Do Doritos Have Pork? | Are Doritos Halal?

Does Doritos Contain Pork

Eating habits have significantly changed over the years. Night-time snacking, emotional snacking are very common terms these days.  Snacks especially something of chips type is a much-loved item for all. No matter how many bags of crispy goodness we can hardly resist. Doritos is an item you possibly stop until the bag is empty. The item is downright addictive.

What Are Doritos?


Doritos is a famous american brand founded in 1964 that produces tortilla chips. The original chips didn’t have any flavor but gradually they came up with various flavors. It is practically impossible to eat just one, two, even three Doritos chips.

Even if your thumb and forefinger are coated with telltale orange dust; you don’t wish to give up. You love the tangy taste to an extent that you find washing your hands would be a tragic waste of flavor. Doritos contains acids, which reasons to a release of saliva. Hey! This triggers the urge to eat. But, only a limited number of Doritos flavors are vegan.

What Are The Ingredients Of Doritos?

What Are The Ingredients Of Doritos

Doritos ingredients (U.S.) consist of whole corn, salt, vegetable oil (corn, soybean, and/or sunflower oil), cheddar cheese (milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), whey, maltodextrin (check vegan status), monosodium glutamate, romano cheese (part skim cow’s milk, buttermilk solids, cheese cultures etc.

If you follow strict vegan standards you may not be happy with the existence of some ingredients which don’t essentially meet the criteria as vegan.

Is Doritos Made With Pork?

Considering the primary and traditional ingredients used in the preparation of Doritos; Pork is often used as a flavoring powder. Pork enzyme called porcine is used to give a doritos a distinctive flavor. Animal enzymes that are derived from pork (porcine enzymes) are used to develop the cheese.

Subsequently, many companies these days follow no pork enzymes in their products. As per the Frito Lay, a popular American subsidiary of PepsiCo, Doritos manufactured in the US do not contain pork enzymes (porcine) to give them a distinctive flavor. In case if there is pork in Doritos, it’s mentioned as an ingredient, so it’s easy to make out.

Which Flavors of Doritos Do Not Contain Pork?

Which Flavors of Doritos Do Not Contain Pork

 The following flavours of Doritos do not contain any pork enzymes in them.

  • 3D Crunch Chili Cheese Nacho Flavored Corn Snacks
  • 3D Crunch Spicy Ranch Flavored Corn Snacks
  • Cool Ranch® Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Dinamita® Chile Limón Flavored Rolled Tortilla Chips
  • Flamas® Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Flamin’ Hot® Limon Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Flamin’ Hot® Nacho Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Flavor Shots Fiery Habanero Triangles
  • Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Poppin’ Jalapeño Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Reduced Fat Cool Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Reduced Fat Flamas Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Reduced Fat Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Reduced Fat Spicy Sweet Chili Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Reduced Wild White Nacho Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Salsa Verde Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Simply Organic Spicy White Cheddar Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Simply Organic White Cheddar Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Spicy Nacho Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Spicy Sweet Chili Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Taco Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Tangy Pickle Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Tapatio® Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Twisted Lime Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • Wasabi Flavored Tortilla Chips

Are Doritos Halal In USA?

Are Doritos Halal In USA?

Are Doritos Nacho Cheese flavored tortilla chips halal; is a common question. If you are looking to find out the Halal status of Doritos; let’s put it in simple words. The answer is No. Doritos is not halal.

This is primarily because the ingredients used are not Halal. The Cheese used in Doritos is not Halal. The products are made on the same line where animal derived ingredients (including pork) containing products are manufactured. Besides the dairy ingredients used in Doritos are not Halal. The natural and artificial flavors used are not Halal. You can also check other products are halal or not.

Is Doritos Vegetarian?

If you are a pure vegan and love Doritos; then the obvious query in your mind would be doesDoritos have pork in it? With the increasing number of people becoming vegan especially in UK and USA, the companies have come up with new vegan Doritos flavor.

Some of these chips contain natural flavor, which is not always vegan. It’s an umbrella term for many different ingredients, which can include even meat. Although, it seems that the flavor is vegan in this case, which is also why they are so popular among vegans?


If you are a Doritos lover and a vegan you are possibly worried do Doritos have pork in them. Well,we have good news for you. Not all Doritos have pork. There are vegan packs available too like Lays, Sun Chips, Fritos, Veggie Straws, Pringles, etc. However, it is important to note that even if these snacks are vegan-friendly, it may not necessarily be a healthy choice.

When looking for vegan snacks, it’s a good idea to focus on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These foods provide essential nutrients and are less processed than many packaged snacks. Some examples of healthy vegan snacks include raw veggies with hummus, trail mix, or fresh fruit.

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  1. The Frito lay website clearly states that they have no pork enzymes in them so how are you saying that they contain pork

    1. R u saying? Which one that do not hav pork in them? Because I don’t eat pork at all. Thank U .. it were a debate on Doritos of should we eat them or not being a Muslim..

    2. I got confused too, but upon reading twice, she states that while Doritos sold in the USA do NOT contain pork (porcine enzymes), they ARE produced on the same machinery (same line), used to produce products which DO contain porcine enzymes. It’s the same as going into a breakfast diner and ordering only pancakes and eggs. Pretty sure those eggs are cooked on the same griddle used to cook ham and bacon. Of course the grill is cleaned with very hot water between cooking each meal, but still. ☮️

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