Do Chia Seeds Go Bad? | How Long Do Chia Seeds Last

Do Chia Seeds Go Bad?

Salvia hispanica, a desert plant that has been cultivated in Mexico since the time of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, produces the edible seed known as chia. The word “chia” means “strength,” and according to legend, these societies employed the tiny black and white seeds as an energizing snack because they are a dense source of calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, carbs, protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

Chia seeds offer your body with minerals that act as electrolytes, creating a charge that supports healthy muscle and heart function.Which is why many bodybuilders who prepare their own meal plan include chia seeds in their diet plan.  With 95 milligrams per ounce, the seeds are a particularly potent source of magnesium. They are also one of the great sources of fat and potassium.

Chia seeds have always been a popular choice among vegans but when you buy a packet of chia seeds you cannot immediately finish it. That’s when you should start getting questions like: will your chia seeds go bad?How long are they going to last and how to store them properly? So keeping reading as this article has covered all of your questions. 

Do Chia Seeds Go Bad?

Chia seeds last for a number of years since they contain a lot of antioxidants, but they don’t last forever. They will eventually turn rotten if improperly or long-term stored, at which point you should discard them. Chia seeds become rancid when they start to taste bitter or begin to smell like nail polish remover or other chemicals.

Any changes to the mild flavor and slightly nutty aroma of fresh chia seeds should be obvious. Although rancidity is the main cause of seed deterioration, chia seeds can also become spoiled in other ways.

Do Chia Seeds Expire?

Obviously yes!!! Chia seeds will stay edible for nearly two years after the best before date if you store them in your cupboard. Antioxidants that stop deterioration are to blame for this.

Because chia seeds can withstand changes in temperature and humidity, the container does not list an expiration date but instead reads “Best before.” The seeds are still edible for a long time after the manufacturer’s printed date, which represents the highest product quality.

Chia seeds can be kept in good condition in your refrigerator for up to three years if you choose to do so. By-products made from chia seeds, like pudding or gel, only survive a few days.

How To Tell If Chia Seeds Are Bad?

How To Tell If Chia Seeds Are Bad?

Chia seeds typically have a nut-like aroma. You should throw away those seeds if they begin to emit weird odors.
A bitter taste can be detected in seeds that are rotten. Get rid of them immediately. Your digestion could be hampered if you use them now.

Always dry chia seeds. They are no longer safe to use if you come into contact with anything slimy. I recommend discarding them. All sorts of seeds are damaged by bugs. Although it seems like they are eating your seeds, nothing is damaged. You can select a few bugs and apply the seeds letter to them if there are only a few.

One last thing: throw away any seeds that are stuck together inside the jar or at the bottom when you open the jar of seeds. The seeds are no longer edible at this point because they have started to lump

What Happens If You Eat Bad Chia Seeds?

In all likelihood, consuming tainted chia seeds won’t make you sick right away, especially if you only eat a tiny quantity. The worst that might occur is some mild digestive discomfort a few hours after eating. However, it’s better to toss out rancid chia seeds because it’s possible that consuming rancid fat could have a negative impact on your long-term health.

If chia seeds are consumed in large amounts, some people, such as those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, and allergies, may develop negative side effects. Additionally, eating too many chia seeds may cause digestive problems and weight gain if one consumes too many of them.

How To Store Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds should be stored in the pantry for daily use. Chia seeds should be kept in a glass or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Chia seeds may be kept for months in a dark, cool location, like your pantry, because of their antioxidant content. Chia seeds should be stored in a glass or plastic container that has a tight-fitting lid.

Chia seeds can be kept in the fridge or a cold, dry area like a cupboard. Like chia seeds, chia flour can be kept in storage for months without turning bad. Optimal seed storage necessitates the exact opposite conditions of good germination. When oxygen and water are present at the right temperature, good germination happens. Keeping seeds dry leads to successful seed storage.

Do Chia Seeds Need To Be Refrigerated?

Chia seeds can be frozen, however, since they have an extended shelf life, this is rarely necessary. Instead, you can merely keep them sealed away in a kitchen cupboard.

Chia seeds should be kept in an airtight container or a freezer bag that has been securely closed in the freezer. No need to thaw them out before using; just take what you need out of the bag or container as you require them.

Keeping chia seeds in the kitchen is usually sufficient. However, they can be frozen and do so well.

How long Does Chia Pudding Last?

If you store chia seed pudding properly in the proper conditions in the refrigerator, it keeps for three to five days before going bad.If you created a large quantity, always use clean spoons for scooping, and make sure the container is always tightly closed.

Freezing can be an option if that time frame is insufficient. Chia pudding in serving-sized containers can be frozen. If you have everything in one container, prepare the pudding as usual before dividing it into separate portions. Place the containers in the freezer to finish.

Any fresh fruit you use as a topping for the chia pudding will become mushy and watery once it has thawed, which is the only drawback to storing it. Consider freezing only the pudding and topping it with fresh fruit before eating if that disturbs you.


These days, everyone loves chia seeds, from housewives to yoga teachers. Chia seeds are so versatile in nature that it can be used as one of the substitutes for egg in baking. Other than baking it can be added to beverages, smoothies, or dishes like acai bowl with chia. All are ultimately used to promote a balanced diet.

Chia seeds are very nutritious and keep well for a long time. Chia seeds are an adaptable, nutrient-rich seed that tastes great in a wide range of dishes. Their high content of antioxidants aids chia seeds’ lengthy shelf life.

Follow a few easy instructions to increase the lifespan of your seeds, such as keeping them in a glass container in a cool, dark, and dry location. If you spot any symptoms of deterioration, make sure to throw them away. Get rid of old chia seeds.

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