Banana Smoothie without Milk

Easy and Tasty Banana Smoothie Without milk for Vegans

Who said you to have to have Dairy in your smoothie? We all know Dairy isn’t healthy. So why are we still making smoothies with it? Plant-Based milks are so readily available for us, are so healthy and are so yummy. Whether you are vegan or not, you should start … Read more

Vegan Zucchini Recipe

Delicious Vegan Zucchini recipe

Zucchini have amazing health benefits that you probably haven’t thought of, including a high source of antioxidants, vitamin C and a High source of Potassium. They are great for digestion and they help maintain good eye health. Today I will share with you one of my favorite, most delicious vegan … Read more

Tastiest Vegan Lasagna Recipe Ever!

Tastiest Vegan Lasagna Recipe Ever!

This is your Traditional Lasagna Recipe – Vegan Edition! The mothership has landed. It’s Lasagna — Low-fat, vegan, and oil-free! Can someone say MAMMA MIA?! This dairy-free, veggie-packed lasagna is definitely one of the best vegan recipe finds. And it’s definitely one of those showstopper recipes you want to try out … Read more

Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins recipe

Are you looking for the vegan banana muffin recipe with a little sweet addition such as chocolate? These vegan banana chocolate chip muffins are my go-to breakfast I like to make if I am feeling a little on the naughtier side.  You all know by now, I do have a … Read more

Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Best Burrito recipes for Vegans

Vegan cuisine is more versatile than most people think. In some people’s mind, vegans “Only Eat Vegetable” and “Don’t Eat Enough Proteins”. I’ve completely debunked these Anti-Vegan arguments in my blog post here: “I’m not Vegan Because…”. Check it out as you will be surprised with some counter-arguments that I’ve … Read more

Best Vegan Chocolate Cake You’ll Ever Eat!

Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

When it comes to chocolate, I am really addicted. If you have ever tried commercial vegan chocolate listed here, you’ll know that it tastes way way better than non-vegan chocolate is and will ever be. This is the same for any dessert recipe that is vegan as well. Also, if you … Read more