How Long Do Tortillas Last In The Fridge

How Long do Tortillas Last

Tortillas are one of the most popular staples available and are readily used by everyone. It is a kind of flatbread that originated from Mexico. The best part about them is that they are vegan (check for tortillas vegan status) and recipe with us)! 

Being vegan makes them healthier and more beneficial for one’s health. Before the 1990s, wheat flour tortillas had lard as one of their ingredients and this made them shift away from veganism. But in today’s time, vegetable oil is used in the place of lard and corn tortillas are made without oil. This makes them a super hit for all the vegan diets. 

What are Tortillas?

A tortilla is a kind of bread that is made from corn or wheat. There are various kinds of tortillas available and the most common ones are corn tortilla and flour tortilla. It is usually eaten hot with a topping or a filling. 

Let us look at a few benefits of tortillas:

  • Fiber Component: Fiber helps to improve gastrointestinal functions and tortillas have a huge amount of fiber in them.
  • Calcium: This may come as a surprise to many because people usually associate dairy products to calcium but various researches have shown that tortillas are a great source of calcium.
  • Less Calories: The calories in a tortilla are between 30-60 and they can be utilized by the body since they come from nutrients. They are perfect for people who want to reduce weight. 
  • Good Energy Source: Tortillas contain a good amount of carbohydrates and this doesn’t come from sugar. This is why tortillas are considered a good source of energy. 

For proteins, you can try out quinoa dishes like quinoa smoothie. But, How long does quinoa last? You can find out with us.

Do Tortillas Really Expire?

One can usually store tortillas for about 4 weeks or simply go by the expiry date mentioned.  Every edible item has a specific shelf life like Gatorade, sports drink, even Gatorade goes bad. After that, it turns rotten. You need to store the tortillas in the way they were stored in the departmental store. You can keep it on the room temperature or cool it in the refrigerator too.

How Long Do Tortillas Last In The Fridge?

how long are flour tortillas good for

The major question is how long are tortillas good for? The tortilla expiration date is mentioned on its package and that simply means that till that date, the manufacturer is certain of the tortilla’s quality, so that the company may not be held accountable after that. You can eat them after the best by date only if you store them smartly. If you store them properly, they might last longer. 

How Long Do Flour Tortillas Last In The Fridge

When we talk about the flour tortilla expiration dateor how long are flour tortillas good forthey last for a week in the pantry and for 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator. 

How Long Do Corn Tortillas Last In The Fridge

They can be stored in the pantry for 7 to 10 days. And if we consider how long do corn tortillas last in the fridge, it stays from 6 to 8 weeks.

How Can You Tell If Tortillas Have Gone Bad?

how to tell if tortillas are bad

The major question looming over everyone’s head is that do corn tortillas go bador do flour tortillas go bad? Also, how to tell if tortillas are bad?

Tortillas begin to get stiffer when they are getting old. You can tell if tortillas have gone bad if you notice any spots of mould on their surface which is green in color and at this point the entire package should be thrown away. Corn tortillas go have become rotten when they start smelling bad. 

How Do You Extend Tortillas’ Life?

The shelf life of any food item is dependent upon the way you store it. In the case of tortillas, you can refrigerate them for larger shelf life. Freezing them usually changes their texture but it doesn’t change the taste and increases the shelf life of the tortillas.

You need to protect them from cold air and they need to be wrapped well. The most important point is to keep them away from any kind of moisture. The original packing isn’t good enough so one must use freezer bags or aluminium foil. You should store the tortillas in an airtight container. It would not allow air to enter the containers and spoil the tortillas by making them stale. Whenever you want to defrost them, thaw the wraps at night and take the whole pack out of the fridge a few minutes before you need them. There are several ways to freeze tortillas that we have explained in the article ‘Can you Freeze Tortillas‘.


Corn tortillas are used to make multiple dishes and vegan people use them a lot because of the nutritious benefits it offers. It is easy to heat and a quick meal supplement. You can easily munch on them without thinking about your health issues and gaining weight.

There isn’t much difference between corn and flour/wheat tortillas. Flour tortillas are great for vegan burritos and quesadillas while corn tortillas and are used for a variety of different Mexican dishes. You can choose the best one for yourself and switch to a healthier and easy life!

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  1. Considering the tortilla making process, we shouldn’t leave tortillas for long period of time. If we store tortillas, then it is better to buy tortillas from store rather than making at home. What do you think?

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