Does Microwave Popcorn Go Bad? | Does Popcorn Expire?

Does Vegan Microwave Popcorn Go Bad

You have packs of vegan microwave popcorns at home that are nearing the expiry date on the label and you are unsure whether to use them after that thinking does vegan microwave popcorn go bad?Let us give you the answer.

Popcorns and movie nights make the best combination for many of us. Especially, when you are leading a vegan lifestyle, vegan popcorn makes one of those ultimate snacks that you can enjoy on the go. They are low on calories and yet are full of fiber.

When it comes to preparing vegan popcorns, we can rely the most on microwave ones. These are nicely packed with everything you need, whether flavored or not. It takes only two minutes to fill your tub of fresh vegan microwave popcorns. But, sometimes, we buy too many packages, and a month or two later, they still sit in storage. So, does microwave popcorn go bad?

Does Microwave Popcorn Expire?

does popcorn expire

Microwave popcorns are dry kernels coated with fat. They come packed with all the ingredients you need and only warming them up in the microwave makes them ready. Now, when you store your microwave popcorns following proper storage practices, they will not spoil as easily as many other foods will do. They will remain intact within the package for a long time.

Everything has a shelf life like Quinoa, Gatorade and sp microwave popcorn is not an exception. Microwave popcorns do not spoil easily and they remain intact for months or even years past the date mentioned on the label. Said that we do not mean the popcorn will stay at peak quality for such a long time. Since microwavable popcorns come coated with fat and other ingredients, they won’t last as long as dry kernels.

Any food coated with oil, butter, or any other fat doesn’t retain its quality intact for a very long time as even things like oil (canola oil) may go bad. As a result, even if they will pop, they won’t taste as fresh as the new packages. When it comes to the expiry date mentioned on the label, it is around 3 months or more. Yet, you must store them in a proper way and monitor the taste, texture, and smell.

How Long Does Microwave Popcorn Last?

Any type of popcorn can last for more than its expiry date when you store it properly. When it comes to the shelf life of popcorn, it varies in different types of popcorn. If you buy ready to eat or commercially-popped vegan popcorn, you must know that it usually comes with a best-by or best-before date. Usually, this date is around two to three months after the production date.

Though the popcorn will last for at least two to three months, it will gradually dry out and lose flavor. Hence, we cannot expect them to be fresh and tasty two months after the date of your purchase. To ensure the expiry date, all you need to do is check the label.

If you buy packs of kernels, it is supposed to last for quite a long time but eventually, it also dries out. The reason for which the dry kernels pop up is the moisture inside them. So, when it actually expires or dries out, most of it doesn’t pop.

Most of the microwave popcorns can last for at least three months and after that, the oil or fat makes it spoil with time. To enjoy them in the best quality, finishing them before the best by date is a better idea.

How to Store Popcorn?

Store Vegan Popcorn in an airtight container

Be it microwave vegan popcorn or ready to eat ones, the storage guidelines are quite similar for all types of popcorns you buy. Their shelf life can be extended by storing them properly. Here are some of these guidelines.

Storing your popcorns at room temperature or slightly below it is considered the best temperature. If you think of refrigerating or freezing them, think again. Yet, if you buy microwaveable packets and the label says you should refrigerate the package, go ahead.

Keeping the popcorns in an airtight container is the best storage. Neither dry kernels nor the popped popcorns can endure air or excess moisture. Heat and sunlight are the main sources of moisture and therefore, storing the package in a cool and dry place are preferred.

Also, avoid storing them near your oven or other appliances. The best place would be a cabinet in your kitchen or pantry.

How to Tell If Popcorn Has Gone Bad?

How to Tell If Popcorn Has Gone Bad?

If you mean popcorn in general, we must cover all the types one by one. Here you go.

You already know how to store ready to eat or prepared popcorns. An unopened package and properly stored leftovers can last for at least three to six months or even a year without becoming unsafe to eat. However, if your popcorn smells off or molds sets in, you must discard it immediately knowing that it has gone really bad. Also, when you see the taste has changed, you can throw it out. The same goes for microwave popcorns.

Keeping dry kernels away from water is the ultimate way to keep them intact for years. Nevertheless, if they don’t pop, you must know that they have lost their moisture. Hence, you can start by preparing a small batch and see how it goes. If the result is poor, you need to discard it since there is no way to restore the moisture in them.


Now that you know how to store your popcorn and kernels in a proper way, you will probably be able to extend their shelf life. All you need is a kitchen shelf space, a container, and room temperature. If you have packs of microwave popcorns or leftovers at home, check how they smell, taste, and look before you think of throwing them out from the shelf.

Popcorn does not go bad easily and they can even last for more days than the label says. So, go ahead and enjoy your nutritious vegan popcorn without any further worry.

Check how long does it take for vegan items to go bad:

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the package is opened, the popcorn should be used within a few weeks to maintain its freshness. If you notice any signs of spoilage, such as mold or an off odor, it’s best to discard the popcorn.

Popcorn can go stale over time and lose its flavor and crunchiness, but it generally doesn’t spoil or become unsafe to eat. Once it’s popped, it’s best to eat it within a few days for optimal freshness.

Unpopped popcorn kernels can last for a long time, several years even, if stored in a cool and dry place. However, the longer it is stored, the lower the popping rate will be, resulting in fewer popped kernels and a decrease in overall quality.

Technically, you can eat expired popcorn, but it is not recommended as it may have lost its freshness and flavor, and can also potentially cause food poisoning if it has gone bad.

Microwave popcorn typically has a shelf life of about 6 to 12 months when stored in a cool, dry place. However, it is best to check the expiration date on the package and consume it before that date to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

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