Can Dogs Eat Twizzlers? Toxic or Not Analysis

Can Dogs Eat Twizzlers

Candies – are fun treat for kids and adults not only they are nostalgic childhood delicacy for most, but make for a delicious little snack as well. As a dog owner, you may often want to share your favorite treats with your furry friends – but not all of them can be safe for their consumption. like sour patch kids are these candies are not safe for your dog.

And one more such possibly iffy treat to give to your dog is Twizzlers, even if you feel like they might appreciate the tangy and fruity taste of the red licorice.

While it is certainly not the preferred snack of vegans owing to the Twizzlers Vegan Status, you might be wondering if your dog can consume these brightly colored candies without repercussions.

Even if they seem like they’re enjoying the taste of Twizzlers, let’s dive a little deeper in terms of understanding whether your dogs can eat Twizzlers without consequences – because after all, their health and well-being comes first. 

Can Dogs have Twizzlers?

Dogs love to eat Twizzlers the way humans do. They have very strong taste buds that react to sweets and therefore they quite enjoy sugary snacks. Your dog may want to eat Twizzlers with utmost relish. But unfortunately, they can also suffer from sugar addiction just the way humans can.

It is thus crucial to know whether they should eat Twizzlers at all. There are no documented cases that show an instant reaction to dogs eating Twizzlers. Yet, keeping the ingredients in mind, we can see that it contains a high amount of sugar.

Just like any kind of sugary treat is bad for our teeth, it is bad for our dog’s teeth as well. For the sugary flavor, you can give Rice Krispies cereal to your dog which is a lot healthier.

Also, based on unhealthy ingredients, Twizzlers or any red licorice definitely does not benefit your dog. I have turned my dog vegan so doesn’t demand these licorice candies as his taste buds have changed. But in terms of safety, let’s check if Twizzlers are recommended to be consumed by dogs at all.

Are Twizzlers Safe for Dogs?

are twizzlers safe for dogs

No, Twizzlers are not safe for your dog as it contains a high amount of sugar. Excessive eating of Twizzlers is harmful to your dog’s health and can cause health issues such as diabetes and obesity. We have already discussed how your pet’s dental health is associated with overeating Twizzlers.

Secondly, Xylitol is an ingredient mentioned in the label of Twizzlers, which can be toxic for your dog. It is a sugar alcohol, which may cause minor to severe health issues when your dog eats the candy in an excessive amount or on a regular basis.

Regular consumption can cause health issues such as liver failure, seizures, blood sugar drops, and even slow death – these cases are extremely rare, however, but it is best to be cautious all the same.

Apart from these ingredients, Twizzlers contain preservatives and they do not mention whether the preservatives are organically processed. Therefore, it is better not to let your dog taste Twizzlers.

How Much Twizzlers Can Dogs Eat?

is red licorice bad for dogs

The first thing you need to ensure is that any sweet candy you feed your dog doesn’t contain Xylitol. You can check the labels for this ingredient and if you see it listed, keep those Twizzlers out of reach from your dog’s paws. 

Now, if your pampered pet occasionally enjoys chewing a couple pieces of Twizzlers (in quantities of less than 10 grams) since you can’t resist those puppy-dog eyes, it won’t be harmful in the least. However, it should not be a daily treat for them at all costs. 

Yes, as it contains an excessive amount of sugar as well as Xylitol, a sugar chemical particularly harmful for dogs.

No, though eating one or two pieces of red licorice occasionally won’t do them any harm, but it is definitely not recommended to make your dog eat red licorice on the daily.

Yes, it is bad for your dog’s and may cause dental cavities, diabetes, obesity, liver failures, seizures, blood sugar drops, and in extreme cases, even slow death.


From the above discussion, it is easy to see why Twizzlers are not a good option when it comes to treating your dog with a dose of happiness.

Though it is clear that the snack won’t have an immediate reaction to their health, it might cause severe damage in the long run. Now, as we have already mentioned, the amount of less than 10gms on the rare occasion is safe.

If you want to keep your dog strictly away from bad eating habits in general, you may choose to avoid Twizzlers or any kind of sugary treat. You can rather feed them some healthy vegan dog food. If your dog has already tasted Twizzlers and is craving for more, attempt to limit their consumption of Twizzlers in the future immediately.

You don’t need to worry much as two or three pieces won’t cause any significant harm to their health – but you can look for some healthy snacks to ensure a happy pet!

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  1. What was said was to check the ingredients to see IF Xylitol was a ingredient and if in fact it was then do not give those particular Twizzlers to your pet so there wasn’t any false information given!

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