfortable material is also very airy and breathable. So, you would not end up having sweaty feet after the end of your workday. Also, the design is very flattering and unique. 

Because Ahimsa Vegan Safety Boots have a narrow fit, you should consider ordering one size bigger than your actual size. These boots are waterproof, which not only guarantees that you could wear them throughout the year; it also makes the boots very much durable. To get these boots at affordable rates do look for them during black Friday sale for vegan boots.


  1. Durable material perfect for everyday use
  2. Breathable and comfortable design
  3. Comes with water-resistant technology


  1. There are not many sizes to choose from

9. Fugu Sa-Me Japanese Vegan Boots

Fugu shoes have always been ideal for hiking, dancing, martial arts, yoga, desert gathering, and much more because they are very lightweight and sturdy. The material which is used to make these non-leather work boots is very airy and breathable, making sure that you are comfortable wearing them in the first place. 

The vegan steel toe boots by Fugu are going to last long because of their durable design. The water-resistant and water repellent material makes them very convenient while contributing to their durability. These mid-calf vegan work boots come with a synthetic rubber sole, ensuring a firm grip even on slippery surfaces. 

Fugu Sa-Me Japanese Vegan Boots come in a great variety of different styles and designs. They are also available in various sizes to choose the one according to your size. Both men and women can wear them because of their trendy unisex look. The double hook-and-loop technology allows these boots to fit perfectly, and because they are very flexible, you will not feel constricted in any way.


  1. Breathable material ensures excellent comfort
  2. Durable and water-resistant design
  3. Comes with a steel toe for extra convenience
  4. Stylish mid-calf design for both men and women


  1. Does not provide any protection against electrical dangers

10. Will’s Vegan Women Boots

When many work boots manufacturing companies focus only on making men’s boots, Will’s designs boots for both men and women. Because of their great quality of shoes, Will’s has got many wonderful reviews on Amazon. 

Will’s women boots are made from Italian vegan suede material, which meets Oeko Tex 100. One thing important to mention, this material is certified by Ecolabel.

Will’s Vegan Women Boots offers a comfortable wear experience because the material is very breathable and airy. These work boots are also very convenient and durable because they are water-resistant. 

These non-leather waterproof boots by Will’s are very comfortable because they come with cushioned tongue and collar. The TR outsoles with flex provide a great grip on slippery areas. This company offers a great range of sizes at great prices so that you could choose your perfect fit without any inconvenience. If you are someone with budget constraints then you can by these boots during black Friday sale for vegan boots


  1. Water-resistant and breathable material
  2. Made of Italian vegan suede
  3. Offers carbon neutral packaging
  4. Comes in various sizes


  1. The price is on the higher side

Vegan Work Boots – Buying Guide 

If you want to buy a pair of work boots, there are certain things which you need to consider. But first, you need to think about your work and responsibilities so that your investment on work boots do not go in vain. Here are some important points to keep in mind before buying vegan work boots or safety shoes. 

1. Durability and Protection

Durability is probably the most vital point in which you should be looking for any shoe type, especially if you are searching for work shoes. You are working for 7-8 hours 5-6 days a week. Needless to say, your shoes are going to face many difficulties as you do at your workplace. 

So, a durable pair of boots will be a great investment as they would go a long way. Also, many sharp objects are present in various factories, so if your work boots are not made from durable material, they are going to tear apart much faster. 

The type of work you do always play a great role in selecting the type of work shoes or safety shoes you need. If you hike a lot, go for hiking shoes with a lightweight structure and strong gripping technology. If you spend long hours in an electric farm or a chemical factory, you need to buy boots, including electrical protection and a chemical-resistant and heat-resistant mechanism. Also, always try to purchase water-resistant and water repellent shoes because that will ensure the durability also. 

2. Comfort 

vegan work boots

Comfort should not be ignored if it is about buying shoes. When you are working all day long, you need to confirm your work shoes’ comfortability. Otherwise, you will end up having blisters all over your feet.

Uncomfortable shoes do not only cause irritating blisters; they harm your whole body greatly. If your work boots or safety shoes are not comfortable enough, your feet will be in extreme pain. Your legs would gradually start aching, and this pain can lead to various spine damage also. You need to choose a pair of shoes that perfectly fit you; otherwise, you will not be able to work freely as you will keep adjusting your shoes the whole time. 

3. Budget

The huge shoe industry is constantly manufacturing shoes, offering different price points. Most people think that expensive shoes are made from high-quality material and will last longer, making the investment worth it. But, that’s not always the actual case. 

It is entirely wrong to decide the quality of a shoe considering the price of it. Many vegan brands make great quality shoes within an affordable range. They are, most of the time, better than high-end brands. While your budget completely depends on what amount you are willing to pay, it still doesn’t need to be higher than 150 dollars. 

4. Pattern and Style

Pattern and Style play an essential role in selecting shoes. Style differs from person to person. Some people are happy with usual or regular patterns and styles, while others look for a particular design or pattern. For example, the laced-up design looks very elegant and classy, but some do not prefer them. Same goes for designer handbags that vegans or anyone chooses for themselves.

For another instance, it can be said that mid-calf design is very stylish and doesn’t go out of fashion, but many people do not want that type of design in their work shoes. The same goes for heels too. So, always go with whatever your preferences are, without being influenced by some other person. 

5. Brand and Warranty

Some brands have achieved a special place in their customers’ hearts that they cannot go elsewhere when in need for a shoe. This trustworthy relationship happens only when brands provide whatever they promise. After using some products from a particular brand, customers would get attached to that brand if they find the products worthy of their money. 

Also, you cannot neglect the warranty. Warranty is very important because it is a type of security for your investment. Many work boots can tear apart or have some defects. In these cases, a warranty would save your money, time, and energy. So, always give enough importance to the warranty before buying anything, no matter how small or big a purchase. 


Vegan work boots brands come in a variety of styles and designs for every customer. They are also manufactured addressing different needs of people. The vegan safety shoes come with extremely good heat and chemical resistance technology and are engineered to give you maximum protection against electrical hazards. All you have to do is keep in mind the points mentioned in the buying guide and choose the perfect pair.

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