Gamma Labs G-Fuel Pre-Workout Flavor Review

Gamma Labs G-Fuel Pre-Workout Flavor Review

Some drinks really work well when you need a gush of energy during a workout session. One such popular drinks is the Gamma Lab’s G-Fuel. But do these drinks really work? You will get to know with the following review.

There’s no denying that G-Fuel has skyrocketed with consumers and fans ever since its launch. The company markets this energy drink as a supplement for gamers to boost concentration and reaction time, meaning that the drink’s core audiences are those who either slog away at the new Call of Duty game, or stream Fortnite on Twitch. And with its Vegan, sugar-free, kosher and gluten-free contents, there was no doubt that this would end up being a ‘game’ changing product made for everyone. 

But does this energy drink have a place in the gym scene? Is it recommended for a standard pre-workout session? Like we scrutinized the other pre-workout supplements like Eat the Bear Proteins, Gnar Pump and others, we are now here to scrutinize Gamma Lab’s G-Fuel. So, read the following g-fuel review to find out.

What does G-Fuel do? 

Gamma Lab’s G-Fuel is an energy drink mix that has brought people to their toes, making it without a doubt one of the most popular one’s in the market. It has a wide network of consumers, including popular pro gamers, esports enthusiasts and even famous internet celebrities that endorse the product significantly.

Manufacturers claim that it is an all-natural drink – full of vitamins and antioxidants that look to boost energy, endurance, focus and overall concentration. But the best of G-Fuel lies in its vast number of flavours, remarkable taste, and eye-gripping labels. 

Since it is a product with no added sugars, it is allegedly a healthier alternative to the other janky, high sugar energy drink brands. The formula is comprehensively research-backed, and it is recorded to be dosed properly, making it one of the safer products on the energy drink spectrum. 

According to many consumers, G-Fuel is most certainly a fan favourite and has created some sort of synergy within the gaming industry. But despite it being so incredibly popular, it does pose some alarming limitations. 


  1. Multiple flavors – lemon-lime, pineapple, watermelon, blue ice, peach, mango and grape
  2. Low calories with no added sugar
  3. Gluten-free – making it somewhat organic 
  4. Antioxidants – fight radicals in your cells, protects tissue damage from intensive movement
  5. Healthy alternative – a non-caffeine and taurine combo drink 


  1. Extensive components included in the energy drink makes the cost of G-Fuel is slightly expensive
  2. The delicious taste is due to the artificial sweeteners and dyes (like Red 40 or E631).

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Gamma Laps G-Fuel Pre-workout Ingredients

g fuel nutrition facts

Wondering what makes G-Fuel pre-workout so popular? Let’s find out. 

The G-Fuel pre-workout contains three primary ingredient complexes: energy complex, a focus complex and an antioxidant complex; with a 7-gram serving distribution across all of them. Each of these complexes fleshes out a certain grandness out of the drink, so fingers crossed, hoping that it is as great as people make it to be.

1. Vitamins

It’s safe to say that the G-Fuel pre-workout is an abundant supplier of vitamins, which is something I had to mention on this list. It includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B3. And despite it being very demanding dosage-wise, G-Fuel’s Vitamin B6 and B12 make use of premium form vitamins which further helps in maximum absorption, reducing neurotoxicity, increased focus, regulating emotions and maintaining cognitive function. It has more nutrients compared to the other pre-workout supplement like StrongGirl supplement.

2. Energy Complex

Have you ever had to flake an all-night gaming plan with your friends because you were just too tired? G-Fuel has the exact solution to that. Taurine and caffeine are the two most popular ingredients that are seen in energy drinks and generally help in reducing fatigue and stress.

It also helps with muscle hydration before hitting the gym, conversion of stored fat into energy due to N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, and slight increases of testosterone thanks to the Velvet Bean. The dosage is approximated at around 1.85g. 

3. Focus Complex

The focus complex has one core ingredient after which G-Fuel is known for: Tyrosine. This is infamous for its nootropic effects on focus and general cognitive function. Other components under the focus complex include the Toothed Clubmoss extract and Bacopa Lea fit which enhance brain chemicals, metal energy, brain cell regeneration and retention. The focus complex is approximately 1.2g 

4. Antioxidant Complex

The antioxidant department is packed with a plethora of powders including: Acai (Cabbage Palm) Berry Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Pineapple Fruit Powder, Apple Fruit Powder and many more. Don’t be intimated, however. It only amounts for around 163.5 mg of the total mixture and generally does away with stress, protects cells from radicals and helps with fat loss.

Remember to add only one scoop to 12-16 ounces of cold water, and stir/shake properly before using.

Gamma Labs G-Fuel Pre-Workout Performance 

g fuel for working out

The product seems to be slightly disappointing as to the reviews hear about it. It was expected to have somethings more as it is coming from a high-sounding energy drink brand. The ingredients were and are bombastic. Super inflated.

The dosing is poor, the ingredients are generic, and the formula isn’t really designed for muscle growth or lifting performance as the name of the drink suggests.  I think Gamma Labs hyped the ingredients so much that it turned out to be a mere attempt to improve market sales.

And although the ingredients were abundant, including different variants of the same type didn’t make any sense to me. But, nevertheless, it gets the job done; which is really all that should matter with a product.

1. Effectiveness

G-fuel is famed for being ‘for gamers, by gamers’ and the pre-workout variant is no different. The effectiveness of this drink lies within its ability to give you a good boost in energy, to improve focus and to provide you nootropic benefits on stress. It is mainly for common day-to-day activities rather than being a solution to lifting 225 lbs. It is an energy drink designed for gamers, not a gym supplement. 

2. Value

The G-Fuel pre-workout isn’t really meant for lifting weights, but it definitely does people justice in providing a quick energy solution like the Square Bars. G-Fuel is quite expensive compared to other drinks on the market, so if you don’t have a lot of money in your bag, it is advised to look for some other drink. But if you like the delicious, diverse flavours Gamma Labs offers, then perhaps it can become one of your alternatives. 

3. Taste

Why do you think the G-Fuel pre-workout drinks are so popular? Because the drink comes jam-packed with a ton of unique flavors that taste phenomenal. They’re addictive, delicious and have a lot of ingredients that keeps the average person awake and alert, making it one of the most desirable products on the market. But make sure to take it within a limit, because it is very addictive. 

4. Mixability

The G-Fuel pre-workout has a satisfactory mixability, despite its extensive content. Most energy drinks are highly mixable, and over here the G-Fuel is no exception. This is because of their water-soluble nature, meaning that it can be comfortably dissolved into water. After all, it is clean, easy-to-make and has used no toxic chemicals same like the Hum nutrition skinny bird.

5. Profile

The goal of Gamma Lab’s G-Fuel Workout recipe was to create a clean and healthy alternative to sugar-loaded drinks. It was specifically directed to gamers and esports professionals to help them find an immediate increase in energy, focus and endurance; without the implementation of toxic chemicals and additives.

However, the name of the product is misleading. The ingredients used aren’t really for muscle growth, lifting performance or pre-workouts, but rather energy and concentration boosters for gamers. And if you are looking for burning fats, we’ve curated a dedicated list of the best vegan fat burners, assured to not have any offending ingredients for plant-based fitness enthusiasts. 

Who is it Made For? 

gamma labs pre workout

The main audience for G-Fuel are gamers, though I have seen lifters and bodybuilders give it a shot. G-Fuel has a wide network of consumers including popular gamers, esports enthusiasts and even internet celebrities, making it a well-known product. Since it is a daily use product, literally anyone can give it a try— just not children below 12 years of age due to the caffeinated content. 

Other pre-workout supplements to consider:


The G-Fuel work-out is perhaps the most popular energy drink on the market, becoming the number one choice for all gamers. Whether you’re sweating away whilst playing Call of Duty, or you’re streaming on twitch, it’s probably the safest bet to have an energy drink that is healthy, clean and effective along with being vegan. And G-Fuel does just the trick.

G-Fuel excels in providing an increased source of energy, focus and concentration and comes packed with a plethora of delicious flavors. G-Fuel is excellent for day-to-day use. And is g-fuel a good pre-workout? however it fails to cut the mustard as a gym supplement, since the ingredients aren’t designed for muscle growth or pre-workouts, and neither does it have a satisfactory dosage. Whilst I have seen lifters use it from time-to-time, the main audience stands solid for gamers.

Does that make G-Fuel bad? Yes and no. It is perfect material for people wishing to increase energy and focus for a certain period of time, but a no-go for pre-workouts, muscle growth and mass gain. So, does that make it a secret to extra energy? Yes, it is. And it’s awfully delicious too. 

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  1. According to GFUEL’s own official twitter account[1], it is not vegan compliant. Your claim that it is vegan contradicts with that. Both cannot be true. Of course it goes without saying that they know better being the manufacturer. And they were asked recently if that statement is now outdated and they did not reply. So it appears that the official tweet (which makes no exceptions and hence includes ALL flavors under the brand GFUEL) is still valid and GFUEL therefore is not vegan.

    Also please provide support for your other claim that it is kosher, because I have not come across any official or recognized kosher or halal certification in my search.


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