Going Vegan for Beginners 101 | A Complete Vegan Beginners Diet

how to go vegan for beginners

We choose to eat, reflecting how conscious we actually are regarding our health and the probable diseases we have to face in the future. Our diet is even more poignant and impactful than we think of building the person we are today. That’s why people who want to live a clean and healthy life are becoming vegan on a large scale. This progressive number of vegans showcases how beneficial this diet is, both for us and the environment. 

Nowadays, we get to know how many celebrities are going vegan to choose a better lifestyle and contribute to building a better world for all animals. Joaquin Phoenix, James Cromwell, Ellen Page, and Miley Cyrus are just a few names inspiring the whole world with their vegan lifestyle. 

Let’s face the truth beforehand; it’s not very easy to leave your current diet and become a vegan. But, going vegan for beginners is also not that much of a troublesome task as the media portrays it to be. Actually, a positive change is always fun if it’s done the right way. And choosing veganism is one of the best changes you should go for to bring positivity to your life. So, people from different cultures, regardless of their age, profession, and background, are incorporating a plant-based diet in their lives. 

But, as it’s a huge transformation, becoming a vegan slowly by including and excluding things will not only make you adjust with this lifestyle better, it’ll also ensure that you enjoy the process in your way. So, here’s a complete guide to becoming vegan for beginners step by step, because every little footstep is significant when you’re approaching to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle. You must have already read things that you must know before going vegan. So, let’s continue with our ‘how to go vegan for beginners’ guide.

Going Vegan for Beginners | Why Even Bother Going Vegan?

Going Vegan for Beginners

Before knowing how to start veganism, you should always look for reasons that will help you make up your mind and leave behind your omnivore diet. Veganism is always beneficial and causes vital self-growth. It enables you to get a new perspective and see the world in a different way. The reasons why you should go vegan are –

1. For Protecting the Animals from Cruelty

Reason 1 for going vegan for beginners

Ellen Page once said, “Why are vegans made fun of while the inhumane factory farming process regards animals and the natural world merely as commodities to be exploited for profit.”

This statement puts the whole perspective and ambition of a vegan in a nutshell. The meat and dairy industry has always been campaigning against veganism by covering up the truth. Every dairy and meat product has a picture of a healthy and happy animal on its package as they’re very much fulfilled, giving their lives to humans. 

But the reality is much more brutal. Innocent lives are being slaughtered everyday for meat production and for the beauty and fashion industry to beautify us. Just because animals can’t voice against this inhumane practice, we’re continuously murdering them for our benefit. This mirrors how soulless our society is. 

So, veganism has become the only way to provide the voiceless sentient beings a healthy life they deserve and change others’ mindsets who just perceive animals as mere ingredients. You can be very much sympathetic and compassionate towards animals. Still, veganism allows you to practically bring out your kindness in action for the betterment of every living being on this earth. 

2. For Protecting the Environment

going vegan to Protect the Environment

We know that many animals are getting extinct, and even most of the familiar ones are getting closer to extinction in the near future. It is very surprising to know that we could see oceans without any fishes by 2048.

It is true that the omnivore lifestyle of ours is largely contributing to this massive animal extinction. But there are also other ways in which we are destroying our own planet. 

The increase of greenhouse gases and human-made pollution is caused majorly by the meat industry, leaving behind even transportation. In the US, 1 calorie of feed-lot beef requires upto 40 calories of energy from fossil-fuel, whereas the making of plant-protein only needs 2.2 calories of energy (Source). So, it can be seen clearly which one is reducing the amount of fossil-fuel, which is drastically disappearing.

Not only that, only a pound of hamburger meat causes more CO2 emission than your car if it is used for 3 weeks, everyday. So, it is distinctly evident that bringing change into our food choice and becoming a vegan can rescue the animals from getting extinct. Also, it can contribute to making a sustainable environment, minimizing pollution. 

3. Reduces the Risk of any Heart Disease

becoming a Vegan to Reduces the Risk of any Heart Disease

In the US, heart disease is the leading cause of death among people. Statistics say that more than 30 million people in the US are suffering from heart disease.

In this environment, where 1 out of 4 deaths is caused by heart disease, many doctors like Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, have stepped forward to change the diet of his patients who are suffering from cardiovascular disease. He has been prescribing to have a low-fat vegan diet to his patients. This small change in their diets has made a huge transformation and saved their lives. 

According to many major health organizations, eating foods containing animal products increases diabetes and heart disease risk as they are packed with harmful cholesterol and saturated fat. 

But, a plant-based diet has only goodness to offer you. This is a vital point you should keep in mind that a vegan diet would give you a longer and healthier life. So, decreasing the chances of dangerous heart disease is always one of the reasons to be vegan.

4. Improves and Treats the Other Health Conditions

When we reach that point of life where we are able to differentiate between the price and value, we can certainly say without a hint of a doubt that the most valuable thing for us is our health. That’s why numerous discussions and debates are taking place everyday to show us what is good and what is harmful for our health. In this modern world, where life-threatening diseases can happen to even a kid, it is more important than ever to choose a vegan diet. 

A well-planned vegan diet contributes to improve and treat many serious health conditions, such as cancer. It is also highly beneficial to treat people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. 

According to WHO, red meat and processed meat are both carcinogens, which contribute to developing many severe health problems, which can lead to even death. All the recognized health organizations have proved that having a vegan diet is now more of a necessity than a choice. 

Because a plant-based meal has a low level of calorie and saturated fat, vegans have a minimal chance of any critical health conditions, such as high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s even.

5. Side Effects of Animal-Derived Products

Animal-derived products come with many hazardous side effects. Each time you have a great chicken sandwich for breakfast or a cup of your favorite beverage with any dairy product, you are welcoming some dangerous side effects comprising your health. Ideally, our food should give us nutrients, not diseases. But people are getting health problems for free with their non-vegan foods. 

As USDA says, animal flesh causes 70% of fatal food poisoning. The meat industry forces many animals to live together in small places. That’s why if one animal grows some type of infection, it takes very little time to transfer it to the whole pack. 

Side Effects of Animal Derived Products and reasons to be vegan

Also, many types of antibiotics and hormones are used for making the animals grow more meat and produce more eggs. These hormones and antibiotics affect humans’ health badly and can even cause cancer, obesity, and gynecomastia. An antibiotic called Roxarsone, which is widely used in factory farms, has a great amount of arsenic, which is very dangerous for humans. 

Any type of animal product and dairy items can contain some bad animal bacteria, like E. coli, listeria, campylobacter, etc., which cause various health problems to humans. Also, severe diseases like Salmonella, Trichinosis, Scrapie has come from poultry, pork, lamb, and mutton. Even some snacks flavors like Doritos have pork in them. So, while turning vegan, we all turn more health conscious as to what we eat and wear.

6. Better Digestion and Skin

Go Vegan for Better Digestion and Skin - first steps to becoming vegan

Good skin is a result of having good digestion. These two things are very well connected. Many studies show that behind most of the brutal teenage acne cases, dairy products are used in the diet. Many people have gotten improved skin after cutting off dairy products. 

Actually, if we get rid of all the fatty food items, we would definitely see our digestion problems disappearing. So, our skin would be benefited too. Fruits and vegetables that contain a high level of water in them, like watermelon and orange, give your skin the proper hydration and repair dry patches. Some fruits like banana (You can check Banana’s vegan status with us), are high in anti-oxidants for the body.

Vegan foods are rich in fiber, which means that they hugely contribute to better digestion. All the harmful toxins will simply be gone from your body, and you will have fewer problems to worry about. 

7. Improves your Fitness

Go Vegan to Improve your Fitness - basic tips on being vegan

Because of the huge deficiency of proper information, many people have developed a lot of myths about veganism like some think that they would end up losing weight because a vegan diet does not provide enough nutrition, which your body needs. Needless to say, it is incorrect. Dairy items and animal products need much more time to digest compared to vegan foods properly. That’s why you are most likely to feel tired after having meat.

A well-planned vegan bodybuilding diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need to make your body fit and even in mass gain. Some athletes and bodybuilders are completely vegan and do not lack any nutrition. 

Robert Cheeke is a very popular bodybuilder who is also vegan. He has been completely dependent on his vegan diet, and now he has become one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He once talked about his diet and said what type of sports a person chooses to do, doesn’t matter, and he added, “you get the best nutrition and plenty of protein from a whole-food, plant-based diet.

8. Enjoy Several Interesting Dishes

how to go vegan the right way to Enjoy Interesting Dishes
how to go vegan the right way

There are many vegan dishes to suit your mood; you will find everything from sweet desserts, beverages to spicy curries, and tangy soups like the French Onion soup. Do you know how delicious a vegan mug brownie tastes? Or ever tried something called Buddha Bowls? If not, you are missing out on a lot of mesmerizing recipes that can be your favorite ones. 

The amount of edible plants on our planet is beyond your expectations. So, there will not be any deficiency in plant-based food items. If you are a beginner, the possibilities of exploring vegan foods are infinite. So, you should never stop trying out new recipes. 

This world does not need to kill animals for food, as plant-based foods are abundant. On the other hand, many animals are facing extinction right now. That’s why changing our lifestyle is now very much important to save the animal-life on earth. 

How to Go Vegan for Beginners | Step by Step Guide

Steps to go Vegan - how to go vegan overnight

Having a vegan lifestyle is a better way to live and let other animals live on earth. But there is absolutely no answer if your query is ‘how to go vegan overnight?’. It is a lifestyle that should be incorporated slowly, and each day, your gradual progress will help you to achieve your ultimate goal. It’s just like learning a new skill; it takes a certain amount of time for you to master it completely. 

Dedicating yourself to veganism will be fruitful if you start by incorporating new things one step at a time. Taking small steps will help you get enough knowledge about veganism and make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and easy. So, here is our step by step guide to becoming a vegan for beginners, which includes everything you need to know about how to go vegan the right way. 

1. Crowd the Food and Not Cut it Down

If you stay focused on cutting off foods from your diet from the very beginning, you will lose all the fun and probably get bored easily. Instead of listing down the foods you couldn’t have, you should pay more attention to adding new plant-based food items and gradually higher your meal. You can start by having one vegan meal in a day and try something new every day. 

Focusing on crowding the food is always a great option for beginners as in the early stage, we tend to be more anxious about the drastic change. But, a huge transformation does not need to be done all at once or overnight. Rather, being calm and enjoying a different food will surely awaken your taste buds to accept the other type of deliciousness you have not been aware of yet. Remember, ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

2. Learn to Stock a Vegan Pantry

how to transition into veganism - Learn to Stock a Vegan Pantry

Learning to stock a vegan pantry is very important among the first steps to becoming a vegan. Preparing a vegan grocery list will help you when you are buying your ingredients as you will remember all the vegan products you need to buy. Also, while creating a list, you should always do good research never to check the ingredients of a vegan food item and decide whether it is totally vegan. It will also help you decide which items you want to cut off from your diet right away and which ones to include.

For beginners, you must never forget to prepare yourself plant-based meals. If you want to try out new recipes, you should always get the right ingredients. Because, most of the ingredients which are found in a non-vegan person’s kitchen, are not completely animal-byproduct free. Simple things like refined sugar is not a vegan ingredient, according to many. 

So, you should always sketch out a list of vegan items and stock a vegan pantry so that you never forget anything when you are making a delicious vegan recipe. 

3. Planning Out your Meal

Planning Vegan Meal to become a vegan

When you are a beginner, before buying all the possible vegan ingredients you have known, it is going to be a messy and tiresome job for you. That’s where planning out your meals comes to play. 

Having your vegan meal planned out, whatever you are eager to try out within a couple of days, will not only help your mind to stay focused, it will also help you save both time and money. 

Here’s a thing, in our world, there are more than 20,000 edible plant species.

Apart from that, nearly all your favorite foods can be organized. This opens the door to a lot of vegan foods. As many people are coming forward and talking about their vegan lifestyle, it is made possible for anyone, regardless of age, to create many vegan recipes. But, for beginners, things can get easily confusing if you do not make a proper meal plan. You can also register yourself with a vegan meal delivery plan for the initial weeks to get a better idea as to what you can inculcate in your diet.

Start buying some staple food items, such as beans, rice, veggies, fruits, and dips, and begin making simple and easy foods. Planning your meals will also ensure that you enjoy uncomplicated dishes you can make right away, before going for any hectic routine. 

4. Take Small Steps 

Welcoming a significant change should always be done in little steps, just like what we do when we are hiking. This will ensure that you check all the boxes properly and have fun while incorporating veganism in your life. 

Diet is a major factor in everyone’s life. So, if you are wondering how to start veganism, choose to bring veganism in your diet first, without thinking of anything else. Food is going to introduce you to vegan life in a better way than any other things. Also, a vegan diet offers many tasty foods and beverages that are super easy to make. This will help you to remember which ingredients are vegan and which ones are not. 

On the other hand, if you decide to change most of the things you have been using for years like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, suddenly, it will be difficult for you to adjust. A feeling of discomfort will enter into your mind, which would not be very much pleasing. That’s why, always start by taking small steps, like including some vegan meals everyday, then gradually changing your whole diet with vegan foods. Eventually, you will be able to enter a completely vegan lifestyle. 

5. Move Ahead at Your Own Pace 

Every individual is different. Every person has their own capability, point of view, strength, and boundaries. So, without blindly following anyone, you should understand how you want to go ahead in this journey of becoming a vegan. 

If you think that life would be tasteless without ice cream, bacon, and cheese, do not worry as these items have a vegan alternative at most of the stores. You can simply go for for some tasty accidentally vegan foods like some healthy cheese alternatives, whenever you feel like eating delicious but vegan foods.

Your initial days into veganism should be spent by preparing many easy foods that require a few ingredients and a little time. You can even choose some nuts to eat as a snack while watching your favorite show on Netflix or can have the tasty vegan popcorn. Or you can have some mashed potatoes as lunch as a light and healthy meal. After sometime, You will eventually come to a point where you will feel completely ready to adopt a totally vegan diet. 

Keeping things always fun should be your motto. Try not to gain much lethargy in trying different types of things. There are so many types of legumes and grains that you probably don’t have any knowledge about. 

Also, try to incorporate some fruits and veggies which you haven’t tried yet and discover their taste like Eggplant, you must have tasted it but won’t have used it for numerous recipes. If you like it, good for you, and even if you end up not liking it, there are plenty of options. We would suggest that every week, try to pick something you didn’t try before and search for recipes that require that particular foot item. You can invite your family or friends for a great lunch or dinner and make them taste your newly created recipes.

6. Join a Vegan Community

is going vegan hard - no, if you Join a Vegan Community

Joining a vegan community is always going to be beneficial for you because you will need support, and having people who are on the same track as you are, is going to give you that much-needed support. 

Let’s be honest; most of the people that we socialize as a vegan with, consume meat and fish regularly. They think of it as a very usual thing to do. So, in this atmosphere where brutality is completely reigning our body, mind, and soul, we should always go for meeting people who have another perspective of seeing the world. 

Because of a lack of information, most of the people do not consider veganism, and killing innocent lives is quite normal for them. This misconception around people can surely make you lose your confidence. That’s why I always consider becoming a member of a local vegan community. 

Joining a vegan community will also help you to explore many recipes and many different vegan alternatives. You will find people full of positivity and energy who hope to create a better world for all of the earth’s inhabitants. 

7. Try Out Vegan Recipes

Various Plant Based Food Items

Trying out new recipes is always a fun activity to engage yourself with. If you are a fan of desserts, go check out our website for fascinating vegan dessert recipes like Coffee Cake, Angel Food Cake, Mug Brownies, and a lot more that can be made easily with few ingredients extremely simple to find. 

You can also enjoy your favorite smoothies and other beverages, such as quinoa smoothie, bubble tea smoothie, etc. Veganism offers plenty of fun recipes that people are not that much aware of. But you can easily find them on various vegan websites. 

Whenever you have some leisure time on your hands, experiment with your food options. Just search for easy recipes and make them on your own. Also, these vegan desserts will not make you compromise with your health as they are made of natural ingredients. You will have a great time making them and enjoy them with your friends. They will also end up picking their favorites. 

8. Going Cold Tofurky

Becoming a Vegan with Cold Tofurky

Once you unfold the truth behind factory farming and animal agriculture, you would feel the pain those animals have been feeling for such a long period of time. This nightmare would crawl down into your soul and will make you reject all animal products and by-products. 

When veganism gets into you deeply, you will feel the need to leave behind all of the meat, fish (even Jelly fish as it isn’t vegan too) and dairy products, which were once your favorites. The ethical part of you will slowly enable you to throw away all the meat products. 

This decision is going to stick with you for the rest of your life. It will surely take time to come to this point, but it is a necessary step. Because, if you are stressed out and find yourself not entirely ready, these meat products can come to your mind and make their way through your stomach. That’s why it is important to start step by step, without excluding everything from your usual diet when you are becoming a vegan. 

9. Keep Calm And Have Compassion

When you think of how to go vegan the right way, you should keep in mind that this cannot happen within some mere days. So, you need to keep calm. Do not rush into incorporating big changes altogether. This will ruin your enthusiasm and make you feel that it is some kind of a job you are forcing yourself to do. But that is not the case at all. 

Having compassion will ensure that you do not lose faith in veganism. And this cannot be attained if you constantly push yourself hard towards your ultimate goal. The first few changes are significant, that would help you make up your mind and stay focused. 

But after that, your lifestyle changes will no longer require much effort from your end as it will come to your mind as a vital thing which cannot be ignored. So, do not get much influenced by how others are going faster than you because it is a lifestyle, not a 100-meter race. 

10. Do not Worry about Nutrients 

how do i go vegan - check out the Nutrients in Vegan Foods

Most of the people consume their foods without thinking about the ingredients and the manufacturing process. But, it is going to be an eye-opener for you when you start to take time to research your food.

The meat industry has made people believe that there are no other options to have protein in your diet apart from meat and seafood. That is one of the most ridiculous and usual questions a vegan is asked daily. But in reality, a vegan diet provides numerous protein options. Soy products, seeds pulses, and nuts are a great source of protein. 

Yeast Extracts (Learn whether Yeast is vegan or not on VegansFirst) , Soya Beans, Seaweed, Pumpkin Seeds, Peanuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Oats are few names that contain a high level of protein. 

Vegan foods are filled with essential nutrients like vitamins like vitamin B12 without supplements, amino acids, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

But if you are an athlete or want to build your muscles, you could definitely try some vegan supplements which will fulfill your need for amino acids. Some vegan supplements offer you many other plant-based proteins, such as Spirulina, Collagen, and a lot more.

11. Vegan Fast Food Options

If it is tough for you to break up with any type of fast food and think of this as a necessary step to becoming a vegan, it is wrong. Fast foods are not healthy; we all know that. But vegan fast foods do not contribute to high cholesterol and fat levels, so you no longer have to worry about your health while enjoying a great vegan fast food option.

Most popular food chains like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Jack Out Of The Box and many others have a dedicated vegan line to make delicious vegan alternatives to their famous dishes. These are free of any non-vegan ingredient, but they offer better taste than most non- vegetarian fast foods.

Vegan Fast Food tips on being vegan

Also, at Pizza Hut, you can access the option of customizing your pizza, where you can choose everything from the crust to the toppings of your pizza according to your choice.

So, if you think that non-vegan people have much more of a fun time with their fast food which you are lacking, you would be glad to know that a vegan diet provides a great range of fast foods that you can prepare easily at your home. If you feel like not cooking, just order something vegan from your favorite fast-food center to satisfy your wild cravings. 

12. Replace Dairy Products with Vegan Alternatives 

Dairy products are very much used in making many different types of foods, be it packaged snacks or luxurious dishes available at a restaurant. But, as we already know, dairy products are not vegan. But, the happy thing is, vegan dairy alternatives are widely available, and they are very much affordable too. 

Vegan Alternatives For Milk includes –

Almond Milk Vegan Alternatives For Milk

Almond Milk

Almond milk is one of the best vegan kinds of milk you can find. It is filled with antioxidants and has a tiny amount of fat, but fat is unsaturated fat. So, it is a very healthy option too. You can even freeze and store the Almond milk.

Coconut Milk Vegan Alternatives For Milk

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a very good milk, which is largely used for cooking purposes. It offers a great aroma which compliments your cup of coffee or any kind of beverage. There are several foods and other DIY products like homemade Deodorant where you can use it.

Hazelnut Milk Vegan Alternatives For Milk

Hazelnut Milk

Hazelnut Milk has a thick texture and contains a high amount of calories compared to other vegan milk alternatives. It comes with fiber, which helps you to achieve a great digestive system. 

Other vegan milk alternatives include Cashew milk, Oat milk, Rice milk, Soya milk, etc., which are healthier and more nutritious as compared to animal milk. And it has a longer storage life than the dairy milk.

For vegan chocolates, try these, which are talked about below. 

  • Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
  • Livia’s Chocolate Orange Million Squares
  • Miiro Crisp-Coated Signature Chocolates With a Peanut Heart
  • Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline
  • Ombar Centres Coconut and Vanilla 

If you love cheese, you will be fascinated by knowing how many delicious vegan cheese options there are. Like, Cashew Brie, Tofu Gouda, Roasted Garlic and Fresh Herb Cream Cheez, Raw Cashew Almond Cheese, Aquafaba Mozzarella, and many more. 

Vegan butter alternatives include Olive oil (Learn how Olive oil is vegan with us), Sunflower or Vegetable oils, Nut Butters, Houmous, Tahini, etc.

13. Go Vegan with Daily Use Products 

Once you have completely changed your diet into a vegan one, you can start replacing your daily use products with their vegan alternatives. You can start by buying vegan skincare and hair care products. 

There are several cosmetics brands like Bare Minerals, Pixi, Stila and many more that we scrutinized for its vegan status. So, when you go for purchasing cosmetics for the next time, you can find a suitable vegan brand for yourself.

It is sad to know that many popular brands, like Cetaphil and Aveeno, are not 100% vegan. But some completely vegan brands manufacture affordable and effective skin and hair care products. 

Like the above skin care brands, several hair care brands like Wella and Tresemme were also scrutinized for their vegan status. Post which we researched on some of the best shampoo brands for our visitors.

14. Completely Shift to Vegan Lifestyle

When you reach that level of fulfillment with your vegan diet, and you feel that you have completely adopted this plant-based diet, it is time for changing everything around you and thoroughly delve deep into a vegan lifestyle. Your vegan diet will also allow you to choose everything plant-based; you will even search for best vegan gummies and candies. 

At this stage, you will develop a need to make everything around you vegan. After the vegan diet, you have gone for vegan skin and hair care products. Now, what you wear and even your furniture should become cruelty-free and vegan. 

This is the final step of your journey of becoming a vegan. Plant-based furniture is very much affordable and lasts a long way. So this way, you will save a lot of money. Also, many brands manufacture vegan clothing items which are very soft and made of skin-friendly breathable material. You can also start using vegan designer handbags and vegan UGG boots rather than using their non-vegan versions.

Having everything plant-based around, you will awaken your mind and soul into a purer world where you will find yourself to be equally practical and ethical. Now, you can differentiate between right and wrong with a practical mentality; you can know that humans do not need animal foods to survive, and you will be able to inspire others to follow veganism. 

How Fast Should You Go?

You have often found in this article where it is said not to hurry and rush into things. Still, there is confusion about how fast you should go to adopt this plant-based lifestyle. There is one very popular approach by Dr. Neal Barnard of PCRM, who came up with a 3-week strategy. 

According to this plan, for 1-2 weeks, all you need to do is learn some great recipes and try them on your own at home with the ingredients you would buy. After that, you must commit only to eat totally vegan foods for 3 weeks. In this course of time, you will feel how this vegan diet is beneficial for you and how much different it is than an omnivore diet. 

If you see a positive change in which you like to continue, you would certainly end up having more and more plant-based meals. This 3-week commitment will ensure that your growth towards becoming a vegan is steady, and you have not drifted away easily. 

After the completion of 3 weeks, do not expect that you will completely adjust to the vegan diet. If you do not feel like cutting off fish and meat completely, restrain yourself from pushing hard. It will do more harm than good. Take your time and have more vegan foods, also lessen the amount of meat you consume. Slowly, you will see the change. This will eventually get you to reach the level 5 of veganism.

Veganism for Beginners | Additional Tips

Now that we have provided you the ways to follow, it is time to give you some tips to enhance your transition. 

Sometimes we fail even after doing the best we could do. While we study hard for exams, we always ensure to read the important questions that have a high chance of appearing on a paper. So, it is more like that we read them first. Also, we are told to have ample breaks in between studies to keep our minds fresh. These work as tips. 

Certainly, the process of going vegan also includes some necessary tips which you should keep in mind. So, the tips on being vegan are talked about below –

1. Start with One Day at a Time

The step by step guide to becoming a vegan has concentrated first on changing your diet into a plant-based one. But, it is very common for beginners to care about the foods they are letting go of. In this situation, if you try hard to focus on only the vegan diet, in some days, you will terribly miss your favorite chicken burger or your favorite meat recipe and might end up losing interest in a vegan diet. 

That’s why, in critical situations, start one day at a time plan. You should try hard to have plant-based foods for only a day. So, try to dedicate one whole day to vegan foods. Make your own way outs, this is your life, and only you can select what works best for you. 

2. Do Not Over-Complicate

Eating plant-based foods is way simpler and easier than you think. There are probably many vegan items already in your kitchen like Oreo Biscuits. So, search for them and try to recognize which ones are vegan. You can start by having an oatmeal breakfast with some fruits and avocado toast. At lunch, you can prepare some pasta for yourself with tangy tomato sauce (Check how ketch up is a vegan product)

For evening cravings, fill your tummy with nutritious snacks like nuts or fruits. And at the end of the day, have a bowl of hot veggie soup, which will vanish all your tiredness in minutes. 

See, a whole day, food planning is done without even going out for groceries. That’s why you need to listen to your heart rather than following a strict vegan routine provided by some other person. 

3. Remind Yourself Why

Some days will come when you feel tired and bored of having any vegan meal. You will see that the energy you had started has become low, not like the starting days anymore.

These are the crucial times that can even lead you to leave behind all your commitments. But, these times require much more confidence. You can have a hot dog, but do not let that pull back your optimism. 

You should keep remembering the reasons why you chose to become a vegan in the first place, the environmental pollution, the slaughtering of sentient animals, the health risks of eating meat, everything. This will help you throw away all your laziness and fill yourself up with sunshine that will last until your heart stops beating. 

4. Go Slow and Have Practical Goals

Going slow is the most vital thing to remember all the time as you have probably seen that whenever people are forced to do something, they end up doing that poorly. Because they have perceived it like a job, not a choice, on the other hand, doing what your heart wants is going to give you great results. So, to listen to your heart and get its permission at each step, you need to go slow. 

Otherwise, you will be more concerned about completing the next step and lose interest hurriedly. Having practical goals is also necessary. Give yourself some goals which you know you can achieve beforehand. Do not assign yourself the task of eating only vegan for 6 months or so at the beginning. Keep your mind alert, and try to detect the problematic hurdles and should be avoided at least for now. 

5. Education Is Key

It may sound boring, but in reality, it is fun. Before knowing about how to start veganism, you should know about the bad effects of animal products and why they should be avoided at any cost. This is very important to make up your mind and stick with your decision.

Reading books and getting to know how people have transformed their omnivore lifestyle into a plant-based one will provide you with important information. This will help you to know better, act better, and inspire better. 

Not only books, access multiple ways in which you are getting information. It can be many vlogs, YouTube, TV shows, etc. Remember, knowledge is the only thing which can save this world.  


Being vegan is not so easy for some people. The process of becoming a vegan fro beginners has ups and downs, just like any other notable part of your life. That’s why don’t worry about getting bored or losing interest in veganism. That happens. The most essential thing is to get yourself back on the path of veganism. 

Distractions are very common, but your ethical views, practical mind, and of course, the cruelty against animals will bring you back on track because veganism awakens your optimism and newer perspective, which will never leave your side.

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