Vegan Sourdough Panzanella Salad

Panzanella Salad Recipe

If you haven’t had panzanella before, it’s time to remedy that, friend. A salad that celebrates fresh, seasonal veggies, bold tangy flavours, and the crouton – there’s so much to love here. My local health food store sells these loaves of spelt sourdough baked on a local farm in a … Read more

Vegan Lentil Cakes

Vegan Lentil Cakes

Lentil Patties are an extremely healthy alternative to bread. This is because they are a good source of protein and are therefore beneficial to your diet. Lentil cakes are really easy to make and can be eaten as side salad or it can be topped with hummus or chilli sauce. … Read more

Green Peas Gluten Free Salad

Vegan Green Peas Salad

Most days, I make my salads with beans (check the difference between black beans and kidney beans) or lentil base. I start with a bowl of cooked beans and work my way up by adding favorite or seasonal or sometime with what’s available in my fridge. There is no recipe … Read more