Vegan German Chocolate Cake Recipe

vegan german chocolate cake recipe

The specialty of the vegan German chocolate cake recipes is that these replace the original German chocolate with vegan chocolate to make it dairy-free. Also, vegan and eggless German chocolate cake recipes totally avoid eggs and other animal-derived ingredients. Yet, you cannot differentiate between the tastes and that is only because of the right proportion of ingredients.

Vegan French Macaron Recipe with Aquafaba

vegan macarons recipe

Many might be cynical about the vegan ways of preparing macarons. Not using the egg whites, one of the most primary items in the list, might consider it inedible. But if done correctly following the proper steps, the output can be wonderful. Using the brown liquid of the chickpeas, the aquafaba, you can get the most appetizing macarons that just the perfect blend of a crisp outer with a little chewy at the center.

Vegan Puff Pastry Recipe

vegan puff pastry recipes

For many vegan friends that I have, this dish is one of the few dishes which go into the menu twice a week. This dish does not involve a lot of ingredients and is super quick and easy to make. Following is the list of ingredients you will require along with the recipe to make the vegan paleo Puff Pastry.

Vegan Angel Food Cake Recipe

how long do you leave angel food cake upside down

Now you can prepare delicious vegan angel food cake easily at home. Soft, fluffy, and airy, it will make a perfect option to treat yourself anytime you want. Since it doesn’t contain eggs and dairy products, this vegan angel food cake aquafaba makes an ultimate choice for the vegan cake lovers.
All the ingredients in Angel Food cake has its own benefits which are described below.
1. Aquafaba makes the perfect substitute for egg whites and works as a binding agent in your vegan angel food cake mix.
2. Cream of tartar helps you to stabilize the aquafaba when whipped.
3. Organically processed ground sugar can be used which can be blended using a food processor. Unlike powdered sugar, ground sugar blends easily to the cake mix.
4. Vanilla extract adds flavor to your vegan angel cake.
5. Chickpea flour works as a substitute for eggs and helps to stabilize the meringue.

How to Make Boba Milk Tea

How to Make Bubble Tea Smoothie

We would be making three different types of homemade boba tea namely: plain, almond milk-based and the fruity one using the fruits of our choice (strawberry and mango). The basic ingredients needed for this are tapioca pearls, Maple syrup (Understand whether or not it is vegan in this article with us), flavored iced tea, lemon, almond milk, mangoes and strawberries.