Halo Top Pumpkin Pie Review (Vegan Ice Cream)

Halo Top Pumpkin Pie Review

Our generation has witnessed everything, from the evolution of smartphones and other gadgets to the advancements in the food area, which brought forth many creative food items and recipes.

While it is totally clear that the quality of food has deteriorated badly, it is also a fact that many companies are constantly working on producing healthy food options. In this journey, some brands are now facing an unconventional way of making unhealthy but delicious foods nutritious.

For example, ice creams! Yes, who does not like ice cream? But, knowing that it is unhealthy, we are constantly delaying our cravings. That’s why some brands have stepped forward to produce protein ice creams, which include way too less amount of calories.

Halo Top is probably the best-known brand manufacturing healthy ice creams that offer a nice protein amount and low fat or calorie content. And the best part is, Halo Top tears all beliefs about healthy food not being tasty. So, let’s dig in and find more about this product in our Review of Halo Top ice cream.

What is Halo Top Pumpkin Pie, and How is it Healthy?

What is Halo top pumpkin pie

Halo Top Pumpkin Pie ice cream is a light and healthy ice cream with a high protein amount. Every pint of ice cream offers only 360 calories without any trans fat. Most of the companies compromise on the taste and feel of ice cream while making healthy ice cream; Halo Top slays the game with the amazing true taste of their low-calorie ice creams.

Pumpkin Pie Halo Top ice cream contains 5 g of protein, a nice amount of sodium and calcium, and other nutrients like vitamin A and iron. It is a low-fat ice cream that only has 3 g of fat. So you get a great dose of protein with some of the essential nutrients in the form of delicious ice cream.

Our Halo Ice Cream Review is based on the company’s details and the unbiased reviews presented by genuine users. In this way, we have witnessed the pros and cons of this particular product to provide you with an accurate overview.


  1. Contains 5g of protein.
  2. Offers 360 calories each pint.
  3. Includes important nutrients like calcium, iron, sodium, and vitamin A.
  4. Great in taste and feel.
  5. Has a thick creamy texture.
  6. Made of natural, dairy-free vegan ingredients.
  7. Available in many other yummy flavors.


  1. Contains a low amount of vitamins.
  2. Not easily available in the market.

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Halo Top Ice Cream Flavors (Vegan Flavors)

Halo Ice Creams Vegan Flavors

Despite having a varied range of non-vegan ice creams, including dairy, Halo Top also has an outstanding collection of the vegan flavors of their popular healthy ice creams. These halo top ice cream flavors are made with organic ingredients, which are suitable for vegans. So, let’s talk about the vegan halo top ice cream flavors in our review of Halo Top ice creams.

1. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is one of the most celebrated flavors of the Halo Top range. But let me tell you beforehand, you may get disappointed by first opening the jar.

It looks quite bland, with a dull color. It doesn’t look very orangey like other pumpkin pie flavors do. Also, there is a high chance of not noticing any crust before actually tasting it.

But be ready for the moment your taste buds touch a spoonful of this ice cream. All your assumptions will vanish away into thin air when you taste it. It has got a rich, creamy texture and tastes exactly like a pumpkin pie, without having the weird texture pumpkin pies usually have.

You will feel little bits of pumpkin pie that resemble the crust. So, if you suddenly see a Halo Pumpkin ice cream jar, grab it immediately without any hesitation.

2. Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Birthday cake flavors always make us feel nostalgic if the ice cream can provide a genuine flavor. This one will melt your heart.

Halo Top Birthday Cake ice cream brings you a feeling of celebration. It is a dairy-free and vegan product. Birthday Cake only contains 260 g calories. So, as you can see, this calorie content is even lesser than pumpkin pie.

The flavor of cake doesn’t seem to be artificial in this ice cream. It has got lots of sprinkles to enhance your mood right away when you open the lid. So, if you are a big fan of the creamy, buttery texture, you must try this one.

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3. Candy Bar

Candy is an all-time favorite, regardless of age. If you are also fond of candies, you need to taste this flavor.

Candy Bar brings out the taste of candy in its true sense. It is similar to chocolate ice cream. But what makes it different is the caramel twist it has.

A pint of Halo Top candy bar contains a lot of chocolates and peanuts, which melts slowly in your mouth. Candy Bar has got a chunky sticky texture that lingers for quite a long time. Still, it has a sweet aftertaste, which is enjoyable.

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4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is quite an unusual flavor for ice cream. So, deciding on launching this flavor, Halo Top has seriously invited some risks. But it turns out; this flavor has become the second favorite of most of the customers after pumpkin pie.

The oatmeal flavor will make you think of the best oatmeal cookies you had. It has an excellent creamy texture. But the sweetness is not overpowering at all.

Halo Top oatmeal flavor offers you a punch of cinnamon. It is quite unusual to observe how a correct amount of cinnamon has been used, which doesn’t occupy the whole flavor nor lacks in the ice cream. It offers only 300 calories per pint.

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5. Sea Salt Caramel

Sea Salt Caramel has achieved some mixed reviews. You need to taste it yourself and see how or if you end up liking this flavor.

Sea salt caramel has some caramel swirls, but some users have said that it is overly sweet. But others have loved this flavor mainly because of its unique texture.

Just like the name suggests, it has a caramel-ly flavor with a salty twist. Like any other Halo Top flavor, this sea salt caramel is also very low in calories, and it’s completely dairy-free. So, go ahead and try this flavor and decide how it tastes.

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6. Vanilla Maple

Vanilla Maple flavor of Halo Top ice creams includes real specks of vanilla bean. That’s why the richness of vanilla truly reflects in this flavor.

Vanilla Maple contains a fluffy and smooth texture, which is absolutely what ice cream lovers look for. This is undoubtedly a very decent flavor; still, it lacks some of the astonishing parts that other flavors of Halo Top offer. You will find some chocolate chips here and then, but they are not plenty in number. That’s what makes this flavor quite monotonous.

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Halo Top Pumpkin Pie Performance

Our review of Halo Top ice cream will focus on analyzing how this product performs in this segment. To get a wholesome idea about the performance of halo top pumpkin pie, we are going to evaluate these points below –

1. Taste

Halo Top Pumpkin Pie ice cream is amazingly tasty. It includes the richness of a pumpkin pie beautifully and molds its taste in the form of ice cream. People who think healthy ice creams contain a high dose of protein and less amount of calorie, cannot taste good, or it cannot be qualified as ice cream. But, Halo Top breaks all assumptions. All of the other vegan flavors previously discussed, taste heavenly, without having an artificial aftertaste.

2. Texture

High protein ice creams are meant to be frozen completely. So, it would help if you gave it more time to melt like actual ice cream. The texture of Halo Top Pumpkin Pie is very creamy, more than usual healthy ice creams. It contains some real pumpkin pie bits like its crust. This thick creamy and sticky texture adds to its amazing taste.

3. Halo Top Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

Halo Top is very nutritious because every jar is very low in calories and high in protein. Halo Top ice cream’s flavor contains 260-360 calories only and offers 5 g of protein. Apart from these, Halo Top ice creams have also included some essential nutrients like iron, calcium, and vitamin A.

4. Value

The value of a product is judged only after the points mentioned above are assessed correctly. After analyzing the halo top ice cream nutrition facts, taste,and texture, it can be declared a value for money product. It offers an outstanding taste and has a good nutrition profile. So, every penny is worth it if you buy Halo Top ice creams.


Halo Top ice cream is one of the best options to go for if you are in search of healthy ice cream with high protein content. Halo Top pumpkin pie ice cream delivers a nice protein amount and successfully resembles the authentic taste of pumpkin pie.

These ice creams are quite versatile, so you can have them right out of the jar or use them in your cereals or other sweet dishes.

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