5 Vegan Sports Shoes for the Athlete in You

Vegan Sports Shoes

Recently, footwear companies’ efforts towards becoming more sustainable have led to a wave of innovation in sneaker design. From everyday running shoes made of recycled plastic to thin sneakers designed to allow the wearer to feel the terrain, the industry’s capacity for providing quality vegan sports shoes has impressed even … Read more

10 Vegan Shoes Brands to Shop from in 2022

Vegan Boots Brands

While the world continuously moves towards looking for sustainable alternatives to all its processes, the fashion industry (or, more specifically, the footwear industry) is one of the first sectors to actively begin looking for cruelty-free alternatives to everything ranging from their manufacturing process to their packaging.  This is for a … Read more

Best Men’s Vegan Shoes & Sneaker in 2022

Best Vegan Shoe & Sneaker Brands For Men

For someone who has been choosing branded wear for years, can tell you the distinct smell of leather in shoes and other clothing. If you think that animal hide is the only non-vegan item used to manufacture shoes, you will flinch from knowing that the fur and adhesive used in … Read more

Best Vegan Winter Boots | Review and Buying Guide

Best Vegan Snow Boots For Women

Outdoor plans in winters should not put you into a larger hollow of dilemma. While winter boots can save your feet from getting excessively cold or wet when you spend time away from home, buying vegan winter boots can uncover multiple benefits to you and the environment at large. Various … Read more

Best Vegan Work Shoes and Safety Boots Brands

Best Vegan Work Shoes

The ever-increasing number of people switching to a vegan lifestyle depicts people coming forward to create a better world. They want to live a perfectly healthy plant-based life where the life of voiceless sentient animals is valued. That’s why the number of vegan brands manufacturing different products related to everyday … Read more

Top Vegan UGG Boots Brands for Men and Women

Top Vegan UGG Boots Brands for Men and Women

A vegan lifestyle is more about putting your moral and ethical values in the center and less about bringing changes. As you understand what is humane and right, the changes or transformations appear to be nothing but necessary. This way of thinking allows us to have a more vivid perspective … Read more