Is Kiehl’s Cruelty-Free and a Vegan Brand?

In this 21st century, it is essential to go back to choosing organic products over chemically treated ones for our skin, hair, and body. Because of the pollution, many uncanny skin and hair problems are occurring, which were, once, not-so-common. Because of our trust and the clever marketing approach of many popular brands, some vegan and cruelty-free brands do not catch our attention.

But most of these popular brands do not make vegan and cruelty-free products. They are not organic and can damage our skin too. Companies like the Loreal Group, which have a huge response, are being judged because they choose not to turn into Cruelty-Free and vegan brands. We have reviewed some of the brands like MorpheFenty BeautyKiehl’sCerave, Maybelline and many more for their vegan status.

This article will focus on showing if the famous Kiehl’s cosmetics is a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free brand or not.

About Kiehl Cosmetics Brand

Is Kiehl's Cruelty-Free

Kiehl’s is an American personal care brand retailer that deals with body, skin, and hair care items. It first started in 1851, in Manhattan only like a single pharmacy but soon gained a lot of popularity because of its products’ quality.

Loreal purchased Kiehl’s in 2000; their business grew a lot, setting up 400 stores around the globe and 65 in the United States alone. Their products are also sold in high-end departmental stores as well as in various selected airports. Independent stockists also have shown a great interest in marketing their high-quality personal care items.

Kiehl’s has always walked the unconventional path by bringing out what they truly are, despite all the new marketing trends like its other contemporary brands. Kiehl’s straightforward and convenient packaging, correct and accurate marketing approach, and above all, the excellent quality of their products never failed to welcome new clients and respect from all over the world.

Is Kiehl’s Vegan?


No, Kiehl’s is not a vegan brand. Kiehl’s does not provide labeling to show that the products are free of any animal products whatsoever. Kiehl’s is not certified to be a vegan brand from PETA or Leaping Bunny also. So, most of their products are not suitable for vegans as they do contain certain animal products as they are not expensive and easily available in the industry.

Is Kiehl’s Cruelty-Free?

No, Kiehl’s is not Cruelty-Free.

Their website clearly states that Kiehl’s test their products on animals where it is required by law. And because they sell their products in such countries where the government has a regulation like this, Kiehl’s cannot be qualified as a Cruelty-Free brand.

Vegans do not only discontinue the usage of products that have animal-derived ingredients, but they also boycott the brands which harm innocent animals by testing their products on them. So, if you’re a vegan and searching for cruelty-free brands for your care routine, you should pass on this brand.

Does Kiehl’s test on animals?

Kiehl’s animal testing policy declares that they conduct animal testing in the countries required by law. Countries like China have a government regulation stating that every brand has to pass the animal test to be declared safe for the people.

That’s why Kiehl’s products are not Cruelty-Free. It’s owner, L’oreal, is also not Cruelty-Free. This horrible animal testing is not required in the United States, but China has a strict rule which suppresses ethical values. Most famous brands do not hesitate to sell their products in China because of the vast reach. So, even if a brand chooses not to conduct animal testing, it has to market its products in China.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Alternatives to Kiehl’s

There are many Cruelty-Free and vegan brands that are made with the finest ingredients to offer you many benefits. Here’s a list of brands which you should consider buying from.


OSEA is a 100% vegan brand that includes many organic products. The concentrated yet light formula absorbs beautifully in your skin and gives you a healthy natural brightness. It is a Cruelty-Free brand which has chosen the ethical way of marketing their products.

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2. Herbivore

Herbivore is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand which offers less expensive yet impactful products like face wash, toners, body wash, moisturizers, etc. Their body case essentials are also very soothing and beneficial.

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3. Juice Beauty

Though Juice Beauty is not a completely vegan brand, most of its products are vegan. It competes with all the high-end brands and gives you the desired results soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Kiehl’s a good brand?

Yes, Kiehl’s is a good brand, but it is not vegan or cruelty-free because Kiehl’s test their products on animals. Vegans do not only discontinue the usage of products that have animal-derived ingredients, but they also boycott the brands which harm innocent animals by testing their products on them

2. Is Kiehl’s gluten-free?

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is gluten-free and allergen free. Ingredients used in Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is Coconut, Nickel, Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, Lanolin, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, Paraben, Propylene Glycol, and Dye

3. Is Kiehl’s palm oil-free?

No, Kiehl’s products contain ingredients derived from palm oil, so Kiehl’s products are not palm oil-free. Ingredients used in Kiehl’s Skincare products are squalane, lavender essential oil, cannabis sativa seed oil, calendula extract, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, manuka honey, coconut oil, etc.


In today’s world where each of us is trying to purchase animal products free and cruelty-free products, where our conscience has begun to direct us in the right path of life, there are many famous brands continually pulling us down. Brands like Kiehl’s have a great impact on their users.

Still, it’s sad to note that they are not following an ethical marketing strategy. We should choose vegan and cruelty-free products not only because they are beneficial but also because it is the value, we all should respect and stand for at any time.

My life literally revolves around optimum health and sustainable living by being a devotional vegan. My mission is to create a community of like minded vegans to go forth in creating a better and brighter world for humans, animals and the planet. Just like Gandhi once said: “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi

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