Is Boscia Cruelty-Free? | Is Boscia Vegan?

Is Boscia Cruelty-Free?

As the world around us evolves, people’s thoughts and opinions about things that affect them are also changing. More and more people are becoming conscious about the daily products and are looking at these products closely to see if they contained any ingredients harmful to the skin in the long run.

And now, there is the wave of veganism where people care about whether these cosmetics are tested on animals first before touching their own skin. So, we first started with testing this daily skin care products and checked whether Vaseline is vegan or not. The latest in the target list is Boscia – a renowned Japanese brand in the skincare product category.

About Boscia Products

Boscia was founded in the US by a Japenese company, about 32 years ago. It was the first brand to launch preservative-free skincare products for the people with sensitive skin. Most of the Boscia products are plant-based as they start from their Botanical Blend ingredient base.

Is Boscia Cruelty-Free?

does boscia test on animals

Coming to the next question on vegans’ mind: Does Boscia test on animals? Does it use any process that causes harm to these innocent creatures? Vegans don’t end the debate on the composition of a specific product. They are also interested to learn whether or not the product has been sensitive on animals because they care.

Here the answer isn’t too gratifying. Boscia isn’t one of the cruelty free Japanese brands, sadly. The primary reason is that the brand sells in several parts of the world. This means that it chooses to adhere to animal-testing policies in some nations where it’s mandated by law before being sold to humans for use.

That said, Boscia claims on its website that it isn’t involved in performing any form of testing of its products on any animal, either before the production or during production for purposes of product development.

However, the company also mentions that since it’s an international brand that sells in several parts of the world through a chain of authorised retailers and its official website, it does need to follow the laws of those countries. If a specific nation requires animal testing as a validation of safety for human use, the brand has to oblige.

Does Boscia Test On Animals

This is what we found on Boscia’s official website with regard to its animal testing policies:

“Boscia does not directly conduct any testing of ingredients or products on animals or advocate animal testing on raw ingredients and/or finished formulas, and endeavours to work with partners who share the same values. However, as we continue to expand into international markets, we are unable to control the testing methods used by outside governments.”

Is Boscia Selling in China?

boscia product reviews

Taking cue from its animal-testing statement on its website, we were led to the next natural question: Does Boscia sell in China? The law of China mandates any foreign brand to test the latter’s final products on animals to prove that they’re indeed safe for use by humans.

So the answer is that yes, Boscia does sell in the Chinese market. There, the brand pays for animal tests to be conducted before its products are allowed to be sold in Mainland China. This also answers the previous question on this post.We can now comfortably say that Boscia can’t be termed a cruelty-free brand.

Is Boscia Natural and Gluten-Free? – After determining its vegan and cruelty-free status, let’s find out whether the brand is natural and gluten-free. In other words, does Boscia use any toxic chemicals or ingredients harmful to the skin? Or does it contain gluten which is avoided by some people who have celiac disease or are intolerant to gluten.

Going by Boscia product reviewsby its customers, the brand is neither organic nor natural. Besides, the company too does not make claims with regard to its cosmetics being natural or organic.

However, as far as gluten is concerned, we did get some good news here. The brand’s products are 100% free of gluten so safe for use by even those who are intolerant to gluten.

You can check our evaluation on Clinique cosmetics vegan status to know which brands shall be used after one turns vegan.

Conclusion | Is Boscia A Good Brand?

It is now clear that Boscia is neither vegan nor cruelty-free. Though the brand may not advocate direct testing on animals, it does pay to oblige for animal testing in nations where it’s mandated by law.

That equally amounts to partaking in the act and thereby disembarks the brand off the cruelty-free status. Vegan cosmetics are natural and so, there are numerous benefits of using vegan makeup on cosmetics in your daily routine.

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