Vegan Dog Food Recipes

best vegan dog food

If you’re a vegan and have experienced its multiple benefits already, you’d want all your loved ones around to have this experience too. It could mean family, relatives, friends, and even pets! After all, they’re no less than family, right? If you’re wondering whether your dog can be a vegan … Read more

Vegan Coconut Cream Pie Recipe

coconut cream pie recipe

Veganism is trending and the highest in demand is vegan food. This is because vegan dishes can be made in numerous variations of their original versions to retain the vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free concept. And vegan desserts are a particular favorite in the vegan food category. You’d be surprised how … Read more

Vegan Milk Chocolate Recipe


OK, so you decided to go vegan (check out my journey here) Congratulations! You’ve taken one step forward towards healthy living. Yet, the realization doesn’t hit that soon unless you see someone relishing a bar of milk chocolate right before your eyes. Or, you tend to crave for one yourself, … Read more