Olly Protein Powder Reviews (Is Olly Vegan?)

Olly Protein Powder Reviews (Is Olly Vegan?)

Protein is an essential part of the diet, and it helps your muscles grow or repair properly. A lot of people use protein supplements in their diet to make up for missing nutrition, and going vegan will help your health. Being vegan helps you fight infections better, reduce any inflammation, helps you become more ethical as well as sustainable.

However, depending on your food and lifestyle choices, you may or may not be able to accumulate all your required protein from your diet. Vegans, in particular, might better relate to this struggle. This is precisely where the need of a vegan protein supplement emerges. At VegansFirst, we’ve compiled thorough roundups of the vegan BCAA supplements and vegan creatine brands for your convenient reference.

Some people say you are what you eat, and animal protein is usually sourced by pain, agony or hatred, which is one of the key reasons why people prefer vegan options for food supplements these days. Olly protein powder is one of the popular products on the market that has captured the hearts of a lot of customers.

The best thing about olly protein powder is that it is vegan. This plant-powered protein powder boosts your health, immune system, spiritual and mental health as well. There are many olly protein reviews, and we came up with our own to help you find out key reasons to switch to this plant-powered protein powder.

What Does Olly Protein Powder Do?

Olly Protein Powder

Protein is one of the essential macromolecules that runs almost all of your body. From the inheritance of characters to regulating body metabolism, proteins play a crucial role in everything, which is why they are called building blocks of the body. Not to forget that most of the enzymes that regulate bodily functions are also proteins, so we must maintain the recommended value of proteins in our intake for a healthy living.

But for vegetarian people, this required amount is sometimes not possible to meet with regular food, and this is when olly protein powder helps you fulfil your protein needs. It lets you increase your intake while being true to your principles. The olly protein powder comes in different flavours, and our favorite one is chocolate that comes with a pink scoop which makes this even more appealing.

This plant-powered protein is easy to digest, doesn’t have any added harmful chemicals and has nutritive values that only boost your immune system. It improves your digestion, muscle strength, alertness and overall health. This protein powder, along with olly shakes help in weight management and restoration of muscles in case of sudden weight loss. Additionally, if you have a well structured vegan bodybuilding meal plan, that you stick with you would be then primed for the best results.


  1. GMO and gluten-free
  2. No harmful chemicals
  3. Reduces inflammation, frequent allergies and improves the immune system
  4. Affordable and safe solution for protein consumption
  5. Delicious in taste and you can try to incorporate it in different recipes
  6. Increased energy
  7. Flaxseed is high in nutrients and controls blood pressure
  8. Stevia extract is the safe, better and healthy substitute of sugar
  9. Pea protein is rich in iron and high-quality protein source


  1. 8 gms of protein per 35 gms of serving size is subpar to some other high-end vegan protein options.
  2. Plant protein is harder to digest and needs an adequate amount of fibre to complement it, but fibre content is also low in this product.

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Is Olly Protein Powders vegan?

Yes, olly protein powder and olly shakes are completely vegan as stated in some of the olly reviews. They use non-GMO based pea protein and flaxseed to make this product specifically. The pea protein is usually rich in arginine and a high-quality alternative for soy or dairy-based plant proteins.

Arginine is very beneficial as it improves blood circulation and often administered to critically ill or wounded patients. It aids weight loss and helps the body form proteins. Some studies showed arginine improves oxygenation of muscles and has potential benefits in a lot of diseases like blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and anxiety.

Ingredients in Olly Plant-Powered

Briefly, this olly protein powder has 130 calories, 2 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs, 0 grams of cholesterol, 2 grams of fibre, 6 grams of sugar, and 18 grams of protein per serving. Some olly reviews and olly protein reviews swear by the fact that this product has the perfect combination of materials that helps you enhance your health without getting any side effects.

1. Flaxseed: Flaxseeds or Linum usitatissimum has been a popular crop since the beginning of the civilisation, and its name translates to ” the most useful crop”. It is loaded with nutrients and known for their good content of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and lignans.

Consuming flax seeds gives you less cancer and heart diseases risk, which is a total superhit factor for a product that offers you a longer and healthier life while being tasty.

2. Cocoa Powder: Who doesn’t love to sprinkle little or maybe more cocoa powder on their drinks and have a nice time? The olly protein contains cocoa powder that contains polyphenols ( natural antioxidants ) that lower your cholesterol level.

To make it even better, cocoa powder even reduces your nitric oxide level, which in Gen Z language refers to detoxification of all the harmful wastes building up in your body.

3. Fibre: Good digestion is always associated with a good intake of fibre. Some people complain about mild constipation when ingesting plant-sourced proteins, but fibre helps ease it all out of your body.

4. Stevia extract: Stevia is two hundred times sweeter than sugar and a popular choice for people who are looking to replace their table sugar with a healthy alternative. It is beneficial for kids, pregnant women and people who have diabetes. 

Consuming stevia makes your food equally sweet but with lower calorie intake and provides you with health benefits like low cholesterol, optimal blood pressure etc.

5. Pea Protein: Pea protein is used in many protein powders, and it can be paired with almost any diet. It is rich in iron and hypoallergenic in nature. It helps in muscle growth, improving cardiovascular health and immune system.

This protein improves appetite control which helps you lose weight while getting stronger. It gives the ultimate health boost to your heart and kidney. Overall it’s great for your health and helps achieve optimal well being.

6. Monk Fruit: Native to southern China and representing the monks who first cultivated it, this fruit gets its sweetness from natural mogrosides that boost your body’s anti-inflammatory properties. It is recognized as a safe sugar substitute (GRAs) for everyone and promotes weight loss.

7. Natural Flavors: We’ve always complained about how companies will add artificial sweeteners or flavours to their food products to enhance the taste, but olly protein powders don’t contribute anywhere to that unhealthy practice.

This protein powder contains natural flavours that enhance taste and makes your drink/food even more delicious.

8. Sugarcane: Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and other electrolytes that prevent dehydration and boost your body metabolism. Sugar cane is also packed with antioxidants that help your body to fight off infections and allergies.

Vegan Flavor of Olly Vegan Protein

Olly Protein Powder Flavors

Flavors add on to the whole experience of consuming any food product, and if you combine health as well as good taste, then you get olly protein powder and olly shakes. Olly has multiple flavor choices with premium quality natural products that are available at affordable prices.

1. Vanilla

The vanilla flavor has been a hit formula since colonisation existed and these colonists were first exposed to it by Aztecs. They used vanilla to flavor their drinks, and after that, vanilla travelled throughout the world for its flat-out delicious taste.

Olly protein powder makes the best use of it, and its velvet vanilla adds scoops of goodness to any drink.

2. Chocolate

Chocolate has been the ladies favorite food item for centuries, and this further becomes a superstar when you consider all of the health benefits of consuming chocolate (Check Chocolate Vegan Status). This flavour stands out on its own, and the pure chocolate used for making this blend enhances the taste-good level of this protein powder.

So next time when you crave sweet things add on two scoops of chocolate powder to your favorite drink and enjoy good health with great flavor.

3. Peanut Butter

The trend of eating peanut butter started as an experimental study where peanut butter was served to patients who needed something with a good amount of protein but didn’t require chewing. Since then, the popularity of peanut butter grew, and it came to be associated with healthy proteinaceous food.

Olly protein uses premium quality raw materials to make its peanut butter flavour, and it is one of the best sellers on their product line. (Check Jif Peanut Butter Vegan Status).

Olly Plant Powered Protein Performance

An excellent quality product that makes you healthier in the long run without inflicting any side-effects and many olly reviews swear by their great quality. They offer good products in the vegan line without using any unnecessary chemicals. Their products are like home-grown natural ingredients found in your kitchen garden processed in hygienic conditions and packaged just for you.

1. Taste and Flavor

Many flavours to choose from and a smooth formula that mixes well in any beverage without clumping. Olly products get a satisfied review by almost all of its users in the flavour section, and their tasty formula allows you to drink protein powder without frowning.

Some of their flavours include vanilla, dark chocolate, chocolate, berry and peanut butter. Along with plant-based protein, they even offer whey-based products so you can choose what’s your ideal source of protein.

2. Nutritional Facts

As we discussed, these protein powders contain cholesterol, fats, carbohydrates, fibres and proteins. It helps you boost your digestion, immune system, body metabolism, water regulation and attention span then this product is made for you.

One bottle contains at least enough powder to last for eighteen to twenty servings, and some users may have suggested that they would’ve appreciated more fibre. Still, our team found the fibre content to be adequate for an average consumer. Olly protein powders have great potential benefits in case of a wound, blood pressure problem or frequent weight loss.

3. Packaging

From processing to packaging, the company focuses on delivering the best at reasonable prices. The packaging is appealing, and the product comes with a scoop to help the user know the exact amount recommended for consumption.

We suggest you look through the ingredients portion of the package whenever you’re purchasing protein powders or any product for that matter. It helps you understand the goods and bads of the product you’re purchasing, and in this case, it will help you understand the nutritional value of olly protein powder.

Whey VS Plant-Based Protein Powder

Whey VS Plant-Based Protein Powder

Whey is a diary-based protein, and it is water-soluble. It is very famous among athletes, and it contains a good proportion of all the amino acids. The whey protein powder is often referred to as a complete protein source because of the perfect combination of all the amino acids and proteins.

On the other hands, plant-based protein powder are a bit difficult to digest but more wholesome for people who prefer a vegan diet. It contains more arginine that helps you build muscles and form more protein within the body. It helps increase your attention span and overall health of the body.


Overall, olly protein powder and olly shakes have shown satisfactory performance and are a must-have for people who are looking to make their diet more pronounced with proteins. This product is not only good for people who love the gym but also great for people who don’t often exercise or don’t have enough time to check their meal proportions.

A very crucial thing to understand is the overdose of protein can be harmful to you, so always use the recommended amount of powder irrespective of what protein powder you purchase. In the case of olly protein powder take two scoops and mix it well with your favorite beverage to enjoy a cup full of rich and creamy goodness.

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