Olly Probiotic Review – What Should You Expect?

Olly probiotic review

The unstoppable rise of veganism and the popularity of probiotics are at an all-time high. With recent trends in the food-centric media, many plant-based probiotics products have hit the mainstream market. The culture of inculcating veganism in day to day life is one of the most sought after healthier choices in today’s world. Plant fiber, plant mineral, and plant-based probiotics are high in quality, effective, clean, easy to take, and healthy.

Probiotics are often referred to as “good bacteria,” and everyone should get a healthy dose of it. There is a wide range of vegan food sourced probiotics that don’t contain dairy and are a blessing for lactose intolerant users. These include-soy / almond/coconut-based yogurts/kefir are dairy-free, and vegan-friendly fermented vegetables. Taking vegan probiotic supplements changes your gut flora balance and improves regularity and immunity in an individual’s diet.

Furthermore, these supplements improve your digestive tract, sleep schedule, skin condition, and provide an overall cleaner, lighter, and more positive mental state. One such product is OLLY Prebiotic + Probiotic gummies that are naturally delicious, scientifically formulated, and gluten-free gummy supplements. Packed with a dose of 500 million Bacillus Coagulans, this nutritional supplement is beneficial for various concerns.

What are Olly Probiotic Gummies?

Olly Probiotic Gummies

Driven by a team of culinary and food science experts, OLLY Probiotic gummies are an expertly blended mix of probiotics and prebiotics for assisting our gut tracks. These Probiotic gummies are naturally delicious, crafted clearly, and are scientifically formulated gluten-free gummy supplements.

These gummies support intestinal health with a blend of probiotics derived from the functional ingredients found in nature. With no artificial sweeteners and flavors, this supplement includes a dose of 500 million Bacillus Coagulans, the good bugs that work with your body’s natural bacteria to support a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

Paired with Prebiotic fiber, this nourishes your good bacteria so that it can thrive and work more efficiently in your body, Olly’s main motto is to provide you with the things like steady energy, better sleep & feeling healthy. Taking these supplements helps you feel your best like feeling regular & healthy.

Olly’s mission is to make nutrition easy to understand so that you can pursue good health without compromise. Taking nutritional supplements can sometimes be quite a task, but with Olly, they guarantee you a hassle-free, effective, and fun way to upgrade your overall health.


  1. Olly Balanced Belly is very allergy-friendly. It’s free from all the major allergens.
  2. It doesn’t have a bunch of weird additives or fillers.
  3. It increases immune response, prevents diarrhoea, and balances out bacteria levels in the body.
  4. It has been shown to help with bloating and stomach pain associated with patients who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease.
  5. It comes in a variety of flavors.
  6. It is sourced from active natural ingredients.
  7. It is gluten-free and sugar-free.


  1. There is only one strain in the Olly Probiotic, i.e. is Bacillus coagulans.
  2. A little bit on the pricey side.
  3. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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Olly Balanced Belly Probiotic Review – Overview

Olly Balanced Belly Probiotic Review

Packed with Pre and Probiotics, Olly Balanced Belly Prebiotic & Probiotic supplements works perfectly to support friendly bacteria’s growth and help maintain a natural balance of intestinal flora. The blend of prebiotics and probiotics as a pair works immensely for uplifting our gut track and helps maintain the balance of our belly.

With no artificial flavors, vibrant colors, and delectable flavors, Olly’s supplements are carefully crafted and derived from naturally sourced ingredients and gluten-friendly. The Balanced Belly Probiotic from Olly also utilizes a prebiotic blend special dietary fibers that help feed friendly bacteria.

1. Taste

Olly’s supplements are delectable and tasty. Sourced from plant-based ingredients, its texture is chewable with a good hint of flavor. Take 1 – 2 gummies per day and make sure you chew thoroughly before swallowing. Combined with the daily dose of health and taste, Olly’s supplements leave you feeling healthy and are a rewarding way to fit wellness into your daily nutritional & healthy lifestyle goals.

2. Cost/Value

Olly’s Balanced Belly (30 Day Supply) costs around $13.99 for a pack of gummies. The cost Per Day can be around $0.46 – $0.93 for one gummy per day. In essence, Olly’s gummies are a good way to boost your overall health.

3. Dosage

Made from active ingredients like water, Cane Sugar, Gelatin, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Tartaric Acid, Coloring from anthocyanin. Olly supplements have a dosage of 1 or 2 gummies per day. Each gummy must be taken daily for 30 days.

4. Effectiveness

Olly Balanced Belly Gummies contains a blend of active probiotics as well as prebiotic fiber. The probiotic strain that is Bacillus Coagulans, the “good” bacteria contributes to a healthy digestive tract and immune system by working alongside your natural bacteria. Its effectiveness can be seen from the first day itself. It also has 1.5 grams of fiber per gummy.

Olly Probiotic Ingredients / Bacterial Strains

There is a dose of 500 million CFU’s of these in each gummy. It has500 million CFU in 1 probiotic strain – Bacillus coagulans and 1.5g of the prebiotic blend (Fructooligosaccharides – FOS, Xylitol, Inulin). As for the prebiotic fiber, it nourishes the bacteria so it can work better and more efficiently. Each gummy has 1.5 g of prebiotic fiber. Recent studies have shown that using a probiotic strain is an effective way to support your gut health. Probiotics are even essential for gut health for athletes and working professionals.

Olly Probiotic Gummies – Flavors

Olly Probiotic Gummies Flavors

There are several flavors to choose from Olly’s supplements, and they come in a wide range of flavors. Categorized into four major flavors; Peach Peachy Peach, Juicy Apple, Tropical Mango, and Bramble Berry. They almost taste like candy and are palatable very easily. Overall, they are tasty for a health supplement.

Olly Probiotic Gummies – Recommended Dosage

Olly supplements have a dosage of 1/2 gummy per day. Each gummy must be taken daily for 30 days. The recommended serving size of Olly probiotic gummies is 2 gummies per day, which equals about 2 billion live organisms; additionally, you could also drop the dosage down to just one gummy per day.

Easy to chew and palatable, these probiotic gummies are the perfect supplement in your daily health routine. If you are still confused, you can consult your doctor or refer this article for a general idea.

Who Should use the Olly Balanced Belly Probiotic?

Adults working under stress, working professionals carrying out strenuous work, and people on a mission to improve their health. Regarding the allergies, Olly Probiotic is great for those who suffer from allergies as it’s free from ALL major allergens.

Furthermore, people who take gummy vitamins, gummy supplements, probiotics, protein bars & powders should try Olly as they are a fun, easy & rewarding way to fit wellness into your daily nutritional & healthy lifestyle goals. There are no side effects in taking just 2 gummies per day.

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Verdict – Are Olly Balanced Belly Vegan Probiotic Gummies Any Good?

Olly advises taking one Balanced belly gummy per day, without food or water. These chewable tablets taste the best when not refrigerated. Olly recommends them taking it once a day. The gummies are incredibly convenient as they’re easy to take, they don’t need to be kept in the fridge, and they taste great. For people who want to be healthy and are keen on a healthier lifestyle, Olly is a brand worth to be trusted.

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