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The flooding industry of supplements mostly targets the approach rather than increasing their products’ performance. In this crowd, it is hard to find an effective weight loss supplement that will start working and show results within some days of use. 

In some cases, certain supplements include many beneficial ingredients, but the concentration of those ingredients confirms their ability to work on our bodies. The high concentration of effective ingredients can be found in many less expensive fats burning supplements too. It’s not like you get better results if you pay more. 

Still, some people believe in expensive products which, in some cases, end up being useless. So, we work hard to provide you with unbiased reviews on some of the most famous weight loss supplements, so you can choose better for yourself. So, we have reviewed products like Gnar Pump and many more.

Today, we are going to review the Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird weight loss pill. It is a completely vegan-friendly supplement that doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredient whatsoever. Hum supplement reviews are quite accessible on the internet. But this Hum Skinny Bird review will bring everything about this product under the microscope, so you do not make any mistake while purchasing one.

What Is Skinny Bird by Hum Nutrition? 

Skinny Bird is a weight loss supplement in the form of pills, manufactured by a company called Hum Nutrition. Among many of Hum’s products, this Skinny Bird pill has become the most famous one. According to the company, Hum Skinny Bird is designed to manage your weight by working on the causes linked with weight gain. 

Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird is not just a regular fat burning supplement. It is marketed towards having a unique formula which concentrates on ‘SMAC,’ referred to by the company. This SMAC brings forth the whole working process of the Skinny Bird pill as it means destroying Stress eating, increasing Metabolism, reducing Appetite, and Controlling blood sugar levels. So, the Skinny pill will work on all these significant factors to cut off excess fat from your body. 


  1. Helps with curbing stress eating
  2. Improves the metabolism of your body
  3. Acts like an appetite suppressant to regulate overeating
  4. Controls blood sugar levels
  5. Made of natural and vegan-friendly ingredients
  6. Simple and convenient to use
  7. Exact amounts of ingredients are provided


  1. Products are quite on the expensive side
  2. Contains very few ingredients

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Ingredients in Skinny Bird

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Hum Skinny Bird ingredients reviews are very easy to find because the diet pill manufacturers have revealed all of the ingredients with their actual amounts. Being this much transparent to users is a good thing, but what doesn’t work for them is that we can now clearly see how limited the ingredient-list is. Hum has combined four effective ingredients that target four different factors associated with weight loss.

However, many more useful ingredients are expected to be included in this Skinny Bird weight loss supplement at this price point. Putting this fact aside, let’s now discover the importance and effectiveness of those ingredients. 

1. Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is one of the famous ingredients associated with weight loss. This extract is an amazing source of antioxidants linked with various health benefits, including good heart health, liver, and brain functioning. An antioxidant named Catechins is present in green tea, which speeds up your metabolism. So, your body will get rid of the stubborn fat much faster. 

Green tea extract acts like natural caffeine, which provides you with a significant boost of energy. It will reduce your fatigue and keep you energized all day. This high energy is essential when you are on a weight loss diet or doing hardcore workouts daily. This ingredient is also used in pre-workout supplements like StrongGirl to give a boost to your energy during workout sessions.

2. Chromium

Chromium is a vital Trace mineral which is used in very little amounts for us. This ingredient is found in many foods, including some vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Chromium is a proven mineral that helps people who have diabetes by controlling their blood sugar levels. 

Chromium acts with the insulin in our bodies to metabolize carbohydrates. That’s how our blood sugar level falls to a normal standard. Chromium is also used as a treatment for chromium deficiency. But it is used in Skinny Bird to regulate your blood sugar level. Some studies have also found that chromium lowers the amount of bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol in our body. 

3. Caralluma Fimbriata

Caralluma Fimbriata is the name of an edible cactus found in India. It has been used in many cultures to reduce appetite while people go out for hunting. So, in Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird, this ingredient’s main job is to suppress your appetite. 

Appetite suppressants are commonly used in most of the fat burning supplements to ensure that you do not eat more than your body needs. Due to Caralluma Fimbriata, your urge to grab instant snacks now and then gets decreased. Still, no scientific evidence is found till date, which proves its weight loss benefits. So, you can say that this ingredient is not as useful as the other ones.

4. 5-HTP

5-HTP is a natural amino acid. From the seeds of Griffonia, an African plant, this chemical is produced. 5-HTP is quite a widely used ingredient in medicines meant to cure headaches, anxiety, and sometimes insomnia. 

5-HTP produces a chemical messenger called serotonin, which is related to uplifting your mood and making you feel cheerful and happy. Low serotonin levels can cause many sleep issues and weight gain, which are also associated with the high-stress level. That’s why 5-HTP is included in the Skinny pill to ensure that you have a good night’s sleep every night and wake up with a peaceful state of mind. 

Does Hum Skinny Bird Work?

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The most critical part of this skinny pills review is this segment, where we talk about its effectiveness. Besides all the hype, the Skinny Bird weight loss supplement’s performance is quite easy to detect beforehand. Hum Skinny Bird’s primary purpose is to burn fat in your body, helping you get a toned figure. But, because of the lack of ingredients that target weight loss, the Skinny pills do not occupy a high rank as an effective weight loss supplement. Only four ingredients are not enough to banish fat from our bodies. 

It also includes Caralluma Fimbriata, which has no significant proof to help with your weight loss journey. That clearly shows that among these four ingredients, only two are considered as beneficial for burning fat. So, the performance of Skinny Bird is going to be pretty average. Green Tea Extract and Chromium will take several days to show visible effects. You may feel some changes in your appetite and your energy level in the initial weeks. But this expensive supplement is not going to do more than that. 

Hum Skinny Bird Side Effects

The risk of dealing with multiple side effects lies with any type of fat burning supplement. And, Hum Skinny Bird is no exception. However, because Skinny pills don’t incorporate many ingredients, the potential side effects are nothing more than usual. 

Depending on the reviews given by verified users, we have found that Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird is most likely to cause painful stomach aches and headaches. If you are intolerant to caffeine, you may feel sick after consuming this product. Always use the mentioned dosage because with supplements, ‘the more, the merrier’ doesn’t work.

Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird Packaging 

Hum Skinny Bird’s packaging doesn’t look like a luxurious one, which was quite unexpected when the price range is that high! It offers a bottle of packaging with a pink label on it, containing all the information, including the product name. Indeed, very basic. 

The most eye-catching thing is the company’s name, written in big fonts with the iconic bird flying above. After that comes the product name, written without putting any effort into graphics. The font style seems like a regular medicine pill bottle. The only appealing thing is the bright pink color. So, like its performance, Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird’s packaging is also not designed to attract users. 


The weight loss supplement industry is filled with many products that are of no use. Some products are marketed with such a unique approach that people intend to fall in their traps. 

This Hum Nutrition review has found that Skinny Bird is a low performing supplement which doesn’t include many impactful ingredients. The reviews on Amazon are mostly negative. So, use Skinny Bird if you do not mind seeing results after a long time. Otherwise, it is advised to invest in another weight loss supplement brand if you are in dire need of burning fat off your body faster like Motiv8 Burn Supplement.

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