Is E631 Flavor-Enhancer Vegan Food Additive?

Is E631 Flavor-Enhancer Vegan

Ever wondered why you can’t stop munching on Lays chips or other such potato crisps? Or, why are instant noodles a big hit among people of all age groups? All these snacks and many more in the same category thrive on flavor enhancers. These are food additives seemingly approved by … Read more

Is Soda Vegan-Friendly? What Sodas are Vegan?

can vegans drink soda

What’s the perfect beverage to complement a yummy dishes like vegan lasagna or Mexican dishes like zucchini on a lazy Sunday? Most of you might agree with the unanimous favorite drink – soda. Nothing completes a meal better than this sweet frizzy beverage that tastes absolutely refreshing and triggers that … Read more

Are Sour Patch Kids Vegan and Halal?

Are Sour Patch Kids Vegan and Halal

Most of us have grown up chewing on them and they’re just as popular even today. They are our ever-favorite sour patch kids – the sour-flavored chewy candy that’s extremely popular in the US, UK, France, and other countries too. If you’ve recently turned vegan, then you must be having … Read more

Is Cocoa Butter Vegan?

is cocoa vegan - Is Cocoa Butter Vegan

Mmm…the very mention of chocolate can trigger saliva rolling out; it’s simply irresistible! Ever wondered what makes chocolate melt in the mouth? The presence of an absolutely delectable ingredient we all know as cocoa butter. Cocoa Butter – Vegan or Not? What is Cocoa Butter – Like butter, cocoa butter … Read more

Is Vaseline Cruelty-Free and Vegan Lip Balm?

Is Vaseline Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Vaseline – this name has been associated with us since childhood. Chipped or cracked lips in winter or minor scratches on the knee while playing – for everything big or small, we’d keep finding excuses to apply a bit of that sticky-white cream. And now as we’ve grown older, we … Read more