The Reason Why Liam Hemsworth Quit Being Vegan

The Reason Why Liam Hemsworth Quit Being Vegan

Liam Hemsworth is one of the most successful and broody Hollywood actors. He has appeared in many top-grossing movies. He is well known for his role in The hunger games film series as Gale Hawthorne. Being an actor demands fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Liam started his vegan journey back in 2015. He remained vegan for a good 4 to 5 years and felt its physical and environmental benefits. But all this was short-lived, and his vegan diet came crashing down to a standstill when he developed some health issues. In this article, we will find out why Liam Hemsworth no more vegan and whether a vegan diet is becoming a health concern.

Is Liam Hemsworth Vegan?

Liam Hemsworth went vegan in 2015, while he was dating The American singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus. She was also following a vegan diet. In fact, the world called them the Power vegan couple. Liam Hemsworth continued to follow a strict plant-based diet loaded with legumes, vegetables, nuts, fruits, and non-dairy products.

He was looked up to as a perfect vegan idol, given his ripped and brawny physique, even after being on a vegan diet.
He felt satisfied, light, and enriched for two years with his vegan lifestyle. Everything was on track, but a painful health issue forced Liam Hemsworth to quit being vegan in 2019.

Liam Hemsworth’s History Experience with the Vegan Diet

Liam Hemsworth was physically fit and pumped up. He turned towards a plant-based diet in 2015 along with his ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus. He was a proud vegan, renowned by the world as the most appealing vegan celebrity. He felt strong and powerful on a plant-based diet. His “The Hunger Games” co-actor, Woody Harrelson, was also a vegan.

Seeing this, Liam’s conscience didn’t allow him to continue eating animal products any longer. He followed the footsteps of his co-actor and stopped consuming meat, poultry, and dairy products. PETA, an animal welfare organization, recognized him as the sexiest vegetarian celebrity in 2016. He walked on the vegan path for good three years.

In 2019, he realized that being vegan is not all rainbow and sunshine. It’s tough, and the effect showed up as an ailment in his kidney at the youthful age of 29. This happened while he was on a promotional tour of “Isn’t it Romantic.” He had to get operated on for a kidney stone between the tour. Since that suffering, he was forced to reform his food habits and lifestyle. Ultimately, he quit being a vegan.

Why Did Liam Hemsworth Quit Being A Vegan?

Everything was rosy until a health tragedy struck Liam Hemsworth. A kidney stone kindled a sudden awakening in him against his vegan lifestyle. He opened up to Men’s Health magazine about his excruciating experience, describing it as the most painful weeks of his life.

He said, “The first two years, I felt great. I felt my energy was high. I felt like my body was strong, cardio was high, everything felt really good.” But this was until 2019 brought an unexpected turn of events. These were some reasons for taking a permanent break from a vegan diet:

  • He revealed to Men’s Health magazine that in February 2018, his body felt really low and less energetic, and he was lethargic the whole day.
  • Soon, he developed a Kidney stone or, in his case, a Calcium Oxalate Stone.
  • His morning smoothie was to blame for. Calcium oxalate is found mostly in nuts, legumes, spinach, and bran. Overconsumption of this compound can lead to the formation of painful kidney stones.
  • The actor was consuming these plant-based foods in high quantity as a part of his diet in the form of a morning smoothie. His daily smoothie consisted of five handfuls of spinach, almond milk and butter, and vegan protein, which likely led to an overdose of the mineral over the years.
  • Excess calcium oxalate led to kidney stones during the actor’s career years.
  • He said further to Men’s Health Magazine, “That was what I considered super healthy and doing the right thing. I had to completely rethink what I was putting in my body.”
  • He has completely left veganism and has updated his food habits for optimal health and good mental well-being.

Does Going Vegan Actually Compromise Your Wellbeing?

Liam Hemsworth is not a lone actor who quit being vegan due to health issues. Many celebrities chose to be vegan but later altered and adhered to diets that included either meat or marine-based food.

Miley Cyrus, the ex-fiancée of Liam Hemsworth, quit being vegan in 2020. In a Joe Rogan podcast, she revealed that the lack of omega-3 acids and other nutrients led to improper brain functioning for her. Which led her to quit veganism and follow an pescatarian diet which includes eating of fish.

Actress Anne Hathaway was a hardcore vegan, so much so that she kept vegan dishes at her wedding. But her role in interstellar demanded her to wear a 40-pound space suit. Being vegan, she didn’t feel quite strong or generally good from the inside. Hence, resuming salmon intake gave her back the long-lost energy. She now follows a paleo diet.

Zooey Deschanel couldn’t continue her vegan diet due to her soy and wheat allergies. Most reasons why people ditched veganism were to feel better, stronger, and more comfortable. It’s partially true that vegan compromises your well-being.

A vegan diet is challenging since it is inherently deficient in various vitamins and minerals that are required for brain functioning and muscle growth. But today, with plenty of affordable vegan protein options, nuts, seeds, vegan multivitamins supplements, and more revolutionized vegan substitutes, achieving the daily requirement of nutrients has become possible.

That said, some aspects can be fulfilled only by meat and dairy. If your body demands it alone, then quitting vegan is not a shame as well being is a priority above following any diet.


We saw why Liam Hemsworth quit his vegan diet- the overdose of calcium oxalate-rich foods. The key takeaway is to remember that since it didn’t end well for him, it’s not a hard and fast rule that every person will develop a kidney stone.

The lesson remains about mindful eating and making correct and balanced food choices. Being vegan doesn’t imply being extremely healthy. You can avoid health issues and fulfill your dietary needs on a vegan diet as well. There are plenty of nutritious vegan food items which offer vitamins and minerals for body development.

From protein supplements to milk to meat, every other non-vegan food has a vegan supplement today. The only thing is to make sure how efficiently it’s benefitting you. Make your health your priority.

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