Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | Ugly Produce Box Showdown

misfits market vs imperfect foods

Stop what you are doing, and sit around for ten minutes. Of course, you are not going to be doing that, but let’s imagine you do. Now, try to point out the number of times you would have thought about food in those few minutes.

Most of life can be narrowed down into a race for sustenance. And all of our hard efforts spent to procure said food cannot be for nothing. As important as food is to our body, it is crucial to not disregard its general significance. 

While people may claim to be retaining the eco-system, as a stout vegan, it sometimes gets a little difficult to get the items I want or need. The number of times veganism is confused with vegetarianism is a little above what is good for my blood pressure.

Finding the perfect product delivery system was no easy feat, especially when you wish to consume vegan items that also fall under the category of ugly produce. However, I’ve done it to the best of my abilities and quite a lot of my patience and perseverance and narrowed it down to two of the following delivery systems.

What Exactly is an Ugly Produce Service & What does it Solve?

This is a common question with answers that range into uncommon territories. Ugly produce essentially refers to fruits and vegetables misshapen, discolored off-sized fruits and vegetables.

These products are disregarded in our nearby groceries, purely based on their “unappealing” appearances. Like, even tomatoes are being targeted for not being in shape today. Apparently, these fruits and vegetables are the high-school equivalents of weirdos as they fit into no clique and ruin the overall aesthetics. Excuse me Mr. Shopkeeper, you sell potatoes, not Prada. My blog page took the brunt of this ranting.

Thankfully, there exist ugly produce delivery services that obtain these fruits and vegetables and have them shipped over to the more environment-conscious individuals.

The ultimate and major aim of ugly produce sales is to reduce food wastage. This alone should get everyone on board with the idea. And if it doesn’t, then well, they are also cheaper by forty percent or more. So, not only do they wish to lessen the wastage of food, they also offer reduced prices.

By purchasing imperfect fruits, vegetables, and pantry items, we also contribute support to farmers and producers.

Misfits Market – A Brand Overview 

Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | Ugly Produce Box Showdown

This company is based in Philadelphia and is one of the leading ugly produce services in the world. With a single-minded determination to eradicate food wastage and help consumers who are aware to get their beloved products, Misfits Market is a gem in providing eco-friendly services. 

Known to supply in big cities, and quaint towns, there’s no where they won’t reach. Misfits Market works with small, mid-range, upto large farmers and guantees its customers with delivering fresh harvest to them.

Founded in 2018 and employs hundreds of full-time employees. Misfits Market has raised over $300m from top tier VCs like Accel, Sound Ventures, and Greenoaks Capital. They also offer a stellar price range, guys.

Imperfect Foods – A Brand Overview

Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | Ugly Produce Box Showdown

The only thing imperfect about this brand can only be found in their name. Sorry, it had to be said.

Imperfect Foods has been ruling the ugly produce market since 2015, and seem to show no signs of stopping. One of the first companies to bring into question, the wastage of food, they provided an effective and highly efficien solution for the same.

Imperfect Foods initially started out as Imperfect Produce.

They promise to deliver high-quality products, that are assured to be delicious and nutritious. Imperfect Foods state that they have saved over 139,000,000 lbs of otherwise-wasted food since their launch. 

Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | How do they Compare?

1. Delivery Areas

Misfits Market

Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | Ugly Produce Box Showdown

There are a few other produce delivery services that are in play, however, from what I’ve seen, Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods offer the best delivery range.

Originally, the Misfits Market delivered their produce to the eastern seaboard. But they’ve come over major milestones from 2018, with Misfits Market now expanded to include forty-five states. Talk about success! Such prevalence reminds me of Thistle. Another of my favorite meal delivery services. I’ve reviewed Thistle in a previous post. Do check it out.

They deliver the produce, includes vegan people, in packed boxes all acoss the country. Trail box shipments have been launched to the inhabitants of arizona, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and New Mexico as a part of their expansion process.

Imperfect Foods

Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | Ugly Produce Box Showdown

A man with a plan right here, Imperfect Foods is on a roll and has been in one for quite some time. With a rapid expansion plan undergoing every second, they plan on leaving no metaphorical rock unturned.

With a delivery system that covers most of the Midwest, West South Central region, West Coast, and Northeast regions, Imperfect Foods is everywhere. They also provide a helpful little pink map on their official website, which you can check out to see if your area is listed underneath it. If not, just stick tight, coz it’s bound to happen soon.

2. Costs & Savings

Misfits Market

Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | Ugly Produce Box Showdown

One of the best perks, apart from getting hassle-free vegetables and fresh organic produce, is the terrific prices that they offer to their customers. We can choose, customize, and curate our very own boxes.

With an almost forty percent lesser price, Misfits Market is a boon to withhold. Furthermore, they offer add-ons such as snacks and pantry staples, if we choose to do so. The Misfits Market boxes start at just $22 for fresh, organic produce.

Misfits Market offers their boxes, Mischief ($22) and Madness ($35) boxes of fruits and veggies. These boxes are delivered once a week, or once every two weeks, as per the customer’s choices. Mischief boxes contain a mixture of 12 different types of fruits and vegetables. Madness boxes have a variety of 14 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and the quantity in a Madness box is more as well. 

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods have been in the game for a long time. Pages and pages of their wholesome approach to plant-based lifestyle has been dedicated in my blog page. Honestly, sometimes I think I should get paid for all the unintentional marketing I do for those guys, case in point.

Imperfect Foods have two popula box items, given as follows:

Green Box: most popular; includes organically grown produce; starts at $24

Regular Box: best value; includes conventionally grown produce; starts at $16.

Furthermore, Imperfect Foods offer loads of discounts with each and every order. Not kidding or exaggerating people, with each order you will receive a ping in your inbox with the offers you’ve won and the amount you saved.

It’s sweet to see that for once it says saved instead of spent. Maintaining a vegan lifestyle and running a blog isn’t as easy as I had anticipated.

3. Quality of Produce

Misfits Market

Rest assured, it is only, and I repeat only the appearance that leads to the exclusion of these produce in shiny supermarket aisles. There is absolutely no compromise in terms of quality and taste. Just like daily harvest, Misfits Market has a wholly organic list of products that are obtained from the several ties they have with local producers across the country.

They have their ingredients sourced from various different partnering farms and food hubs across the Americas. The items bought by Misfits Market includes produce that would have were to be discarded owing to oversupply, packaging updates, approaching best-by dates, and other issues.

They are a stickler for providing food that is certified as organic and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), though the service occasionally offers conventionally grown produce.

They also consist of sustainably caught seafood, grass-fed beef, and free-range non-GMO chicken. When Misfits Market cannot get them organic, they include information on the farms and companies that the meat is sourced from. And the practices undertaken.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods have their foods sourced from local farmers and producers. They are highly vegan-based and promote an organic lifestyle.

They are known for their ties with several local producers located in the produce hub of California. They’ve worked with more than twelve hundred small food producers and delivered quality content every time

4. Customizability

Misfits Market

Misfits market loves to surprise us. However, they also allow for box customization. Therefore, if you have allergies, you needn’t worry. Just inform them prior to any changes or inclusions you would prefer, and the problem solved. Additionally, they display excellent flexibility with respect to their delivery schedule. Customers can choose the day and time that works best with their schedule.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods understands that sometimes the fun is in choosing and other times it’s in having it chosen for us. And they provide us with ample opportunity to make up our minds on which side we wish to fall on. The customers are given prior notice to delivery, allowing for any last-minute frantic changes. The subscribers can also choose the days they prefer receiving their delivery.

5. What Can You Order from these Ugly Produce Services?

Misfits Market

Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | Ugly Produce Box Showdown

Misfits have been in the delivery business for a while. To sum it up simply, they are a delivery network that supplies to over 45 metro cities. They essentially deal with groceries, did I mention they’re organic and you can choose the vegan options if you prefer. 

They source specialty groceries, sustainably raised meats, and organic fruits and vegetables that are refused to be sold at grocery stores or farms due to their external appearance. They also have gluten-free, vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly foods. An ideal solution for environmental-conscious people that like to tailor their diets using organic ingredients.

They also provide customers with pantries and snack items. Offer excellent deals such as a fifty percent introductory offer. They are prompt with their delivery and the customers an choose the date and days. You can also choose to customize the box items.

Imperfect Foods

Misfits Market Vs Imperfect Foods | Ugly Produce Box Showdown

Similar to Misfits Market, Imperfect Foods is another well-known delivery service. They have a wide reach, with their delivery network commuting to all zip codes in forty-eight states. 

They also had a wide scope of available items. Sources groceries, meats, and organic fruits and vegetables, other produce, seafood, plant-based items, eggs, and dairy products, grains and pantry staples, snacks, household items that can’t be sold at stores or farms for various reasons.

With an astounding delivery area, and an assured guarantee of top-quality products that are organic as well as conventionally grown, Imperfect Foods lived up to their hype.

They also allow for box customization and selection of delivery schedules.

6. Do they Offer any Additional Discounts? 

Both the products offer heavy discounts, making them all the more appealing. 

While Misfits Market is acclaimed for their introductory offer, they give us a flat fifty percent off. I’ve never been happier. They have splendid offers always round the corner.

Though Imperfect Foods doesn’t have the introductory offer of that extent, they do have their own share of discounts offered without fail on almost every order.

Buying healthy food has never been cheaper than with these two delivery services. The cost of these ugly products can also be reviewed for further differentiation.

7. Customer Reviews 

Misfits Market

Should it really come as a surprise that Misfits Market has got raving reviews? A fellow food blogger commented saying “All of the items arrived in immaculate condition and looked similar in quality to food I’d buy at the grocery store. Everything tasted excellent, too. My family loves mushrooms, so it was nice to try varieties other than the portobellos and baby Bellas that our grocery store typically carries.

Even after being in transit for 3 days, the meat and ice packs inside the cold pack were still frozen.

Everything was contained inside of an insulated liner within the shipping box, and the top and bottom of the box were layered with ice packs.”

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods delivers across the country, hitting up more than forty-eight different locations in an almost flawless way.

A loyal customer writes. “I love Imperfect Foods. First of all, I can tailor my order or skip the week altogether. Easy. The quality has been excellent. The service is amazing. We have a snowstorm outside and the delivery just arrived. Life-changing. I am serious.”

Though there exist certain custom reviews that criticize the delivery standards to not being up to par. But Imperfect Foods is sure to solve them at the earliest.

Are Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods Entirely Vegan Brands? 

The major reason I wrote this article is the fact that a while ago I was searching for the answer to this question and received no definite answer. All we need is a yes, we’re vegan or nope, we’re still working on it, and nowhere could I find that. Hence, this article.

Misfits Market offers hundreds of products each week, including a variety of fresh organic produce, sustainably raised meats, and specialty groceries, that include vegan products.

Imperfect Foods offers several vegan products such as Field Roast burgers and Chao cheese, salad dressings and other condiments, Upton’s seitan bacon and jackfruit, chips, cereal, Dave’s Killer Bread, and bagels, oatmeal, grains, kombucha, coffee drinks, Califia Farms’ Oat Milk.

Therefore, while both the brands have sufficient vegan options, they are not wholly vegan-based. Of all the meal delivery services I’ve covered here on my blog, only Purple Carrot, Thistle, and Vegin’ Out turned out to be completely vegan

Verdict | Which is Better, Misfits Market or Imperfect Foods? 

This is the part of the article I was dreading. Picking one of any two things is never easy. Just when you think you like that one a little better, all the shiny qualities of the product to be discarded jump out, swimming in front of your eyes.

I think the major reason for anyone willing to take upon one of these services should be decided upon the location you are at. Misfits Market delivers predominantly to metro cities. However, imperfect foods are available in all the zipcodes.

It can also be considered on the basis of the variety offered in both of these brands. While Misfits Market focuses more on pantry staples and fresh produce, Imperfect Foods also offer seafood, meat, dairy, grains, and snack items.

Choose the best imperfect produce food company of your dreams!

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