Can Gatorade Go Bad? | Does Gatorade Have to be Refrigerated?

when does gatorade expire

If you had a pretty intense workout or a hectic schedule at work and feel low on energy after you reach home, then an energy drink is the choice you would go for. There are a lot of energy drinks that are available in the market and hands down Gatorade is the best replacement for all the energy drinks. It helps you refuel with electrolytes when you feel low without energy.

If you have been drinking Gatorade for a very long time, you might have addressed the date on the side of the bottle. In that case you must have seen an expiry date on the bottle, does it mean that the drink is unfit for consumption? Does Gatorade go bad?

There are a lot of people out there who are eager to know the same along with if it does get expired then can you drink expired gatorade and that is exactly what this article will be helping you with. There is a lot of common question that arises is whether Gatorade is vegan or not which you can find out with us on

How To Store Gatorade? Does Gatorade have to be Refrigerated?

If you want to store Gatorade and keep it healthy and drinkable, then make sure you store it in a cool dark environment and keep it away from heat or moisture. The best place to store Gatorade is on the shelf of your pantry or storage and that will keep it far away from the heat and moisture. 

Moreover, while storing ensure that the bottle of Gatorade is unopened and is tightly sealed. If you have opened the bottle, refrigerate almost immediately after use. This is because when a bottle of Gatorade is left open at room temperature, the chances are the air starts entering the bottle and starts degrading the quality of the drink.

This also applies to any sort of bottled drink like soda (check for soda’s vegan status with us). So if you are opening a bottle of Gatorade, either finish the bottle or toss the bottle into the refrigerator. 

People also tend to store the Gatorade bottles inside freezers believing a myth that states “Storing Gatorade bottles in the freezer enhances the effect of the drink”. 

Is it true?

Not at all. To be more precise when you freeze a bottle of Gatorade, extremely low temperatures can hinder the quality of the drink and can make it unfit for consumption. So do not freeze your Gatorade bottles to store them. 

How Long Does Gatorade Last? 

do you have to refrigerate gatorade after opening

Gatorade has its specific date. It is not an expiration date but rather a best before use date. So, does gatorade expire? As Gatorade is believed to be a shelf-stable product, you can easily store it even for weeks, months, or even years with the seal tightly in place.

Unopened bottles of Gatorade have a shelf life of around 9 months to 1 year from the date of production when stored properly. It’s important to check the “best by” date on the bottle before consuming to ensure that it hasn’t expired.

Once a bottle of Gatorade has been opened, its shelf life will decrease significantly. Opened bottles of Gatorade should be consumed within 2-3 days, even if they are refrigerated.

In addition to Gatorade, there are many other energy drinks on the market, such as Monster Energy Drink (check vegan status here). Like Gatorade, these drinks also have a shelf life and should be consumed before their expiration date. Monster Energy Drink has a shelf life of around 18 months when stored properly, and should be consumed within 3-4 days of opening

Is it OK To Consume Expired Gatorade?

As mentioned above, Gatorade has no expiry date as if it is kept in a safer place like a cold and dark environment then it can last for months or years. So, is gatorade good after expiration date? Pepsico, the maker of Gatorade, states that this drink lasts for as long as possible but it should be tightly sealed.

All the ingredients involved in Gatorade are healthy and do not intend to spoil the human body. It contains dextrose, sodium citrate, flavoring/coloring ingredients, sucrose, water, sodium chloride, and monopotassium phosphate, citric acid, and natural flavor and all these ingredients do not have an expiry period but have a period where their effect is maximum. 

What Happens If You Don’t Keep Gatorade In The Refrigerator?

If you don’t refrigerate Gatorade after opening the bottle, you are letting the drink get exposed to air that welcomes the bacteria present in the air to grow and reproduce in your drink. You should never keep the bottle open in an open environment because within a week or two you will start noticing the chunks and other harmful substances floating away in your favorite drink.

After opening the bottle, you must store the bottle inside the fridge to prevent the drink from getting exposed to the air. But storing your drink in the fridge is also not going to guarantee extended periods in which the quality of the drink is maintained. When you open a Gatorade and store it in the fridge, make sure to consume it within a week.

Signs That Gatorade Has Gone Bad

drinking expired gatorade

As mentioned above, if your bottle of Gatorade has been opened and is not stored in the proper conditions as mentioned above, it is bound to spoil the quality of the drink for sure. The signs that indicate the Gatorade has gone bad is when there is a change in texture and color. 

If you could closely observe the bottle by turning it over in the light, you would see clumpy materials floating in the drink. This is a red flag that states that the drink is not fit for consumption.

Moreover, the indication also states that when the drink is spoiled it forms a smell as it becomes less flavorful in taste. If you are not able to make a judgment with the smell, take a small sip of the drink, and by any chance that you notice a sour taste in the Gatorade, then the drink is 100% gone bad and cannot be consumed by an individual. Spit the remaining sample as well. 


Gatorade does have a shelf life and can go bad if it’s not consumed before its expiration date. It’s important to check the “best by” date on the bottle before consuming to ensure that it hasn’t expired.

In addition to Gatorade, there are many other popular drinks that people may be curious about when it comes to their vegan status, such as Sprite, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and Dr. Pepper. While these drinks don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients, some vegans may choose to avoid them due to the use of artificial colors and flavors, or the potential for cross-contamination during manufacturing.

At the end of the day these are processed drink and should be consumed in limitations. By staying informed and making conscious choices, you can enjoy these drinks while still maintaining a healthy and ethical lifestyle.

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