13 Best Vegan Foods High In Zinc

Vegan Foods High in Zinc

There are many who focus on the intake of macronutrients in one’s diet and are constantly worried if they’re not getting enough carbs, proteins, or fats. And rightly so – macronutrients are pretty foundational in your body’s physical health and must be carefully monitored at all costs. In doing this, … Read more

15 Best Vegan Foods High In Isoleucine

best sources of isoleucine

The most recurring challenge for any vegan attempting to have a protein-rich diet is getting their fill of amino acids in their diet. Most vegan foods are deficient in one amino acid or the other – which means that it can be challenging to incorporate all the necessary proteins in … Read more

8 Pure Vitamin D Sources for Vegans & Vegetarians

Vegan Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is naturally produced in a larger quantity in people who are specifically more exposed to natural sunlight. It is usually known for its capabilities to monitor hormonal functioning and enhancing muscle recovery, better mood, improved memory, immunity, as well as low mortality … Read more

The Best Sources of Leucine for Vegans

Best Sources of Leucine for Vegans

Amino acids are considered essential for proper and healthy bodily functioning. In case of their absence, it will be impossible for our body to function as it is, resulting in severe health and growth problems. Although our body does produce some of them internally, there are certain essential amino acids … Read more

A Guide to Vegan Sources of Collagen (Clickbait!)

Vegan Collagen Sources

Well, here’s the thing: collagen gets a lot of hype usually because of its ability to strengthen hair, nails, to offer a glowing skin and for nourishing cell and connective tissues. But since most of the collagen production sources are animal or animal products based, many vegans find it tempting … Read more