Is TRESemmé Cruelty Free and Vegan

Is Tresemme Cruelty Free and Vegan

If you swear by being vegan, you need to be completely free from animal-derived ingredients. Starting from the food you eat to the shampoo and conditioner you apply, everything needs to be truly vegan and cruelty free.

Based on these aspects, we are reviewing TRESemmé, a globally popular shampoo brand. We have also reviewed brands like CeraveFenty BeautyKiehl’sMorphe and many more for their vegan status. 

The two terms ‘vegan’ and ‘cruelty free’ are often confused by beauty brands and consumers to denote the same thing while they actually mean two different things. A vegan product doesn’t contain animal-derived ingredients. And during the process, if no animal testing occurs on the product or any of its ingredients, it is then considered cruelty free.

About TRESemmé

TRESemmé is one of the most favorite hair care brands across the globe. Inspired from hair care expert Edna L. Emme, the brand was incepted in 1947 by the New York based Godefroy Manufacturing Company. Since 2000, TRESemmé is owned by Unilever. The product range is quite fascinating as it includes shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, mousse, gels, hair sprays, and a lot more. It has formulas and solutions for all types of hair.

Is TRESemmé Cruelty-Free?

We know the answer to Is TRESemmé vegan?, but is it cruelty free? As of June 2021, TRESemmé has become cruelty free and will begin to display the PETA approved logo from January 2022. Berengere Loubatier, TRESemmé Global Brand Vice President recently said:

“Not testing any of our products on animals is critical to our values at TRESemmé, PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies Program is recognised worldwide for its high-quality standards and rigour, and we are proud to be a brand that is officially PETA Approved. With TRESemmé’s range of professional quality products, [people] can own their personal style while knowing that none of our products are tested on animals”

Does TRESemmé Test on Animals?

Yes, TRESemmé is legally obliged to commission animal studies in some countries. In those cases, they ensure testing on a minimal number of animals. Though they have mentioned that none of the TRESemmé animal testing is carried out in their own laboratories, the products are not always cruelty free.

Local authorities get animal testing done whereas TRESemmé takes the help of government scientists to help implement non-animal based methods. They have also mentioned that since the 1980s, they have remained at the forefront of research into non-animal approaches. They do not encourage or promote animal testing.

When you look for hair products, 2 common names appear in your mind, 1st TRESemmé and 2nd Wella. Now that we know TRESemmé isn’t a vegan brand, let’s have a look at Wella’s vegan status and alternatives to TRESemmé.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free TRESemmé Alternatives

Vegan and Cruelty-Free TRESemmé Alternatives

If you are looking for the best vegan and cruelty-free hair care products that can be alternative to TRESemmé, you will come across plenty of options today. These alternatives are completely vegan since they do not use any animal-derived ingredient. Secondly, the production process of these products strictly avoids animal testing.

  1. SoapBox Coconut Shampoo: The Coconut shampoo from Soapbox is known for bringing moisture back to your locks. It contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe, and shea butter (know the difference between shea butter and cocoa butter). It smoothens and moisturizes all hair types.
  2. Giovanni Organic Smooth Shampoo: This organic shampoo is absolutely parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and color free. Instead, it uses ingredients like Aloe, Echinacea, and Apple. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types. Check more vegan and cruelty-free shampoo brands.
  3. Giovanni Conditioners: An extensive range of Giovanni conditioners are available on Amazon. Tea Tree, Tangerine & Papaya Butter, Ultra-Moist, and Smooth as Silk are some of the popular choices. These products are color-safe as well.
  4. Acure Organics Dry Shampoo: Enriched with the goodness of Argan oil, it works brilliantly to soothe and nourish hair. The dry shampoo absorbs oil and removes grime without water.
  5. Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Brilliant Shine Hair Spray: It makes your hair shine without feeling sticky and heavy. Sunflower and citrus are two natural ingredients that can add luminous shine to the hair.
  6. Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel: You can control hard to hold hairstyles without this product. The main advantage of this styling product is that it is made of natural ingredients and therefore is never harsh on your hair.
  7. Giovanni Natural Hair Styling Mousse: It gives your hair medium to firm hold and also creates a luscious volume that you will love.
  8. Paul Mitchell Hot off The Press Thermal Protection Spray: This one is a great option if you want a sculpted look.


Is TRESemmé cruelty free and is TRESemmé vegan? Well, now we know that TRESemmé products are neither vegan nor cruelty free. However, the brand states that they are trying their best to eliminate animal testing completely not only for TRESemmé but also in Unilever, the parent company.

Many of the Unilever brands are cruelty free and therefore, we hope TRESemmé to be completely cruelty free in the coming years. However, the TRESemmé range of hair care products currently includes animal-derived ingredients and you cannot consider them vegan even if they were cruelty free.

We hope TRESemmé will launch a range of vegan hair care products in the coming years. The alternative options we have mentioned are the most popular and high rated ones. These brands have gained the trust and love of many and we hope will satisfy you too.

While you are looking for hair products, you might also want to look out whether bath and body products are vegan or not. You check Bath and Body Works vegan status on our vegan FAQs section.


No,, TRESemmé is not sold in China, where they are legally obliged to do animal testing on their products. Countries like China follow a typical protocol that makes animal testing compulsory or mandatory on cosmetic goods sold in China. It is not applicable to the domestically-produced ordinary cosmetic goods.

No, most of the TRESemmé products contain palm oil and therefore, are not 100% palm oil-free. The production process of palm oil creates a devastating impact on the environment and animals.

No, TRESemmé is no longer sold in China and some other countries, where it is mandatory to do a test on animals as per their imported cosmetic goods policy.

No, not all of the Unilever products can be termed as cruelty free. Yet, Unilever states on their website that they are committed to ending animal testing.

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