Green Chef Vs Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot | Compared

Green chef vs sun basket vs purple carrot

Welcome to the twenty-first century where nothing is impossible. Well, most things at least. Despite the gargantuan changes undergone by humankind in the past few years, some things can never change. Like the sustenance needed by humans to survive. 

Despite the phrase that someday soon the whole of the world would be living on pills, it is safe to say that health-consciousness is rising amongst humans. We are certainly a lot more aware of the food and the potential harm that they could cause.

However, what’s different is the lack of time that we have in our arms in order to cook meals. The increasingly busy schedule adopted by mankind is not kind to our appetites. 

Cue drumroll!! Voila!

The meal delivery systems. These are perhaps one of the best quirks of living in this age of man. Meal delivery systems basically refer to an application you download, key in your details, pick the food you like, order it, pay for it, wait for someone to ping your doorbell, and bring steaming food right to your doorstep

The Rise of Meal Kit Delivery Services 

Thanks to the advent of technology, the world is now a global village. Gone are the days when people went about unaware of the outside the world. We now hold it in the palm of our hands. 

The meal kit delivery systems essentially supply pre-cooked, processed, and stored food items that are delivered across a wide region during stipulated periods of time.

All you have to do is heat your food, maybe add water or milk to your soups and smoothies, and you’re good to go. These are different from ready-to-eat meals, though. Services like Trifecta nutrition, Freshly and Factor_ [read review] are the ones you should be looking for if that’s what your requirement is. Anyway, with such an efficient working system, meal delivery services supply customers with pre-prepared meals on a chosen schedule. These systems provide customers with selected dishes served regularly as per their instructions. It is a widely popular service that is a part of several people’s daily routines. 

Green Chef, Sun Basket, and Purple Carrot are at the top the list of some of the best meal delivery services that you can find in the country with their nearly impeccable record of customer satisfaction. These are well-known companies that have taken over the world by storm with their creative and delicious meals.

Primary Distinctions Between the Three

Green Chef Vs Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot | Compared

Green Chef Vs Sun Basket

If you are looking for a service that is sure to keep you fed and have your stomach well-cared for, I would suggest that both Green Chef and Sun Basket are well-equipped to do so.

However, both these companies offer several similar and various different features that set them apart from one another. This also helps the individuals select the company that caters more to their liking.

While Green Chef offers meal kits with elaborate instructions and measured out portions to the customers, Sun Basket allows the customers to choose between sel-prepared meal kits and pre-prepared meal kits.

Customers can choose one of the two in lieu to their comfort, need, and desire.

Green Chef Vs Purple Carrot

These delivery systems have a varied approach to food appreciated by their own set of loyal followers. Do not engage in a fight with them.

While Green Chef aims to be an all-round achiever with meal plans that extend to the herbivores, omnivores, and the stout carnivores, who claim to be the balancers of the eco system. [I think that’s just an excuse to eat guilt-free, I would know coz I am one, Hush!]

Purple Carrot, on the other hand are avid promoters of all things green. A bit of red, pink, white, maybe yellow too. And what other colors you find your fruits and vegetables in. They provide their subscribers with high-protein meals, quick dinner recipes, and chef’s gourmet meals.

Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot

With their eye-catching logos, it is difficult to pick one. Both these meal delivery systems, Sun Basket kits and Purple Carrot kits, offer several similar features to their customers.

With predominantly organic ingredients used in the making of the food, they are some of the most popular meal kit delivery system companies in action. 

Sun Basket holds takes the cake with an option of prepared meals being delivered to their customers. As a bonus point, they also consists of cook-it-yourself meal kits.

Purple Carrot encourages their customers to get their hands a little dirty, with portions cut and provided to the customers to throw together in an easy fashion.

Green Chef Vs Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot | Which Suits You Best? 

1. Meal Options and Variety 

Green Chef

Green Chef Vs Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot | Compared

Green Chef is a renowned meal kit delivery system that offers meal kits with easy and simple instructions to its customers to help prepare their meals in a quick and efficient manner.

These special meals come in pre-measured form, where the ingredients given are already prepped, making them highly convenient. Their meal plans include the following schemes –

  • Keto + Paleo: Includes carb-conscious, high-protein meals without any gluten, grains, soy, or legumes. 
  • Balanced Living: A variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian recipes.
  • Plant-Powered: An array of vegan and vegetarian dishes with plant-based proteins.

They offer a simple, sleek, and a matter-of-fact delivery that allows the customer to choose their delivery day, exclusing Sundays. The delivery timings span as wide as 12 hours, in which the customer can check the timing they are available to collect their package.

Sun Basket

Green Chef Vs Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot | Compared

A majir selling point for Sun Basket is its different permutations and combinations offered. While the other delivery systems mentioned in this article provide the customers with prepped and measured ingredients that they need to make use of, Sun Basket goes a step and ahead, providing for fully prepared meals.

They boast owning over twenty meal kit options and twenty-three Fresh & Ready choices available each week. What more could you want?

Sun Basket also allows the customers to deviate from the stipulated meal plan, allowing room for creativity and cravings. Their official website also has a Tips and Techniques section drawn from the content on the Sunbasket blog. And, they provide you with video content.

Purple Carrot

Green Chef Vs Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot | Compared

Purple Carrot is as quirky as their name. With basic vegan dinner kits provided to the customers under three different categories, namely, the High Protein, the Quick and Easy, and the Chef’s Choice. Purple carrot could become an instant favorite for ethical vegans like me who’d rather prefer the entire brand being vegan instead of them having plant-based options. I’ve only liked Vegin’ Out meals and thistle before discovering about Purple Carrot. Each of these meal plans comprises three dinners that are portioned to serve two people each week.

Famous for their entirely gluten-free meal plan, called the TB12 Performance Plan, the Purple Cilized by thousands.

Purple Carrot promises to deliver its delicious meals every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Customers can choose the day that fits best into their calendar.

2. Recipes

Green Chef

green chef recipes

If you’ve just explored the joys of living away and are just starting to tread on the inevitable downfalls, Green Chef is a beautiful find. They cater to their subscribers offering rich, tasty, and decadent meal set kits that are sure to tempt. With recipes like chicken and butternut squash hash, noodles beef lasagna skillet, almond crusted barramundi, Green Chef offers flavorful items with detailed explanations that the customers can follow minimal hassle. They specify the amount of time taken to be made, the nutritional values of the ingredients, the list of the items sent, and of course the process.

Sun Basket

sun basket recipes

Sun Basket is known for its versatility and its unfailing approach to never disappointing its customers. Similar to other meal kit delivery systems, they provide the customers with prepped and curated ingredients and a careful list of instructions and even video tutorials to walk them through the process. They also offer fully prepared meals that require no prerequisite. Daily harvest and splendid spoon happen to some that I’ve tried earlier have a wider range of food selections though. With vegan scoops and smoothies, their menu feels a bit more complete to me.

Purple Carrot

purple carrot recipes

Similar to Green Chef and Sun Basket, Purple Carrot tends to meal kit delivery services. With an array of plant-based plans, schemes, and dishes to choose from, Purple Carrot users are offered some of the best healthy food options. With curated weekly menus that carry dishes like Sticky Apricot Seitan with Green Beans & Quinoa Speckled Rice, White Bean Cassoulet, Sweet & Spicy Kashmiri Curry, they provide elaborate instructions that the customers cannot confuse. Key details such as the nutritional content in every meal and the ingredients are provided for their perusal.

3. Quality of Ingredients 

Green Chef

This company offers its customers five different meal plans such as the Keto+Paleo, Mediterranean, Fast & Fit, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free options. 

The ingredients thus used in their kits are processed and packaged in the same facility. The company promises the strict following of industry-prescribed rules and regulations. They practice safe food handling. 

They assure the customers that all of their produce and eggs are certified organic. The proteins used in the making of these food items are raised with high animal welfare standards. Every ingredient goes through extensive screening to meet our high-integrity ingredient standards.

Moreover, Green Chef suppliers are made to undergo annual compliance inspections. There is strict maintenance of approved ingredients, requires documentation of organic practices, and provides guidelines for protecting the soil ecology and water quality. 

Sun Basket

Sun Basket believes that good food should come at minimal expense. They spare no space for subpar ingredients or loss of taste. With an inspiring motto that read that delicious food starts with delicious ingredients, Sun Basket leaves no stone unturned.

All of their ingredients are sourced directly from farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. With a loyal relationship forged between the two, the land and animals in their care are well-cared for. Sun Basket promises to use wholly organic and fresh produce in every one of its amazing meals. Your groceries and vegetables are assured to be of top quality in all aspects including their outer appearance. But this is one thing I’m personally against. People tend to overlook or downright consider quirky looking vegetables a waste. This is the reason why I started looking into ugly produce delivery companies a while back. Consequently, I tried misfits market and Imperfect foods and have covered my experience with them in a separate post.

Purple Carrot

With a website designed with the aim to get their message very clearly across, Purple Carrot is an avid believer of vegetarianism. With a simple line that states, Eat More Plants, the website is strewn with plant-related facts.

Similar to the other two delivery services, Purple Carrot uses organic ingredients to the best of its ability. These items are non-GMO and assured up from anything you can find.

Purple Carrot is also known for its connections with farmers and vendors across the country. Without a doubt, they strive to provide a consistent and healthy experience to everyone involved.

4. Pricing and Costs

Green Chef

The pricing range of subscribing to Green Chef is directly correlated to the meal plan that the customer chooses. The number of servings in each box also adds or reduces the price the customer needs to pay.

On average, the Green Chef meal box ranges between $10.99 up to $12.99. The meal plans roughly cost as follows

  • Plant-Powered Plan: Per meal-$11.99; Weekly-$78.93
  • Balanced Living Plan: Per meal-$11.99; Weekly-$78.93
  • Paleo Plan: Per meal-$12.99; Weekly- $84.93
  • Keto Plan: Per meal-$12.99; Weekly-$84.93
  • Family Plan: Per meal-$10.99; Weekly-$94.91

Sun Basket

Sun Basket offers a tempting offer that is difficult to ignore. Sun Basket has the option of choosing between a classic plan meant for a single person versus a family plan, which, of course, stands for a family.

The average cost per meal for the 2 person plan is estimated at around $11.49 per serving, and the family plan is placed at around $9.99 per serving. 

Classic Menu

Recipes Per WeekServingsPrice

Family Menu

Recipes Per WeekServingsPrice

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot has a two-person and four-person meal plan that accommodates the subscribers in lieu to their choice. Apart from the traditional meal schemes, Purple Carrot also offers snack items to their customers. They can choose and curate the dishes as per their whims and desires. Snack pricing starts at $3.99 and can go up to $10.99, depending on the items.

Price ServingsStarting Price
Dinner2 or 4$9.99/serving

5. Packaging 

Green Chef Vs Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot | Compared

Green Chef

Green Chef adopts a sustainable packaging. They believe in the art of minimalistic packaging approach that is elegant and resourceful. With labeled containers, consisting of all the products required, Green Chef has an eco-friendly approach to their packing. Customers are provided their meals at selected points of time.

Sun Basket

With an innovative logo and bright, happy packaging, the Sun Basket is as cheery as it sounds. Packed in a glowing yellow shade, the food is delivered in striped packages that are sure to be a sensory treat.  The boxes used are recycled with virgin kraft paper. These boxes can go in your curbside recycling bin.

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot packs all its products in their easy-to-handle packages. Purple Carrot strives to use recycled and recyclable packaging. They are highly environment-friendly and use materials that can easily be recycled. The contents of the cooling packs can be reused. 

6. Customer Service

All the companies have stellar customer service. The three companies have their own elaborate well-designed websites that offer every information you wish to see and know about the products, services, and everything in betwee. Moreover, the customers are also treated to a Frequently Asked Question section, which covers most of the basic doubts that the customer might have. 

The websites provide a helpline number and email address which is promptly responded to, thereby offering the customers an all-round service on the clock. Customers can choose to mail, call, or even text, with the new live-chat feature offered to their customers.

Final verdict | Green Chef, Sun Basket or Purple Carrot?

It is difficult to pick one among the three meal kit delivery systems due to their versatile yet similar characteristics.

While all three of them offer vegetarian options in their meal scheme, Purple Carrot undoubtedly takes the cake with its vegan and vegetarian choices.

On the other hand, if you’re a busy bee whose calender is crammed with official and social meets and leaves little room for anything else, it is better to go with Sun Basket as they offer a delicious range of ready-to-eat meals that are invaluable for saving time.

Green Chef is an all-rounder that offers great prices and an eye-catching and mouth-watering dishes that are a treat to those subscribing to them.

Happy selection!

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