Nutrisystem Menu 2023 | Does Nutrisystem Have Vegan Meals?

does nutrisystem have a vegetarian plan

One of the roadblocks we inevitably face in adulthood is healthy living. After a long day’s work, keeping up with a healthy lifestyle can often seem challenging. Especially for those growing up under the care and guidance of parents who ensured you had properly timed meals, the independence of adulthood can come as a not-so-welcome surprise.

On a busy day, it’s hard to take time out to cook full-fledged meals thrice a day. Often, you will find cooking taking up more than half of the day, which can increasingly make each day feel unproductive.

Food is necessary for sustenance; no one wants to dedicate a massive chunk of their day to cooking fancy meals that taste good while still maintaining their nutritional integrity.

It always seems more appealing to invest our free time in activities we like to do as co-curricular along with our employment duties. Nutrisystem has come up with an ingenious idea to tackle the issue of daily cooking.

Their meal plans focus on nutritional content and taste alike, making it a variable option for those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle but cannot take time out of their busy schedule for the same.

We often get asked a few questions: Does Nutrisystem have a vegetarian plan? What about a vegan one? In this article, we will be discussing both vegetarian and vegan Nutrisystem plans to see how they fare.

We have weighed in various aspects of these meal plans, including options and variety, taste and satiety, pricing and costs, weight loss benefits, and more. But first, let’s know a little about Nutrisystem!

About Nutrisystem – An Overview 

Nutrisystem Menu 2023 | Does Nutrisystem Have Vegan Meals?

A leader in the weight loss industry, Nutrisystem has been helping millions lose weight consistently for about 50 years now. It offers safe and scientifically backed weight loss meal plans curated after strenuous clinical trials under the watchful eye of a distinguished Science Advisory Board.

Each meal plan includes comprehensive support and coaching choices from professional weight-loss coaches, certified diabetes educators, and registered dieticians who are available 7 days a week.

In 2021, the All-New Nutrisystem was launched as an easy-to-follow weight loss program to suit individual metabolism needs. It adapts calorie goals to your progress through the weight loss journey by integrating the science of metabolic adaptation to back sustainable and healthy weight loss, in turn helping you avoid hitting plateaus or falling victim to yo-yo diets.

The meal plans include delicious foods with the perfect balance of carbs, fats, and proteins delivered directly to your doorstep. With the addition of 25 on-trend food items on the menu, Nutrisystem’s variety has now touched more than 150 nutritious delicacies. Be it snacks, plant-based favorites, zesty pizza bowls, or even flatbreads, Nutrisystem includes it all!

Nutrisystem meal choices align with the US Healthy Eating Meal Pattern as suggested by the USDA Dietary Guidelines, so your meal will adhere to the national guidelines for total fat, trans fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sodium, protein, fiber, and added sugars.

Nutrisystem’s meals also include specific dietary needs, such as type II diabetes or pre-diabetes. You can choose from various subscriptions and even get a discounted price for it!

Lastly, download the NuMi app, and you are good to go! It offers a NuMi SmartAdapt™ feature to recalculate the customer’s calorie goals and meal plans as and when weight loss milestones are attained. It also informs you if you hit a plateau and offers ways to overcome it.

Does Nutrisystem Have a Vegetarian Plan? 

does nutrisystem have a vegetarian plan

The short answer is yes, it does. Nutrisystem covers a comprehensive vegetarian plan for those who wish to keep a check on healthy living without spending most of their day planning meals and getting groceries. In the Nutrisystem vegetarian plan, you get to choose between Men and Women to get meal plans based on gender-specific dietary needs.

Additionally, you are offered an option to go for the chef’s choice curated, specifically keeping the nutritional content of the food items in mind. However, if you have been a trusted consumer of Nutrisystem, you can choose your own meals at checkout. You get tons of meal options to choose from, and all of them are tried and tested to adhere to health standards.

Does Nutrisystem Have a Vegan Meals? 

Unfortunately, Nutrisystem does not have a vegan meal plan just yet. However, with the burgeoning popularity of the vegan demographic, it won’t be wrong to hold on to hope for the near future. But as of now, the plans offered by Nutrisystem only include gender-specific non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals.

Unfortunately for strict vegans like me, nutrisystem does not seem to be of help. I would personally prefer and recommend to order 100% vegan meals from Vegin’ out or Thistle meal delivery.

If you adapted to veganism for the sake of healthy living, the Nutrisystem vegetarian meal is a good option. The meals are all carefully curated, keeping in mind their nutritional content and taste. They have been tried and tested against all health conditions to offer the best cost-to-value ratio.

How does the Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan Work for Weight Loss? 

 Nutrisystem Vegetarian meal Plan for Weight Loss

The Nutrisystem vegetarian plan works wonders for those on a weight loss journey. All items are carefully picked, depending on your calorie requirement and metabolism rate.

Here’s what the Nutrisystem vegetarian meal offers :

  • Every month, you get a 4-week plan which is extremely easy to follow.
  • Each meal has a balanced nutritious content with the perfect blend of vitamins, proteins, and fibers.
  • You get unlimited access to dieticians and weight loss counselors .
  • The Nutrisystem free online tracker and app helps you keep tabs on your healthy living standards.
  • With the Nutrisystem vegetarian meal plan, you get 6 small meals and snacks every day served right at your doorstep.
  • The vegetarian plan promises to help you lose 1 to 2 pounds every week if consumed in a proper, timely manner.

Nutrisystem offers gender-specific meals for both men and women, helping women lose around 13 pounds and 7 inches and assisting men in losing 18 pounds and 8 inches in 1 month. You can expect to lose around 1 to 2 pounds per week following the first month. If you hit a plateau, the Nutrisystem app will let you know and recommend a way out of it.

So, all in all, the Nutrisystem vegetarian plan is quite conducive to weight loss! There’s nothing magical about their food though. You only lose weight, because nutrisystem meals will keep you in a sustained caloric deficit corresponding to your body and vairables. You could as well do it yourself if you’re in to make your own vegan diet plan by yourself.

Nutrisystem Vegetarian Reviews 

1. Meal Options and Variety 


  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Buttermilk Waffles
  • Double Chocolate Muffin
  • Honey Wheat Bagel
  • Cherry Cheese Roll


  • Spinach and Cheese Pretzel Melt
  • Double Chocolate Caramel Bar
  • Tuna Salad (for those who eat fish)
  • Fudge Graham Bar
  • Four Cheese Melt
  • Egg White Spinach Crepe (for those who eat eggs)
  • Broccoli & Cheese Melt


  • Margherita Pizza
  • Stuffed Shells
  • Thick Crust Pizza
  • Vegetable Lasagna
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Mushroom Risotto


  • Lemon Zest Cake
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Milk Chocolate Flavored Pretzels
  • White Cheddar Popcorn
  • Honey Mustard Pretzel Bits
  • Chocolate Cashew Bar

2. Taste and Satiety 

Here’s what we have gathered from customer testimonials: the meals served by the Nutrisystem vegetarian plan are delicious. They all have unique tastes, which customers have increasingly lauded and encouraged to be continued.

They have been praised for their satiety since the quantity of food is enough to keep you filled for prolonged periods. So, throw in some delicacies with high nutritional content and satiety, and you get the Nutrisystem vegetarian meal plan!

3. Pricing and Costs 

Here’s an overview of the pricing and cost for the Nutrisystem Vegetarian meal plan: if you are a woman opting for the vegetarian plan, you can be looking to spend no less than $300 per month for 6 small meals per day for 28 days. This comes down to near about $10 per day. The per month cost is slightly higher for men, considering their elevated calorie requirements.

If you are a man opting for the Nutrisystem vegetarian meal plan, you could spend around $330 per month, which boils down to nearly $12 per day. For $40 extra, you can add 28 healthy shakes to your daily diet. For all intents and purposes, shipping is included within that.

4. Weight Loss Benefits 

As we discussed, Nutrisystem offers tremendous weight loss benefits for those looking to shed those extra kilos quickly. With the Nutrisystem vegetarian plan, you can keep track of your calorie intake on their personalized mobile app. Moreover, you will be informed if you hit a plateau, and ways to overcome it will also be suggested.

With this meal plan, women can be expected to lose around 13 pounds and 7 inches, and men can expect to lose around 18 pounds and 8 inches in a single month. You can lose somewhere around 1 to 2 pounds a week following the first month. The statistics are backed by both the Nutrisystem research team and actual customer testimonials.

5. Other Benefits 

While weight loss is a significant benefit of the Nutrisystem vegetarian meal system, that’s not all. If you suffer from type II diabetes, you could benefit from the meal plan. The food items suggested and offered by Nutrisystem have been found to reduce hemoglobin A1C. A drop of around 0.3% was noticed in half a year.Moreover, with this meal plan, the hassle of weighing your calorie intake, curating nutritious meals every day, and going grocery shopping are all taken care of!

Does Nutrisystem For Vegetarians Have Any Downsides? 

Sure, Nutrisystem has its benefits, but what about its downsides. It has been found that the Nutrisystem vegetarian meal plan is not quite sustainable for many, given its elevated pricing.

If you require twice the amount of daily calorie intake offered by the meal plan, you will effectively be fishing out $10 to $12 more every month, which does not seem reasonable to many.

Moreover, it might get a little tedious to consume the same meals every day, and once you exhaust the variety of foods, you might find yourself veering towards foods outside the meal plan solely for variety’s sake. The lack of a vegan option is yet another pressing concern. With the growing vegan community, the absence of a vegan plan seems highly inconvenient for many people.

So, if you are vegan, Nutrisystem might not just be for you yet. Instead you can opt for vegan delivery services such as Daily harvest or imperfect foods as they provide variety of options at reasonable rates.

Lastly, since the food items are delivered to your doorstep, they must be processed to an extent. So, if you are looking for unprocessed meals, Nutrisystem’s vegetarian meals might not fit the bill.

Verdict | Is the Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan Worth the Money?

If you have a busy schedule that does not allow for cooking three meals a day, along with some snacks in between, the Nutrisystem meal plans are a great way to make things easier for you.

You will have all meal ingredients delivered to your doorstep, and the preparation takes little to no time at all. So, if you are looking for a time-saving yet healthy and nutritious period meal option, Nutrisystem is the way to go!

However, if you have local grocery markets nearby offering healthy food choices at affordable prices, and if you can count on yourself to whip up a few meals, you might want to avoid the processed and expensive meal choices offered by Nutrisystem. Additionally, if you have vegan dietary needs or if you like variety in your food, you might want to reconsider the Nutrisystem vegetarian meal plan.

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