Guide To Vegan Egg Substitute For Baking

vegan egg substitute

Eggs have always been a cherished ingredient in sweet and savory food items, so when a vegan food lover begins their baking journey, the lack of eggs might feel suffocating. Fear not, for just like every other non-vegan ingredient, some excellent vegan egg substitutes are available in the market.

If you are vegan and love cooking, it’s time you note all the possible alternatives you can use instead of eggs in your cooking or baking journey. They will serve the same purpose as an egg but with added nutrients. Without further delay, let’s get started!

What Do Eggs Do in Baking? 

Before discussing the best vegan egg replacement for baking, let’s understand the purpose of eggs in your cooking endeavor. Why are eggs or something similar to an egg important in cooking or baking? Their main function is to bind the ingredients together, add moisture, and stabilize the overall structure and texture of the final product.

If you are allergic to eggs, simply just ran out of them and need to start baking immediately, or if you are vegan, you’ll find some of the best vegan egg substitutes for baking right at your home. Which vegan egg supplement will be better depends on what you plan to make.

The purpose of the egg is linked to the consistency and texture of the final product. So, before you make up your mind to use one replacement over the other, make sure you know your way around it. Whether it will act as a leavening or a binding agent will be the decisive factor behind which vegan egg substitute to use.

10 Vegan Egg Substitute for Baking and Cooking

vegan egg substitute for baking


The following have been broken down into the best vegan egg substitutes for baking. You may be surprised to see that many of the ingredients are found in the kitchen which you can use as vegan egg substitutes, including seeds, fruits and many more.

1. Applesauce

applesauce as a vegan egg substitute

Applesauce is an excellent idea if you want a fat-free alternative for eggs in your baking journey. Note that this will work best if you use the vegan egg substitute as a binding agent. This will further add moisture and perfect the consistency of your bread, muffin, cake, or other baked goods. Ensure there is already a leavening agent before you decide on this one.

As for an apt measure, 1/4th cup of unsweetened applesauce equals one egg, so keep the measurement in mind accordingly.

2. Mashed Banana

mashed banana as a vegan egg substitute

Bananas are vegan and gluten-free and one of the best vegan egg substitutes especially ripe ones which are easy to smash. They add moisture to cakes, brownies, pancakes, and similar dense products, while also holding on to some of their sweetness. Try making vegan banana pancake at home with bananas as the replacement for eggs, and see for yourself how it pans out.

As for the measurement, one well-mashed medium ripe banana can be used instead of one egg, so use them accordingly.

3. Plant-Based Yogurt

plant-based protein as a vegan egg substitute

Yogurt has always been extremely versatile in its use, and it’s not a surprise that it is featured in this list. Be it soy, almond, coconut, or other such plant-based yogurts. They are excellent vegan egg supplements for baking pancakes and other such baked goods. Ensure there is a leavening agent since this will act more as a binding one to add moisture.

As for an apt measure, 1/4th cup of vegan yogurt equals one egg, so keep the measurement in mind accordingly.

4. Aquafaba

aquafaba as a vegan egg substitute

If you don’t know what aquafaba is, it refers to the liquid that can be extracted from canned beans, especially chickpeas. Given its rich amino acid profile, aquafaba can be a healthy vegan egg substitute.

It might not sound like the most delicious alternative, but it can serve as an excellent binding agent in cookies and similar confectionery items. The next time you are in the mood for some vegan soufflés or meringue, aquafaba can be your go-to option.

As for the perfect measure, 3 tablespoons of aquafaba equals one egg, so keep the measurement in mind accordingly.

5. Flaxseed Egg

 flaxseed egg as a vegan egg substitute

Flaxseed has always been touted as one of the most nutritious vegan egg substitutes. It is packed with antioxidants, adds to our health benefits, and serves as the perfect vegan egg substitute. Grounded flax seeds act as a binding agent in both sweet and savory items, including burgers, cakes, cookies, bread, vegan meatballs, etc. Make sure the recipe already has a leavening agent.

As for the measurement, 1 tablespoon of flaxseed and 3 tablespoons of water mixed well and left alone for 5 minutes to thicken can be a great substitute for one egg.

6. Chia Seed Egg

chia seed egg as a vegan egg substitute

Like flax seeds, chia seeds are also great source of nutrition and acts as an excellent vegan egg substitutes. Chia seed egg refers to the mix of chia seed and water, which, when left alone, thickens to form an egg-like consistency.

Unlike flax seeds, you will get a more gel-like texture with chia seeds. They can be used in pancakes, cakes, cookies, and many no-bake desserts. One of the best things to try out with chia seed eggs is chia pudding.

For measurement, use 1 tablespoon of chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of water instead of 1 egg.

7. Pumpkin Puree

pumpkin puree  as a vegan egg substitute

Another great vegan egg supplement is pumpkin puree, especially if you are making quick or yeasted bread. Try out vegan challah using pumpkin puree instead of eggs, and you will have a gala time! It adds a perfectly sweet touch, along with adding a niche color to the final product.

Want to make a vegan pumpkin chocolate chip bread? Once again, pumpkin puree is a great option. It can also be used as a sweet potato puree alternative.

For the sake of measurement, 1/4th cup of pumpkin puree equals one egg.

8. Silken Tofu

silken tofu as a vegan egg substitute

Tofu is one of the closest things to an egg, with its protein-rich nature and similar texture and flavor. This attribute makes it a potential staple for vegan ectomorphs trying to put on some healthy weight. Extra-firm or simply firm silken tofu is a great option if you want to scramble it.

Throw in some herbs, spices, and veggies, and you are good to go. Note that if you are using tofu in baking, it will act as a binding agent, so make sure there is already a leaven. You can use it as a vegan egg supplement in brownies, cakes, cookies, and similar goodies.

9. Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar as a vegan egg substitute

If you will, consider this a hack, but adding baking soda and an acidic ingredient such as apple cider vinegar produces bubbles that help raise and lift your baked goods. So, if you are making cakes or cupcakes, try this combination. It is recommended to mix the apple cider vinegar with the other wet ingredients and then throw in the baking soda before baking with the dry ingredients.

For measurement, use 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar with 1/4th tablespoon of baking soda to get an equal of 1 egg.

10. Black Salt

black salt as a vegan egg substitute

A volcanic salt traditionally used in many Asian delicacies, black salt has a high sulfur content that can mimic the taste of eggs. Be it tofu scrambles, quiches, vegan egg salads, or frittatas. For vegan French toasts, black salt is a great alternative for eggs. It adds a nice touch to the final product’s flavor, texture, and consistency, and it is perfectly vegan-friendly.

Final Verdict 

Now that you know the best vegan egg substitutes for baking and cooking, it’s time you experiment with them individually and see which ones amaze you the most. This will help you chalk a better plan the next time you plan to bake.

They are all widely used as vegan egg replacements, and they all have compliments galore, so you will surely not be disappointed. The next time you are in the kitchen, try these vegan egg substitutes and see how they turn out!

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