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dont go vegan if

When there is a transition to a vegan lifestyle like mine in this blog post, you’ll notice some changes in your body. Some you might have been expecting, others you might not have been expecting.

When I went vegan I didn’t expect to feel any different, but oh was I ever wrong! Within a week I noticed changes in myself that made me know I made the right choice. Even to this day I am seeing changes in myself that I didn’t even take notice of at the start. Read on to find out..

Here are the things that you have a high chance of experiencing when you go vegan. Hopefully you aren’t afraid of any of them!

1. Regular Bowel Movements

How many times do Vegans poop

If you don’t like frequent trips to the bathroom, you’re going to need to get over that. Pooping more isn’t a bad thing, but it’s something that many of us don’t experience until we go vegan. Animal products are completely void of fiber. I know so many people who eat meat that only have bowel movements once a week! Now if this is you, this is completely not healthy. When you go vegan, expect to be pooping once a day. Depending on how much fiber you’re eating, it might even be twice a day. And that ain’t a bad thing.

The reasons why vegans have such great digestion is because we are eating plant foods that are easy to digest and full of fiber that comes from fruits and dishes like tortillas (vegan ones that you can make at home with this recipe), pasta and many more. It’s not easy for our bodies to digest animals products, and a hamburger can sit in your colon for days. Plants, on the other hand, only take a few hours to digest so they go through us quicker.

2. A Higher Libido

Sex Drive Increases in Vegans

Men especially can experience better sex life if they go vegan. A plant-based diet helps to remove plaque from arterial walls so blood can flow better. Blood circulates better throughout the entire body, including the private areas. And that goes for women as well! If you’re a female and your partner has been struggling down there, tell him it’s from the meat he’s eating. If you’re a male and you’ve been having issues, just try a vegan diet for a week and tell me you don’t notice a difference!

That’s not all, though – many vegan foods are full of natural aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are nutrients and chemicals that have the ability to boost your sexual arousal and performance. Vitamins A, C, E, and potassium help contribute to this, which vegans typically consume a higher amount of than non-vegans.

3. Eating Good Whilst Travelling

Vegan Diet

I remember before I was vegan, when I was traveling, it was always a hit and miss when it came to eating out in foreign countries or places. Some places that were rated as being ‘great’ ‘delicious’ on many food advisory sites ended up being sub-standard and not very good at all. I remember, one case where I ate chicken before I was vegan and got food poisoning. It’s a common thing.

This all changed when I went vegan. I’ve never once got sick from eating out in a foreign country or place. I prefer going for snacks that healthy like Wheat Thins after checking whether it is vegan or not in this post. More so, the online food rating websites rate vegan restaurants and eateries as being more honest and by actual users rather than fake reviewers. There are several travel snacks that you can carry which are healthy, filling and tasty as listed here.

4. More Energy

I used to consider myself a lazy and unmotivated person. When I look back on it, I was just experiencing a lack of energy caused by the foods I was eating. Rather than energizing me, the foods I consumed (animal products) were bringing me down.

As I mentioned before, animal products take way longer to digest in our bodies. The more energy our body needs to assign to digesting the food we eat, the less overall energy we are going to have. When you eat foods that digest easily, you’ll notice you have more vigor in your daily life.

When you first transition over to veganism, you may notice that your body may react to certain foods. Just like Melissa from MisForMellie says, just because your body is going through changes, don’t be afraid of change! Just like everything, you have to be patient and your body will follow. It won’t take long as your body will absolutely love and absorb the nutrient dense food that it’s been asking for, for years!

Vegans also get energy from all the nutrients that we are consuming through plants. Anyone who tells you that meat has more nutrients than plants has never looked at the nutritional information of broccoli!

You might experience more energy during your workouts, in the bedroom, at work, or just in your day-to-day activities in general. Ever since I’ve been vegan, I’ve had tons more energy and more enthusiasm to start trying things that I couldn’t be bothered doing all my life because a non-vegan diet was making me feel sluggish. I used to feel intimated to do yoga but have now started doing it at home for some time now using YouTube videos and also following Yoga blogs.

5. Weight Loss

Loose Weight on a Vegan Diet

If you are overweight and you switch to a vegan diet (focused on whole foods), you are going to lose weight. It’s just a natural side effect. When you eat foods that our body was designed to eat, your body will naturally reach its normal body weight. This happens even when are having a complete nutrient diet. Do not compromise on your nutrients when you turn vegan. For this, I have compiled this article that puts light on beginners guide to veganism.

Another reason why so many people lose weight when they go vegan is because of all the fiber in plants. Not only does fiber help you poop more, it also keeps you full and satisfied. I eat a higher volume of food now as a vegan than I ever did before, but my plate still has fewer calories on it than a meat-eaters plate!

If you don’t need to lose weight, you’ll find it very easy to maintain your weight on a vegan diet as well. While your body is getting toned, if is necessary to continuously apply cream to avoid rashes and stretch marks. You could apply Vaseline but, as you must have read with us that Vaseline isn’t vegan, so is Aquaphor same as Vaseline to use? We have explained it here.

6. Beautiful Hair

Healthy and Plant Based Diet

Ok when it comes to my hair, this is something that I only thought of recently and I’ve been vegan for years now. My hair is in such better condition that it’s been my entire life. I put it down solely because of my vegan diet. I believe eating a plant based diet has completely changed my hair. It’s no longer dull and brittle and just lifeless.

To be honest with you, it wasn’t until my partner mentioned it the other day and then I was looking at some old photos of myself and how sparse and grouse my hair used to be. In comparison to today, my hair is shining, strong and just more full of life. It does what I want it to, I don’t need to cut it as often and I am really happy with my hair health overall.

I love talking about all things cruelty free hair and body products. While turning vegan, many of us do not want to give up on some popular brands for hair and makeup. So, at VegansFirst, we scrutinized many popular brands but, one hair brand that is very popular we had to scrutinize was Wella for its vegan status which we did in this blog post.

7. Clear Skin

Acne and Vegans

If you want to keep your acne, don’t go vegan. A plant-based diet is notorious for helping to clear up skin. One of the main reasons why so many people who eat animal products struggle with acne is because of all the hormones they are consuming.

This is especially true for those who consume dairy regularly. Dairy is absolutely full of hormones that interfere with our body’s natural production of hormones, which leads to acne. If you are struggling with acne, give up dairy products for 1 week and try vegan milk like in this article instead and you’d be amazed at how your skin reacts. And after the 1 week, I recommend you go for 1 lifetime

There are so many people who have been struggling with cystic acne for years, and then in one month of following a plant-based diet, they have healed. Also, plant-based products like cocoa butter and shea butter helps us in that. But, which one is better, cocoa butter or shea butter. We have explained it in this article.

A vegan lifestyle improves the overall health of the family. This is because you use natural products that are chemical-free and do not have ill-effects to family members physical health. Like, when you use natural household cleaners (listed here), it doesn’t affect the skin and body of the user.

So if you are afraid of having bowel movements more than a couple times a week, having a higher sex drive, having more energy, losing weight, and having clear skin, a vegan diet might not be for you. However, if you want healthy digestion, a healthy sex drive, more energy, weight loss, and clear skin, you will love being vegan. Not to mention, you’ll be saving hundreds of animals in the process!

Once you decide to go vegan, I recommend you to enroll for a monthly vegan meal plan as discussed here by which, your body will slowly get accustom to the food and it will also get all the nutrients which you as a newbie wouldn’t know about initially.

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