Is Wella Cruelty Free and Vegan Hair Brand?

Is Wella Cruelty Free

We all love our hair, don’t we? To make sure that we have the perfect hair, we need to maintain them accordingly so that you will not have to face issues like hair fall, baldness and much more. Well as a part of the maintenance, it is important for us to have hair products that can help us maintain them.

There are a lot of brands out there that are launching their hair products out in the market and Wella is definitely one, that has a huge market presence right now. So, we are going to review Wella, like we reviewed other popular brands like bath and body works, Stila brand and many more for their vegan status.

About Wella Cosmetics

Wella is a beauty brand who specialize in hair products and their products have a very good reputation in the market. The company with their headquarters based in Germany have been pushing the market limits especially in the hair products domain.

Wella which was started around the 1880’s had a very good reputation from the very beginning for their hair products and within no time they established a firm base in the market. Wella have been performing well and their products seem to do a pretty good job maintaining the hair.

However, the brand still maintains a reputation in the market despite the cruel ways of animal testing that they conduct to make sure that their products are market-worthy. But are they being tested in the most barbaric methods possible on animals to make sure they are eligible for sale in the market?

Vegan Alternatives to Wella Hair Care Products

Although Wella is considered best for its hair care products, we cannot enjoy our beautiful hair when they are prepared by harming the innocent creatures. So, here are some best vegan alternatives for Wella products for you to enjoy similar quality of hair without harming any innocent creatures.

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2. Organic Vegan Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner4.0/5Buy Now
3. Puracy Shampoo and Conditioner Set4.2/5Buy Now
4. Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo4.6/5Buy Now
5. Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo4.5/5Buy Now
6. Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo4.6/5Buy Now
7. GIOVANNI Invigorating Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner4.1/5Buy Now

Read below to understand whether Wella brand is cruelty-free or not and know more about the brand.

Is Wella Cruelty-Free

hair color not tested on animals

Well, shockingly yes! Wella is not cruelty-free when it comes to testing their products and it is pretty much evident that a lot of methods are being implemented to make sure that the products that Wella produces are fit for human usage.

Wella is genuinely not cruelty free as they would have to depend on the rigorous testing methodologies to make their product lift in the market. However, there are a lot of policies with which Wella complies with to make sure that the damage is limited and there is absolute less cruelty to the animals when they test the products.

The company is however looking forward to developing more animal-friendly testing methodologies to make sure that they have a developed outlook on the present cases that are being bestowed upon them.

Is Wella Sold in China

Wella has an international presence and it is no wonder that they sell their products in China. To make sure that Wella can start with the distribution in the Chinese market, it is mandatory that Wella has to test their products on animals to make sure that they are comfortable for human usage.

There are a lot of criteria that has to be met, but the bottom line is, in order for Wella to thrive in the Chinese market, it is important that they have run the tests on animals and get their products certified. So as a part of that certification, wella is forced to test their products on animals so that they can sell their products on the market.

Does Wella Test on Animals


Yes, Wella do test their products on animals to get a certification that they are fit for human usage but the problem lies in the methods that they use to test the products. There is no other profound testing means on animals that do not appear cruel in nature. All of them somehow have to be introduced to the biological system of the animal to make sure that the complete effects of the products are known.

Well, there are a lot of other things that we need to consider when it comes to developing an effective method to prevent cruelty testing and many of the companies around the world are looking forward to develop a strategy using chemical methods to test the fit for human usage for the hair products. It definitely would take time to make sure that these alternates are rigid enough to serve the purpose.

This is the number one reasons as to why Wella and many of the hair product companies around the world would have to opt for Wella animal testing their products to fit well in the market. You can also look for vegan status of Tresemme and Soap and glory for their hair products.

Summing Up

Many of the products that are based in the hair-based industry have a great need in the market, but the only drawback that Wella have is they are not vegan friendly. Well, it is highly important to understand that there are relevant brands that deal with the same.

So, like Clinique cosmetics, even Wella brand is not vegan and cruelty-free. They are trying their hand on it but, can completely be vegan which might ruin their popularity. To know about the Clinique brand check this article on Is Clinique Cruelty-free.

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