How to Cook Oyster Mushrooms

sauteed oyster mushroom recipe

Burning yourself in front of your stove for a long time and still not getting enough satisfaction is something too irritating. Eating the same stuff regularly is frustrating. We want something quick, tasty and most importantly healthy. How about if we tell you a recipe that can be easily prepared; … Read more

Vegan French Onion Soup Recipe

onion soup recipe vegan

We have been trying French onion soup at home and in restaurants for years. French onion soup is a full bowl of flavorsome item that is lips-smacking too. This soup is easy to make and delicious too. You just have to say ‘yes’ to some of the Vegetable stock and … Read more

Vegan Cottage Cheese Recipe

non dairy cottage cheese recipe

It is often said that a vegan diet is a diet for the better future. Being rich in proteins and low in fats, it is the best option for every individual. The most popular dish, that is used by almost every household on daily basis, cottage cheese can be made … Read more

Vegan Nacho Cheese Recipe

dairy free nacho cheese

Nachos and cheese are the most heavenly combination on earth one can think of. It’s the perfect snack for anytime hunger (or without hunger too for that matter). You don’t really need to be hungry to enjoy nachos and cheese, do you? And if this combination can be turned into … Read more

Vegan Quinoa Smoothie Recipe with Banana

quinoa in smoothies

Quinoa as a perfect breakfast meal is common knowledge. The wholegrain is rich in vital nutrients, belongs to the complex carbs category, and is therefore easily digestible. Not to forget, it’s super tasty too when mixed with milk or a variety of other ingredients. Now imagine if you could enjoy … Read more

Vegan Dog Food Recipes

best vegan dog food

If you’re a vegan and have experienced its multiple benefits already, you’d want all your loved ones around to have this experience too. It could mean family, relatives, friends, and even pets! After all, they’re no less than family, right? If you’re wondering whether your dog can be a vegan … Read more