Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta

Everyone reaches that point in life where you realize that the meals you got at home were the last time you had spent without having to literally fend for yourself.

Most of our schedules barely allow any time to sleep or breathe properly, let alone the time taken to prepare three meals a day. To those of us, who would rather forgo dinner than make instant ramen, half due to our laziness and the other half owing to the number of times we’ve had it this week and it’s only Wednesday, meal-delivery systems are a direct favor launched from the angels residing in heaven.

All that these meals require is for you to heat them, grab a plate and a spoon and we’re ready to go. You’ve got yourself, healthy, tasty, and nutritious food items at the click of a few buttons.

The Growing Need of Meal Delivery Services 

Meal delivery services essentially supply customers with pre-prepared meals on a chosen schedule. These systems provide customers with selected dishes served regularly as per their instructions. It is a widely popular service that is a part of several people’s daily routines. 

Meal delivery services are a growing field that is gaining popular attention due to their effectiveness in the modern world. Who doesn’t want their meals served to them, pre-made? Additionally, the increasing trend of allergies, food intolerances only makes it all the more complex to find time and cook of our own selves.

Dietary preferences is an another factor where it would be rather convenient to have someone else take care of your food. For instance, us vegans could be developing some nutrient deficiencies without even us knowing it. This can be taken care of with the help of nutritionally balanced meals designed according to out preferences.

Meal delivery services promise just this to their millions of customers. They work to feed the hungry urban population, and considering their rocket growth, would soon revolutionize the food industry.

Factor_, Freshly, and Trifecta top the list of some of the best meal delivery services in the country with their nearly impeccable record of customer satisfaction. These are well-known companies that have taken over the world by storm with their creative and delicious meals.

Primary Distinctions Between the Three | Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta

Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

Factor_ Vs Freshly

Factor_ and Freshly are meal delivery networks that work to provide fully prepared meals to their customers. While Factor_ and Freshly share several similarities, there exist certain points of differences between the two.

Freshly offers innovative meals to its customers that are handmade by special chefs who factor in scientific methods while cooking in order to make the food have a longer shelf life.

However, for uber-health conscious customers who wish to include a lean diet, Factor_ takes the cake with their extensive nutrient supported dishes. Besides a full square meal, they also include an array of juice selections.

Freshly Vs Trifecta

Let the games begin! Freshly and Trifecta contain different meal schemes that largely cater to a different target audience. While Freshly focuses on an average health-conscious individual who hopes to be physically fit, Trifecta has a rigid meal scheme that is aimed towards athletes.

Trifecta meal offers science-backed meal plans that are macro-balanced and prepared by an in-house team of chefs. It is widely considered to have high effects on the person’s health and lifestyle.

Freshly favors providing its customers with tasty and healthy dishes that are packed in such a way that makes them ready-to-heat and served almost instantly. With an extensive menu, Freshly has a strong customer base.

Factor_ Vs Trifecta 

While Freshly and Trifecta are aimed at varying customers, Factor_ is the go-to option for those who are unsure of which end to fall on.

Balancing taste and health in an expert manner, and yes, I say taste and health next to each other in a manner where it isn’t an example for an oxymoron, Factor_, previously Factor 75 is a great option to get your meals from.

Factor_ prepared fully-cooked means which can be reheated in under three minutes. Trifecta, on the other hand, provides specially prepared meals that are macro-balanced for athletes and enthusiastic gym-goers.

Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Battle of The Meal Delivery Giants

I. Meal Options and Variety


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

Factor_ provides its subscribers with four, six, eight, twelve, or eighteen meals delivered each week, according to their selections. The Factor_ menu consists of a sizable number of options that can be chosen by the customers. They have a rotary menu that is updated every week without fail. Factor_ has a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Voila.

The menu items also consist of seafood and vegetarian options that make this network highly popular.

With over twenty different meal plans and schemes, Factor_ promises a nutritionally optimized meal to each one of its customers.


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

This network offers the customers a surprising number of choices that go as high as thirty six meal varieties. The plans are pre-chosen on their website.

Freshly, moreover, offers four different meal schemes that are dependent on the consumer’s choices. These healthy meals are provided each week for four, six, ten, and twelve meals. 

Freshly is voted as an adventurous meal provider who caters to the wants and the needs of the customers by flavorful dishes that don’t make you feel guilty due to their healthy ingredients. It also offers pasta, steak, and turkey dishes.


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

The ultimate dream for fitness enthusiasts, Trifecta has you covered with its five meal options that range from Clean, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and Vegetarian.

Trifecta is a fitness and nutrition company that aims to provide its customers with dishes that are worthy of Olympic-training athletes. Well, almost. For all my vegan readers; given you know how to make yourself a plant-based bodybuilding diet-plan, you can select macro-friendly meals to be delivered to you at your convenience. Moreover, you can have other dietary, allergic and nutrition concerns addressed while selecting a plan for yourself.

They have a science-backed meal plan that is personally prepared by the in-house chef, Trifecta helps in allowing and controlling your meal scheme effortlessly with their air-tight menu items.

The meals are fresh, delicious, and always fill you up in the right way and effectively turn your life around in the best way possible.

II. Do they Cater to Vegans?


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

Factor_ offers several meal plans to its customers. However, they do not have a cent percent vegan-based meal scheme for its customers. As of yet. A little more time, and we’re sure they’re going to be offering a full-fledged vegan meal schedule. 

On the other hand, Factor_ offers about four to six vegetarian meal systems on its menu each week. These meals are predominantly plant-based and have an assured promise from their team.


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

Freshly is popular for its variety of meals served. With over thirty five meal options, they’ve got a long list of happy customers. They’ve recently launched their Purely Plant menu that includes six new vegan options.

These food items are made with whole food ingredients. They do include vegan meals, however the number of items is still being added to it. So pretty soon, we can expect several different vegan options being delivered to our doorsteps. 


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

Yes, yes, and yes! Trifecta has a defined five different course plan and one of the main categories is completely attributed to vegan meals. This meal scheme provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that are entirely based on vegan ingredients.

So to all of those who want to maintain or start a proper meal scheme that is vegan, Trifecta could be the choice for you. With an amazing menu, healthy food choices, Trifecta promises to change your lifestyle into a much more nutritious one. However, if you’re looking for a vegan meal delivery service as a whole, you’d be disappointed in all three of them. I’ve reviewed Vegin’ Out Meals in an earlier post which is a completely plant-based meal delivery service and doesn’t cook or serve meat or dairy in any of their plans.

III. Delivery Areas


Factor 75, now Factor_ has its delivery expanded to include all the 48 contiguous states. This includes a large scope of area that is sure to cater to your whims and demands as long as you fall into this extended region. If not, cross your fingers, as Factor_ is constantly expanding.


This meal delivery system covers almost all of the United States. The website allows the customers to enter in the zip code to which the meals must be delivered. This would identify whether or not you are in the lucky majority of those who can have Freshly meals delivered to your homes. Key in your email address and click the ok button and you’re done.


Trifecta delivers everywhere in the United States of America. Unlike Factor_, it also has delivery options available including the regions Alaska and Hawaii. Trifecta has its delivery done once a week on Fridays, or on Saturdays. It also offers free shipping nationwide with all orders.

IV. Quality of Ingredients


Factor_ is a popular meal delivery system that provides its customers with tasty and nutritious meals. This company assures that the best quality ingredients are used in preparation of all their meals. The company ranks highly in respect to the emphasis of nutrition that they offer for all their meals. 

Factor_ is renowned to categorize meals by diet or nutritional requirement, namely, ketogenic meals, paleo meals, high protein meals, low calorie meals, low carb meals, dairy free, spicy, vegetarian, and plant-based.

Their ingredients are one hundred percent free from gluten, hormones, antibiotics, soy, GMOs, and preservatives. The meats are pasture-raised and grass-fed. The company claims that their seafood is sourced from the wild too


The Freshly company has a gluten-free approach to all their meals and the ingredients used in the preparation. They provide some of the best menu varieties seen among all the three companies. With pasta, steak, and turkey dishes inculcated into their menu, their meat consists of no artificial preservatives, ingredients, hydrogenated oils, and refined sugars. They also have vegetarian options that are completely fresh plant-based. These are gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-calorie inclusive.


Trifecta is well-known for its highly nutritious meal schemes that are well-suited for athletes and the fitness conscious folk of the country. They also include a complete vegan package plan that caters to banish every trouble a vegan-eater would have faced at some point.

Trifecta offers farm-fresh ingredients. These plant-based ingredients are harvested, prepared, and freshly delivered. They provide the highest quality and nutrition. Furthermore, the meals are vacuum sealed to keep them fresh. 

V. Pricing and Costs


Factor_ has a price range that varies from $11.00-$15.00 per meal. This depends on the number of meals that the customer orders in. The basic idea is that the higher the number of meals, the lower the total cost. The subscribers of Factor_ are allowed to choose from boxes that could contain anywhere from 4 meals per week to 18 meals per week. These range of meals can be hand-picked by the customer’s tastes and preferences. They have a policy that allows for free shipping on all orders.


A customer favorite, the Freshly meal delivery options are the best in affordability. With prices starting from $8.49 to $11.49 per meal. Freshly also has the price determined depending on the size of the box ordered. The higher the order quantity, the more you save.

Freshly offers four different sized boxes that contain anywhere between 4, 6, 10, or 12 meals per box. Go for the larger one, they’ve got an extended menu as well. The meals consist of a portion that can easily satiate an average adult. With free shipping, it is one of the most preferred meal services in terms of variety and costs.


What if keeping yourself fit didn’t come with a high price tag attached to it? Trifecta offers just that with their chef-prepared meals starting at a mere $6 per meal. With abundant plan options ranging from vegan, vegetarian, a la carte, keto, paleo, clean, and classic, the costs are calculated on the basis of the quantity the customer intends to purchase.

After picking the plan, the delivery settings and add-ons are selected. With an a la carte menu that allows the customer to curate their meals, the options could be picked up to twenty different meals at just $119 per week. Now, of course the pricing could still feel steep given these are ready-to-eat meals. Having ready-to-cook meal kits delivered to you would be a rather cheaper option in all ways.

Services like Green chef, Sun basket and Purple Carrot would be the ones that you might want to explore instead, if the pricing feels rather steep to you.

VI. Packaging


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

Being environment-friendly is a must. Not only does it help save the planet, it is also required to not lose customers in today’s world where the awareness of our part in the environment is highly acknowledged. Factor_ has clearly realized this as their packaging doesn’t just focus on being pretty. They are also fully recyclable. The contents are packed with ice packs to keep them cool during the delivery process. These striking black and yellow packages not only look good but are genuinely good for the environment.


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

Freshly packs its food into neat brown packages consisting of the brand label and the name of the dish to facilitate an easier working for the customers. They claim that everything from the box to the insulation, all of their packaging is non-toxic and recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable. The customers are asked to break down and recycle the cardboard boxes for both delivery and meal sleeves. The plastic trays can be recycled and the insulator and the gel bag are capable of being cut. Simple and clean!


Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta | Best Meal Delivery with Plant-Based Options

The Trifecta boxes and packaging are 98% biodegradable. The use of plastic and styrofoam is minimized to the maximum extent. They provide an eco-friendly packaging. The box insulation is made from renewable plant-based components and paper. The ice packs used in Trifecta are made with nitrogen-based plant food. They are highly environment-conscious and have effective waste disposal methods.

VII. Customer Service


Factor_ has an impeccable customer service record that has a hundred percent response rate. They provide the users with quick and prompt replies that address the issue at hand in the best possible way. They have a high response structure. Customer complaints are addressed immediately via email, phone, or text.


Similar to Factor_, Freshly addresses customer qualms via email, phone, or text. Furthermore, they have the option of live chatting with their staff. This new and innovative feature has gained popularity due to its simple effectiveness in addressing any queries or solving problems faced by their customers. Furthermore, both the networks have a web page that consists of useful information and a faq session.


Trifecta has a live chat option that is open all 7 days of the week from 8:00am – 5:00pm PST. They provide an official phone number and an email address in which the customer’s grievances or doubts can be solved and cleared. Trifecta has excellent customer service that helps keep this meal delivery system up-to-date and on point with the customers.

Final Verdict | Factor_ Vs Freshly Vs Trifecta

This is a tough decision to make. Honestly, it completely depends on the individual and their expectations of the company and their meals.

Factor_ is the perfect balance between healthy and versatility but not to the point of overwhelmingness. They provide highly nutritious meals but do not compromise on variety.

For those of us who do not have the time or lack the patience needed to cook regular meals and have reached a point where eating out every other day is not sustainable and bordering on unhealthy, Freshly with their versatile meal scheme and healthy food would be perfect. One more such company is splendid spoons as this extremely suitable for people with busy schedule or people who refuse to cook for longer time.

If you are planning to follow a rigid scheme and need the meals to go with your fitness schedule, Trifecta is your new best friend. With low priced food that is suited for athletes, what more could you want. Trifecta also offers a vegan menu that makes it highly popular.

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