Nutiva Hemp Protein Review (Organic Proteins)

nutiva hemp protein powder

Plant-based protein supplements have always been a center of attraction in this huge supplement industry. They have broken the myths about plant proteins and have vanished the misconception that plant protein is not sufficient.

Many athletes and bodybuilders swear by organic plant protein powders, which provide them with the proper and purest form of protein and include a unique amino acid profile. That way, many people who want to get a good protein source prefer vegan protein powders because they are natural, effective, and include no chemical additives.

So, today we will review one of the most popular vegan protein powders in this industry, Nutiva Hemp protein, which has successfully reminded the minds of its users.

It is made of 100% organic hemp protein and contains an excellent amino acid profile, fiber, magnesium, zinc, and essential polyunsaturated fat. Let’s dive deep into our Nutiva protein powder reviews and discover more about this product.

How Does Nutiva Hemp Protein work?

nutiva hemp protein powder

Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder is one of the trusted hemp protein supplements in the market. It is made with organic hemp seed protein, which has been cold-pressed gently. Nutiva protein powder offers you 15 g of protein per serving, along with all the essential amino acids.

It also includes 5g of fiber. Also, 2.5 g of Omega-6 and Omega-3 are present in this organic hemp protein powder.

Plant-based protein powders usually contain a low amount of protein and no fiber. But this Nutiva hemp protein powder serves you with 15 g or purely vegan hemp protein and 5 g of fiber, which is a sufficient amount of fiber. It also contains a complete profile of amino acids with nine essential amino acids.

Because of the protein and fiber content with a full amino acid profile, this Nutiva protein powder will help anyone who wants to achieve lean muscle mass or is into bodybuilding or weight lifting. It will also promote weight loss and support toning up your body so that you can achieve your desired body in a short period.

Our Nutiva protein powder review will provide you a knowledge of the health benefits and drawbacks this product is supposed to welcome. So, for a quick look, don’t forget to check out this pros and cons section.


  1. Offers 15 g of organic hemp protein.
  2. Serves 5 g of fiber.
  3. Contains all essential amino acids.
  4. Made of pure and vegan ingredients.
  5. Manufactured without hexane or any chemical solvent.
  6. No added sugar or preservatives.
  7. Promotes muscle growth.
  8. Supports weight loss.
  9. Increases energy and muscle performance.
  10. Available in various flavors.


  1. The gritty texture might not please some users.
  2. The packaging is not up to the mark.

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Hemp Protein Nutiva Performance

nutiva protein powder

To give you a proper Nutiva Hemp Protein Review, we have evaluated the whole performance of Nutiva Hemp Protein. We have analyzed different categories in our Nutiva hemp protein review. This will help you have an exact opinion about the product. You will also be able to get the necessary knowledge about it, such as its taste, usage, and dosage along with its macro analysis and side effects.

1. Taste

The first category we evaluated in out Nutiva Hemp Protein Review is the taste of the protein powder. The taste Nutiva hemp protein powder offers is quite subtle, nothing very delicious. It has a veggie taste that is not very appealing, but it is certainly not the worst one.

The veggie taste can be made enjoyable by mixing the powder with some vegan milk and fruits. You should use almond milk as it tastes better with that, and could add some bananas.

The best thing about Nutiva hemp protein is it can be consumed in many different ways. You can use a shaker for the Vanilla or the chocolate flavor and mix it with almond milk. It will taste surprisingly nice.

You can also use some flavored vegan milk like the chocolate flavor goes well with chocolate almond milk. Or else, you can also make yourself a morning smoothie by adding various fruits of veggies, flax seeds, chia seeds, ginger root, and almond milk (To know more about almond milk, check out this guide) or any juice.

2. Easy To Use

Nutiva organic hemp protein powder is very easy to use. The direction tells you to add 2-4 tablespoons of powder to almond milk. The direction also tells you to use a banana, but you can skip this step if you run out of time or just don’t want to have a banana.

Despite its gritty texture, it mixes relatively well, in fact, better than other vegan protein powders. Though it has a gritty texture, it is not chalky like most other plant-based protein powders.

3. Ingredient list

Pure hemp protein is the source of protein in Nutiva protein powder and, of course, the main ingredient. It has no additives at all.

Hemp protein contains a complete amino acid profile, including 20 amino acids and 9 essential ones. It also has 3 BCAAs.

Each serving offers 15 g of organic hemp protein, a DV ( Daily Value ) of 30%. Hemp protein Nutiva also includes 60% DV of magnesium, 40% DV of iron, and 25% DV of zinc.

Nutiva protein powder offers 2g of essential fatty acids, which improves your heart health, brain function and supports your body to gain more lean muscle mass.

Most other plant-based protein supplements include a minimum to zero amount of fiber. But Nutiva includes 5g of fiber per serving for proper digestion and a healthy weight. It also controls your blood sugar levels and enhances muscle growth.

4. Macro Analysis

Nutiva protein powder has a great macronutrient profile. It serves 15 g of organic hemp protein, 9 g of carbohydrates, and 3 g of polyunsaturated fat.

Because Nutiva offers an excellent amount of fiber, which is 5 g, it takes the carbohydrate content down. So, you only get 1 g of carbs.

The unique macro profile makes Nutiva protein powder an effective supplement. It is a low carb protein which offers a less amount of 90 calories each serving.

5. Amount of Uses

The usage and dosage of this Nutiva organic hemp protein powder are written on the packaging.

You need to use 2 to 4 tablespoons of Nutiva protein powder with 8oz of almond milk. Almond milk is suggested to use with this plant-based protein supplement here. Also, it is directed to use a ripe banana.

If you don’t like the taste of almond milk, you can use the same amount of water or any fruit juices with it also. Flavored milk tastes amazing with Nutiva protein powder.

6. Side Effects

We end our evaluation of the Nutiva Hemp Protein Review by informing you about any possible side effects of the protein powder. Plant-based protein powders have a relatively fewer amount of side effects than non-vegan supplements. Still, it welcomes some side effects.

You may feel bloated after drinking Nutiva protein powder. You can also witness some stomach ache or headaches, which are very usual side effects. Nausea or vomiting can also occur. Otherwise, you are quite good to go with Nutiva protein powder.

Who Should Have Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder?

nutiva protein powder reviews

People who want to gain some lean muscle mass are going to be thankful for this Nutiva organic hemp protein powder. Also, people who are into an active lifestyle are going to be very benefitted from this product.

Nutiva protein powder is very suitable for bodybuilders and athletes. Not only these, you should also have a well-structured vegan meal plan in place, that will augment your body building goals quite well. It enhances their stamina and energy and provides them with a high amount of organic plant-based protein.

If you want to lose weight, try this product. Because it has a total amino acid profile and a nice amount of fiber, it will improve fat burning and maintain a healthy body weight.


Nutiva protein powder is an effective protein supplement made of 100% organic hemp protein. It includes absolutely no sugar and no chemical additives, artificial flavors, or colorings whatsoever.

That’s what makes this product pure and healthy. Our hemp protein powder review has presented an unbiased and accurate overview of this product for you to choose better.

So, consider this review if you are eager to know more about this Nutiva protein supplement to include an impactful protein source in your diet.

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