Kion Aminos Supplement Review (BCAA Capsules)

Kion Aminos Supplement Review

BCAA Supplement is very necessary for a person who wants to build more muscle. It is also important for athletes and professional bodybuilders because of their extreme workout routines. But why does anyone who wants more muscle, needs a BCAA Supplement?

Amino acids create protein; we all know that. But, every essential amino acid is not formed in our bodies like the other ones. And if we depend completely on our diet to fill up the deficiency, we can only get disappointed as diet cannot provide enough of the BCAAs. That’s why the demand for amino acid supplements is increasing day by day.

So, today we are going to review Kion Aminos, which has become quite popular in the market due to its effectiveness. It is a vegan-friendly amino acid supplement that doesn’t include any animal products.

Now, all we have to do is to analyze this product in our Kion Aminos Review and discover its pros and cons, ingredients, and side effects. So, let’s begin.

What Does Kion Aminos Do

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Kion Aminos is an effective amino acid supplement containing eight essential amino acids. Out of the 20 amino acids needed for creating protein, 9 essential amino acids are not naturally produced in our body. If you wish to have amino acid supplement, you can go for the creatine supplements in your diet. Learn how this supplement works with us.

So, we need to consume these EAAs ( Essential Amino Acids ) through our food or in the form of supplementation. These EAAs play the most significant role in building muscle tissues and protein. Kion supplements include eight of the EAAs, except one, Histidine. The level of Histidine naturally grows up when the rest of the amino acids are consumed.

Kion amino acid supplement is a plant-based and gluten-free product that offers you 5 g of EAAs each serving. It accelerates your muscle growth and improves muscle recovery. It also provides your body with a high dose of energy for your intense workout sessions.

The absorbable formula of the Kion supplement makes it able to work quickly on your body. It will also help you to keep fatigued at bay. Kion amino acid supplement is free of any fillers or binders, and it decreases your cravings. These supplements are available in two forms – tablets and powder.

Our Kion Aminos Review provides an unbiased opinion about all the good sides and the negative points of this product. Although it is a very impactful supplement, there’s always a place for improvement. That’s why acknowledging all the pros and cons of a product is necessary before making a purchase.


  1. Offers 5 g of EAAs each serving.
  2. Comes with a fast absorbable formula.
  3. Enhances muscle growth and reduces recovery time.
  4. Provides great energy for workouts.
  5. Prevents fatigue and muscle cramps.
  6. Completely vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free.
  7. Reduces unhealthy cravings.
  8. Free from any binders, stearates, or fillers.
  9. It makes cognition better and immunity stronger.


  1. In this, amino acids are a proprietary mix, which is not preferable for some people.
  2. According to some users, it can cause some terrible reactions.

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Key Ingredients In Kion Aminos

A good amino acid supplement should include all the essential amino acids to provide your body what it needs. Since it is a proprietary mix supplement, the quantity or percentage of each of the amino acids is not mentioned.

But we can see that eight amino acids are used as key ingredients. So, the key ingredients in the Kion Aminos supplement are listed below –

  • Valine: Valine enhances the growth of your muscles. It also repairs your damaged muscle tissues. You can also refer this article for vegan foods high In Valine.
  • Leucine: The most important job of this amino acid is to trigger the muscle synthesis process in your body. In simple words, it takes part in making muscle tissues. You can also refer this article for vegan foods high In Leucine.
  • Isoleucine: Isoleucine also helps in creating muscle tissues and helps in the muscle recovery process. You can also refer this article for vegan foods high In Isoleucine.
  • Lysine: Lysine is responsible for maintaining the levels of nitrogen in your body. It also builds muscle protein.
  • Methionine: Methionine works as an antioxidant and reduces the free radical damage in your body. You can also refer this article for vegan foods high In Methionine.
  • Phenylalanine: Phenylalanine enhances the levels of norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. These are the significant neurotransmitters that are needed for the operation of the nervous system.
  • Threonine: Threonine makes the connective tissues of your body flexible and strong.
  • Tryptophan: Tryptophan increases your pain tolerance so that you can perform hardcore workouts more efficiently.

Flavor of KION Aminos

Flavor of KION Aminos

Kion Ben Greenfield amino acid supplement is available in two flavors, Mixed Berry and Lemon Lime. These two flavors are quite basic, so nothing to be excited about. Now, let’s get an idea about how both of them taste.

1. Mixed Berry

Berry flavor is not very uncommon in this whole supplement industry. In fact, many of the popular brands have tried their hands on making this flavor delicious but ended up failing drastically.

But Kion amino acid seems to have won the race! This berry flavored one is quite sweet, but it is less likely to be overpowering. The best part is, Kion supplement has successfully imitated the real taste of berry, and it doesn’t taste too artificial.

2. Lemon Lime

Another Kion supplement flavor is a basic version of Lime. But, when it comes to amino acid Supplement, being basic means good. This lemon-lime flavor captures the tanginess perfectly but has got a weird bitterness.

Also, this flavor can leave a pretty long aftertaste, which is certainly not very enjoyable. So overall, it can be said that Kion has paid more attention to make the Mixed Berry Flavor, not this one.

Side Effects Of Kion Aminos

Amino acid or BCAA Supplementation is usually safe for most of the people out there. But, since every individual’s body reacts differently to various products, every user needs to be more concerned and pay heed to listen to his/her body. Your body takes a little bit of time to be completely adjusted with supplements.

So, some adverse side effects like vomiting, bloating, nausea, and diarrhoea can occur due to Kion Aminos. Many users on Amazon have reported that they had faced rashes after using this product.

But, it is a well-known fact that some medical conditions can interact with supplements. So, always seek the advice of your doctor if you’re consuming prescribed medication and now want to include amino acids in your routine.

Kion Aminos Performance

Ben Greenfield Essential Amino Acids Kion Aminos have earned a very high reputation due to its performance. But, in our Kion Aminos Review, we like to depict all the aspects users need to consider before buying this product. In this way, you can judge its performance beforehand and will not need any other misguiding opinions.

1. Taste

In determining the performance of Kion Aminos, its taste and flavors play a huge role. Kion amino acid offers you two flavors, Lemon Lime and Mixed Berry. The latter one has become a favorite of many users, while the first one seems to taste nothing more than average.

2. Ingredients

Ingredients are something you should always look for in any food item. It is the single most important aspect to consider if the rest does not bother you. Kion Supplement incorporates eight EAAs and offers a high dose of 5 g of amino acids per serving. It is a vegan supplement that is also soy-free and gluten-free.

3. Effectiveness

Kion Aminos absorb in your body within 20 minutes due to its excellent absorbable formula. It instantly gives you a boost of energy so that your performance at the gym improves. It also takes away all your fatigue during exercise. Kion Aminos provides all the benefits of BCAA, including enhancing muscle mass, stimulating muscle recovery, and preventing injury.


If you’re still wondering about ‘ are BCAAs worth it?’ then try Kion Aminos at least for once to understand the benefits of BCAAs in your muscle-building journey. In our vital amino review, we have provided you with a detailed overview of this product for you to decide better.

It has included all the necessary ingredients, which will make your muscle growth and recovery faster. Plus, it will improve your cognition.

So, if you are looking for an effective BCAA supplement that does what it claims, don’t hesitate and try Kion Aminos soon.

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