Vegan Weight Gain Shake Recipes

Vegan Weight Gain Shake recipes

Do you want to gain weight the healthy way? Let me guess: you’ve perhaps tried the thousands of muscle building powders or want to build a lifestyle where you add mass gainer supplements along with mass gaining foods like the shakes. Or maybe you’re just a Vegan who wants to … Read more

Vegan German Chocolate Cake Recipe

vegan german chocolate cake recipes

Looking for a vegan dessert recipe that is easy to prepare and yet awesome in taste? How about a sinful vegan German chocolate cake recipe? Well, if you are a chocolate cake lover searching for a vegan version, this recipe would probably be the best option to try. You can also … Read more

Vegan Macaron Recipe with Aquafaba

vegan macarons recipe with aquafaba

Going all the way vegan can sometimes become quite a challenging task. Ask any vegan out there, and I am sure he will vouch for this fact. The very popular vegan French macaron is a small round cake that is essentially made with the egg whites. This creates a lot … Read more

Vegan Mug Brownie Recipe

Vegan Mug Brownie Recipe

We all get awful cravings sometimes that push us to forget everything about healthy eating. All we want is that particular food and enjoy every bit of the delicious indulgence. It’s absolutely a wonder how food takes us to a divine journey of contentment! Now, coming to the vegan diet, … Read more

Vegan Angel Food Cake Recipe with Aquafaba

Vegan Angel Food Cake Recipe

If you are searching for the best vegan angel food cake recipe to try at home, here it is. This angel food cake recipe doesn’t only taste like heaven but is also quite easy to prepare. Most importantly, it doesn’t include a single non-vegan ingredient. For most of the vegan food lovers, … Read more

How to Make Bubble Tea Smoothie

how to make boba drink

It’s summertime! June calls for new recipes for drinks and smoothies to quench your thirst. This season is filled with bubble tea smoothies as it is everyone’s heartthrob and also is quite filling! People feel that bubble tea cannot be consumed by those who have become vegan.  But every non-vegan … Read more