Nano Towels Review: Do they Really work Well?

Nano Towels Review

While working in the kitchen, some things are indispensable in every way. One of them is a kitchen towel, often known as a dishtowel. Whether you consider it or not, towels are very important to add to the home feel.

Towels are often the first thing noticed by guests and the last thing they touch before they leave. So, you must select the right kind of towel that cleans your messes well and still look good. But how do you choose what towel suits you better? Well, this is where we will help you. Our review on nano towels will help you to compare them with other towel types and deduce what towel type will work best for your home. 

If you’re not familiar with nano towels then for your ease, these towels are the new generation towels. They are proven to be a breakthrough in the cleaning industry. You can use this product for cleaning along with the household cleaning products. Using nano cloth for cleaning has its pros and cons, and it’s therefore important to read this Nano towels review to make a good buying decision on nano towels.

What Are Nano Towels?

We begin this Nano towel review by informing you about what they actually are. Technology is making significant advances every day. Nano towels are the latest advancement in the cleaning industry. These towels only use water for cleaning and are considered highly efficient. Nano towels use nanolon technology for their cleaning action. These towels feel plush and contain billions of microfibers in them. These microfibers act like a spider’s net while cleaning surfaces.

For a better understanding, imagine an insect getting trapped in the spider’s net. The net is dense and sticky. The more the insect moves, the more it gets trapped. This example may be the best one out there for understanding how these towels work. 

Their dense fiber network and sticky surface allow them to clean surfaces effortlessly. The supreme cleaning properties of nanolon fibers has pushed scientists to consider it while cleaning oil spills. And we believe if it’s worthy of cleaning up oil spills, cleaning your house will be a cakewalk with these towels. 


  1. Cleans surfaces very easily and efficiently
  2. Great absorbing ability
  3. Dries very quickly
  4. Extremely economical
  5. Environment-friendly
  6. Durable
  7. Convenient


  1. Cannot get rid of bacteria or germs

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What are Nano Towels Made Up From?

Nanofibers are fibers with diameters of nanometer range. These fibers are procured from natural polymers like cellulose, keratin, gelatin, alginate, Chitosan, collagen, etc. You can also obtain nanofibers from synthetic sources like PU (Check PU Leather Vegan Status), PLA etc. These have fibers which are 100 times finer than a human hair. These can be used for 400 times without getting worn out. The making of these towels don’t include any animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products in it. Hence they are completely vegan-friendly.

Their unique properties have been a surprise to scientists as well. The fine fibers have a very high surface and minute pores. They act as absorbents, thus accounting for their amazing cleaning action. Nano Towels are made from these fibers. Their fiber traps dirt and dries very quickly in comparison to normal towels. 

What are the Features of Nano Towels? 

nano towels vs norwex

Nano towels are the new generation of towels best suited for modern households. These towels have supreme durability and provide superior cleaning quality. It comes with exclusive features like multi-functionality, durability, usage pattern etc. 

This product is ideal for people who believe in sustainable living. They help you in significantly reducing your household wastage while being durable for decades. So, forget about unnecessary trips to the supermarket for replenishing their stock. 

1. Usage Pattern

We all face those days when deadlines and meeting have you sitting on the edge. And while rushing out, you accidentally spill your coffee on your tabletop. Running short of time and cleaning the coffee spill in office clothes turns out to be the worst start of the day. 

These oops moments can be easy to deal with nano towels in your home. You can easily sprinkle some water and wipe it out. No detergent or cleaning liquid and minimum efforts for cleaning such stains. Does it sound like a dream come true? For most of us, we’ll say yes in a heartbeat. 

You can use these towels to clean up any surface may it be your muddy boots or snow-covered window. You can use these towels and then throw it in your washing machine. Nothing but good old washing and you’re ready to clean anything you want. Nano towels can be used for any surface and then cleaned manually like any other cloth material. You can follow this for literally decades. 

2. Absorbing Power

We will explore a little bit of science while discussing the absorbing power of these towels. So, in chemistry, absorbing is a phenomenon where one object takes up another substance on its surface.

The object here is towel and substance is anything you want to clean. When you use to water the stickiness of these nanofibers increase, and they trap any dirt or substance present on the surface. These things get trapped in the dense network and don’t spill anywhere else.

Every fiber of the towel acts as a magnet for liquid and clings to it. Its absorbing quality makes it perfect for cleaning. You can use these towels to wipe dishes before putting them away or clean your car. These can be used for any purpose and not just soaking of the spilt juice or wiping of tabletops. 

Nano towels, in short, take care of your comfort and provide you with excellent cleaning experience. 

3. Cleaning Properties 

Nano towels have amazing absorbing quality, so does it mean that they clean better than other towels? In this instance, the answer is yes. These towels are multifunctional in every way. 

They are a smart choice for households that regularly experience spills and messes thus need cleaning cloth round the clock. Such homeowners know the pain of continuously soaking the cloth in detergent, wiping and wringing the cloth for multiple times. With nano towels, you don’t have to dread these spills. Just quickly wipe the surface and get the shiny tabletop you admired so much while buying your furniture. 

Cleaning is super easy with nano towels, and many current users will agree as well. Unlike paper towels that require you to carry cleaning liquids, these are extremely convenient to use. And this goes without saying that these are safer alternatives for paper towels as you can clean your utensils easily with nano towels. With better cleaning and comfort, these towels are truly meant to make its users happy. 

4. Multi-Functionality 

As a home treatment multi-Tasker, the Nano Towel is also a champion. For flat surfaces and countertops, one can serve as the typical cleaner with four towels per pack, but the choices for the remaining towels in the bag are virtually unlimited.

These can clean any surface with a wipe and not spread it anywhere else. These towels can be a godsend to not only families with toddlers, but also to the bachelors living in solitary. These towels are very beneficial for families in particular. It takes away your headache of cleaning surfaces from messes that your playful toddler created.  

These towels can be tucked in bags and used for various purposes. They can even be kept at gates to wipe your muddy shoes or wipe your dog’s paws. Thus, nano towels are champions of wiping any surface without any hassle.

5. Durability

Buying packs of Nano towels will last you decades. As its plush, the sticky and dense composition is designed especially for durability and supreme cleaning experience. These towels can withstand at least 400 wash cycles in your washing machine. They also clean surfaces equally well, even after using it for a long time. These towels also don’t need any fancy washing liquid—just plain old washing like your everyday clothes.  

On the other hand, two paper towel rolls can only last you for a week. And tons of it may last for approximately a year. Nano towels being highly durable saves you tons of money. They also ensure a comfortable experience with almost no complaints for years. 

Do Nano Towels Really Work?

Coming back to our main question, yes, they do work. Nano towels work efficiently and are nothing but a godsend for its users. They take away the hassle of wiping and cleaning surfaces well. With superior comfort and great durability, this product has won the hearts of millions across the country.

It is highly convenient and lasts for decades. As per our suggestion, these towels are better alternatives for both microfiber or paper towels. These towels clean the trickiest surfaces very easily. They are also very affordable. These are made from finer fibers that can trap dirt or grime easily. They are very convenient to use. You can clean these towels in your washing machines.

Thus, the combination of comfort and quality packed into a product. You can find these towels in your nearest grocery stores. And we can assure you that a few packs will last you for decades. So, you don’t have to worry about replenishing the stock as well. 

Why Choose Nano Towels Over Paper Towels? 

nano cloth for cleaning over paper towels

While paper towels are very affordable, their better alternative is nano towels. We will discuss and enlist some of these factors in this article. Here, we will help you gain a more informative overview of nano towels vs paper towels or towels of any other kind. As for now, we believe some of the factors that make nano towels better than paper towels are durability, cleaning quality, cost etc.

1. Sustainable Product

Even if the family of four uses two paper towels in a week. You will be using at least 100 paper rolls in a year. These numbers might sound very less, but these have some serious environmental implications. For a ton of paper rolls, 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water is utilized. These resources are enough to feed 40,000 people.

Switching from paper towels to nano towels can be our little effort in saving earth during these trying times. These nano towels are thus very much environment-friendly and significantly reduce waste created from your household. Even while we compare nano towels vs norwex, norwex needs constant caring and cleaning with a soap solution. Nano towels reduce your household waste and make the cleaning process very easy. 

2. Cost Factor

As per our calculation, 100 paper towel rolls cost too much on their own. This number comes along with waste utility bills as well. Nano towels require only one-time investment and can be used for a long time. It seems like a cost-effective method in comparison to paper towels. These towels also save you loads of money on expensive cleaning products.

Nano towels are even more suitable for families with infants. These households experience frequent messes of liquid or food crumbles on the floor or tabletop. You can clean these crumbles or liquid using water only. Thus, nano towels save you a lot of money.

3. Absorbing Properties

As discussed, nanofibers provide you with a big surface area and an indefinite number of minute pores. Both of these factors work like magic while cleaning.

The pores and surface with a sticky texture grabs hold of any dirt or grime very easily. They have an amazing absorbing property and uplift your convenience while cleaning to the next level.

The thick cloth absorbs the dirt, and it sticks with it. It ensures that the dirt or grime doesn’t spread to other areas. Apart from being highly economical, it stays durable for a long time. You have to toss the towel in a washing machine and use it to wipe your kitchen top whenever you need. 


Nano towels offer great cleaning experience within a very affordable range. They are hundreds of times thicker in composition in comparison to paper towels. There are approximately 100,000 nanofibers within an inch square of the towel. Thus, taking away any reasons to wear and tear. Their unique sticky texture can wipe away any surface without needing any soap or cleaning product. 

These towels are very reliable and the best way to go for people who believe in sustainable living. These towels can offer you with supreme comfort and experience within an affordable price. Therefore, we conclude this nano towels review by suggesting you to buy this product if you’re looking for all the things mentioned above while purchasing towels.

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