Is Shea Butter Vegan? Does Shea Butter Go Bad?

Is Shea Butter Vegan

People have started using vegan cosmetics because they are now not in the favor of putting harsh chemicals on their skin. A few of the most important products that people use in their daily life are shea butter and cocoa butter. The good news about both of these products is … Read more

Is Maltodextrin Vegan and Gluten-Free

Is Maltodextrin Vegan and Gluten-Free

Maltodextrin, a polysaccharide, is a commonly found food ingredient in various packaged drinks and food items. This artificially produced ingredient is white and powdery to look at. It is found as an active ingredient in various food items that come under the list of everyday essentials. This ingredient is particularly … Read more

Is SmartBalance Vegan and Dairy-free?

Is SmartBalance Vegan and Dairy-free

The unmatched rise of veganism as a diet is rapidly grasping the mindsets of the millennials. Animal-friendly, cruelty-free, exploitation free, and plant friendly, veganism has undoubtedly been a topic of intrigue and inspiration. The major advancement of veganism has been from the replacement of dairy products. Finding plant-based alternatives as … Read more

Is Hoisin Sauce Vegan? Vegan Hoisin Sauce Recipe

Is Hoisin Sauce Vegan

Multi-purpose condiments are the soul of every food lover. Adding a spoon-full hoisin sauce to a  regular bowl of vegetables can uplift the taste by multi-folds. Well, why just a bowl of vegetables? You can use hoisin sauce as the base flavor for yummy pizzas or burgers and can use … Read more

Is Falafel Vegan?

Is Falafel Vegan

Falafel, also called felafel, derives its name from the Arabic word falāfil, meaning ‘pepper’. It is traditionally a deep-fried fitter, in the form of a ball made of ground or mashed chickpeas or fava beans. Sometimes both chickpeas and fava beans are combined to form the recipe’s batter. This Middle … Read more